Discover the Ultimate Convenience with oxo Food Scale Pull-Out Display!

When it comes to precision in the kitchen,‍ having the ​right tools can ‍make all the ⁢difference. That’s why⁢ we were so excited to get our hands on the OXO Good Grips‌ 11-Pound Stainless Steel Food⁢ Scale ‌with Pull-Out Display. This sleek and modern scale is a game-changer for anyone who loves ⁤to cook or bake with accuracy.

One ⁣of the​ first things ⁢that caught our eye was the smudge ​and fingerprint-resistant stainless⁣ steel design. Not only‍ does it look great on our ⁣countertops, but it’s ‍also easy to keep clean and looking like new. The zero‌ function ​for taring the ⁤scale‌ before weighing additional ingredients⁤ is incredibly convenient and ensures that each measurement is precise.

The digital⁤ screen with ‌large, easy-to-read numbers ⁤makes ⁢it⁤ a breeze to monitor weights, while the removable platform allows for easy cleaning. And let’s not forget⁤ about the pull-out⁣ display, which prevents shadowing from large plates or⁢ bowls, making⁤ it easier than ever to read‌ the measurements.

With a ⁣unit conversion button that allows you to measure in ounces, pounds, grams, or kilograms, this​ food scale truly has it all. We can confidently say that the OXO Good Grips Food Scale has become ‍an essential tool in our kitchen, helping⁣ us to perfect recipes and elevate our cooking ‌game.⁤ Stay⁤ tuned⁣ as we dive deeper into our‌ experience with this fantastic product!

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Our experience with this stainless steel food⁤ scale⁤ has been nothing short of⁢ impressive.​ The smudge-‍ and fingerprint-resistant material makes it easy to keep clean and looking sleek on our kitchen counter. The digital screen displays large, ‍easy-to-read numbers,⁢ and⁤ the removable platform allows for convenient​ cleaning after use.⁤ The pull-out display is a convenient feature that prevents shadowing ⁤from large plates​ or⁤ bowls, ensuring accurate readings ‍every time. Plus, the unit ⁢conversion button ⁤allows us to measure in ⁣ounces, pounds, grams, or kilograms with ease.

Max Weight Increments
11 lb / 5 kg 1/8 oz / 1 ‌g

If you’re looking for​ a reliable and user-friendly food scale for your kitchen, we highly ⁢recommend checking out this OXO Good‌ Grips 11-Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display. It has all the features we need and more, making it‌ a valuable addition to ⁤our cooking routine. Don’t miss out‌ on ‌this handy tool – get yours now!

Unveiling the Sleek ‌and Efficient OXO​ Good Grips Food Scale

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We recently had the opportunity to test out​ the OXO Good⁢ Grips Food Scale, and we were truly impressed by its sleek design and efficient functionality. The stainless steel material not only gives it ​a modern and⁤ clean look, but it is also smudge- and fingerprint-resistant, ⁤making it ⁣a breeze to ​keep clean​ and looking sharp on⁤ our countertop.

One of the standout features for us was the pull-out display, which prevents shadowing from large plates or bowls‍ when weighing ​ingredients. This, along with⁢ the easy-to-read digital screen with‍ large ​numbers, made measuring our ingredients⁢ a ⁣seamless process. ⁣We ​also‍ appreciated the unit‌ conversion button ⁤that allows⁤ for measurements in ounces, ⁢pounds, ‍grams, ‌or kilograms, ⁣providing us with versatility for all our⁤ cooking and baking needs. If you’re in the ⁤market for a reliable and stylish food scale, we highly recommend checking out the OXO Good Grips ​Food‌ Scale on Amazon.

Dive into the ⁤Features: Precision Measurement ‌Made Easy

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When it comes to​ precision measurement in⁢ the ​kitchen, the OXO Good Grips Food Scale makes it incredibly easy. The stainless steel design not ⁣only looks sleek and modern, but it’s ⁣also smudge- and fingerprint-resistant, keeping ⁢your scale looking clean ⁢and professional at all times.

The digital screen⁢ features large, easy-to-read numbers, making it​ a breeze to measure ingredients​ accurately. The ‍removable‍ platform allows ​for convenient ⁣cleaning, while the pull-out ⁣display prevents shadowing from large plates‍ or bowls. With a unit conversion ⁤button to measure in ounces, pounds, grams, or kilograms, this scale is versatile and‌ user-friendly. Take the guesswork out of ‌meal prep‌ and​ baking with this reliable kitchen tool.

In-Depth Review: Why the OXO Food Scale Stands Out

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When it comes‌ to food scales, the​ OXO ‌Good ⁣Grips 11-Pound Stainless Steel​ Food Scale⁢ with Pull-Out Display truly stands out from the rest. One of the key ‍features‌ that sets this scale apart is its smudge and fingerprint-resistant stainless steel construction, ensuring that it stays ⁣looking ​sleek and clean even after heavy use. The zero function allows for ⁣easy taring before ⁣weighing additional ingredients, making it a breeze to measure out precise amounts for your recipes.

The digital screen on this scale⁤ boasts large, ⁢easy-to-read numbers, making it effortless⁤ to check your measurements ‍at⁣ a glance.‍ The removable platform allows for‌ convenient cleaning,‌ while the pull-out ⁣display prevents shadowing from large​ plates or⁤ bowls,​ ensuring that you can easily read the measurements no matter‍ what you’re weighing.‍ With the unit conversion ​button, you can switch between ⁣ounces, pounds, grams, and ‌kilograms ⁢with ease. If ⁢you’re looking for​ a reliable and user-friendly food scale that delivers accurate measurements every time, the OXO ⁣Good Grips Food Scale is ⁢a must-have kitchen gadget. Check it out on Amazon to‌ elevate your cooking experience!

Our⁤ Recommendations: The⁣ OXO Food Scale – A Must-Have‌ Kitchen Companion

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If ⁣you’re looking for a reliable kitchen scale that will make your cooking‍ and baking experiences a breeze, look no further than the OXO‌ Food Scale. This stainless steel scale is not only smudge- and fingerprint-resistant,⁣ but it also ⁣features a zero ‍function⁤ for easy taring before‌ weighing‌ additional ingredients.‍ The‌ digital ⁤screen displays large, easy-to-read numbers, making ⁤it effortless to‍ track your measurements.

One of the standout features of this scale is the pull-out ⁣display, which prevents shadowing from large⁣ plates or bowls, ensuring that you can⁣ easily read your measurements without any obstructions. The unit conversion button allows you to⁤ switch between ounces, pounds, ⁤grams, and kilograms with just the ​touch of⁢ a button. With a⁤ maximum ‌weight of 11 pounds and increments of 1/8 ounce, ​this scale is a must-have kitchen ‌companion for any home cook ⁣or baker. Don’t miss out on adding this versatile and convenient food scale to your kitchen‍ arsenal​ – click here to purchase⁣ now! Buy‍ Now

Customer⁣ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Review Rating
I love this scale… Positive
I had a scale from Taylor… Positive
Retired my first kitchen ⁣scale… Positive
OXO’s Good Grips ⁤scales… Positive
I had ordered a ‍fancy scale… Positive
I purchased this​ scale to​ replace… Positive
This scale is ⁣the highest rated… Positive
Hi All! I‍ purchased this item… Positive
Cumple ‌lo que promueve Positive
How much for some ​kitchen scales?!!… Positive
The scale⁤ broke after ‌2 ⁣months… Negative
Veel keukenweegschalen versleten en… Positive

After analyzing⁤ various customer reviews, we found that the OXO Good‌ Grips 11-Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale ⁢with Pull-Out Display has ⁤received mostly positive feedback. Customers appreciated the accuracy, ease of use, and the ‍convenient pull-out display feature of ​the scale. Many users⁣ mentioned that the​ scale is⁣ perfect for everyday use, ​provides exact measurements, and is⁤ easy to clean.

Some users praised⁣ the scale​ for ⁣its precision and⁤ quick operation,​ while others ‌highlighted its handy tare function and ​the ability to weigh ‍food in⁣ both grams and ounces/lbs. ⁣The ⁤pull-out display ‌feature‌ was particularly favored for being‍ practical and allowing easy reading.

However, there were‍ a few negative reviews‌ regarding the durability of the scale, ​with one user mentioning that it broke ⁤after only two months of infrequent use. Despite this, the majority of customers ⁣found ‍the OXO food scale ​to be a⁢ worthwhile purchase due to its quality,​ accuracy, ‍and ⁣convenient design.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Stainless⁣ steel construction
2. ​Smudge- and fingerprint-resistant
3. Zero function for taring the scale
4. Digital ⁣screen with large, easy-to-read numbers
5. Removable platform ⁣for easy cleaning
6. ⁢Pull-Out display ‌prevents shadowing
7.⁣ Unit⁣ conversion⁢ button ‍for ⁣easy measurement


1. Limited maximum weight of 11 pounds
2.⁤ Small increments of 1/8⁣ oz or 1 gram
3. Pull-Out display ⁤may require ​extra handling

Overall,​ the OXO Good Grips 11-Pound ​Stainless Steel Food Scale‌ with Pull-Out⁢ Display offers a convenient‍ and user-friendly experience ​for measuring ingredients in the ‍kitchen. The stainless steel construction and practical features make ​it a ⁤great⁤ addition ‍to any⁢ home cook’s ⁣arsenal, despite⁣ a few minor ⁣drawbacks.


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Q: How accurate is‍ the OXO Good ⁤Grips Food Scale?

A: The OXO Good Grips Food ​Scale ⁣is extremely ⁢accurate, with a max weight of 11 pounds and increments as​ precise as ⁤1/8 ounce ‌or 1 gram. You can trust that you’re getting precise measurements every time you⁤ use this scale.

Q: Is the stainless steel material durable?

A: Absolutely! The ⁣stainless steel construction of this food scale is not only durable, but it’s⁣ also resistant to smudges and fingerprints. It’s a sleek and stylish addition to any kitchen.

Q: How easy is‍ it to read the display on this ‌food scale?

A: The⁣ digital screen​ on ⁢the OXO Good ⁢Grips Food Scale features large, ​easy-to-read ​numbers, making it a breeze ⁤to⁢ see your measurements at a glance.​ Plus,⁤ the ⁤pull-out ⁤display prevents ⁤any shadowing⁢ from large‍ plates‌ or bowls, ensuring clear ⁤visibility.

Q:⁢ Can I easily clean this food scale?

A: Yes, the OXO Good Grips⁢ Food Scale features a removable⁣ platform for convenient cleaning. Simply detach‌ the ​platform,⁤ wipe⁢ it down, and reattach it for a fresh and ‌clean surface every time you ‍use it.

Q: Is it easy⁣ to ⁢switch between different units ⁢of measurement on this ‍food scale?

A: Yes, there⁤ is a unit conversion button on ‍the OXO Good Grips Food Scale ​that‌ allows you to ‍easily switch between ounces, ​pounds, grams, and ⁢kilograms. It’s a convenient​ feature⁤ for those who prefer to use⁣ different units for ‍their recipes. ⁤

Overall, the OXO Good Grips Food ‍Scale with Pull-Out Display is a convenient and accurate tool for any kitchen. Its sleek design,‌ precise measurements, and easy-to-read display make it a must-have ⁢for anyone who loves to cook or bake.

Achieve New Heights

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As we wrap⁤ up our review on the OXO⁤ Good Grips 11-Pound Stainless ⁢Steel ‌Food Scale with Pull-Out‍ Display, we hope‍ we have provided you with ⁣valuable insights into the ultimate convenience ‍this product offers. From its smudge-resistant stainless steel design to its easy-to-read digital screen and convenient pull-out display,⁤ this food ‍scale is a​ game-changer in the kitchen.

Experience the convenience for yourself and elevate ⁣your ⁣cooking experience with‌ the OXO Food Scale Pull-Out Display. Click here to grab yours now: Get​ your⁤ OXO Food ​Scale now!

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