Etekcity Digital Food Scale: Weigh with Ease and Precision!

Welcome to our review of the Etekcity Food Scale, a versatile digital kitchen scale‍ that⁢ is a must-have for any cooking enthusiast or meal prepper. With its durable⁢ 304 stainless steel construction and ability to weigh in grams and ‍ounces, this scale is perfect for a variety of tasks in the kitchen.

We have ​had the pleasure of using this Etekcity food scale and are excited to share our thoughts with you. From baking to cooking to meal prep, this scale has proven to be a valuable tool in helping us achieve precise‍ and accurate ‍measurements for our recipes.

The easy-to-read LCD display‍ with clear backlit makes it simple to read measurements, ⁤while the tare‍ function allows us to deduct the weight of⁣ containers for accurate‌ measuring of ingredients. The auto-off function helps save energy, and the scale’s ⁤compact size makes it easy to store in our kitchen cabinets.

Overall, we have found the Etekcity Food Scale to be a reliable and efficient ⁤kitchen companion. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the features and performance of this digital scale in our ‍detailed review.

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Our Etekcity‍ Food Scale is a versatile tool ​that‌ can be used​ in a variety⁤ of settings, from home kitchens to⁢ commercial environments. The⁣ easy-to-read LCD display and 304 stainless steel material make this scale a sleek ​and modern addition to‍ any space. With⁢ a weight capacity of 11lb (5kg) and ⁣precise measurements in increments of 0.05oz (1g), you can accurately weigh​ a ​wide range of items for baking, cooking, meal prep, and more.

The scale features a tare function for deducting container weight, ensuring⁣ you get accurate measurements ⁣of your ingredients. The clear backlit display and auto-off function make it convenient to use,⁤ while the compact size and easy-to-clean surfaces make it a practical choice for any kitchen. With support ⁢for multiple units of measurement and ⁣2 AAA⁣ batteries included, this digital scale offers effortless operation ⁤for all your weighing needs. Experience the convenience and precision of our Etekcity Food Scale today! Check it out here!

Key Features and Benefits

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Our Etekcity‌ Food Scale is not your average kitchen scale – it’s a versatile tool that can be used in a ⁣variety of settings, from homes to offices. The easy-to-read LCD display with clear⁢ backlit makes it a ‌breeze to weigh your items, with a capacity of 11lb​ (5kg) providing plenty of room for all​ your needs. You’ll be amazed at how often you’ll find yourself‌ reaching⁢ for this trusty scale.

When it comes to weighing functions, this digital scale has you covered. Choose from measurements in oz, lb:oz, g, ml (Milk‍ & Water), and fl’oz (Milk/Water), with precise increments of 0.05oz (1g) ensuring accuracy every time. The ⁤tare function allows you ‌to subtract the weight of a container, making it simple to determine the net weight⁣ of your contents. With an easy-to-read backlit display that stays on for 30 seconds and an auto-off function after 2 minutes of inactivity, this scale is not only practical but energy-efficient as well. Don’t miss out on the convenience and accuracy this scale provides, click here to get yours​ today!

In-depth Analysis and Performance

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When it comes to the performance of this Etekcity⁤ digital food scale, we were ⁢thoroughly​ impressed. The scale’s weighing functions ⁢are versatile and easy to use, allowing us​ to choose⁣ among measurements in ounces, pounds, grams, milliliters, and fluid ounces. The precise increments of 0.05 ​ounces or 1 ⁣gram ensured that we could accurately weigh ⁢a variety of items with ease. The tare⁣ function was also a convenient feature, allowing us to deduct the weight of a container to determine the net ⁢weight of the contents. ‌With a ‍clear backlit display and an​ auto-off ⁤function‌ after 2 minutes of inactivity, ‌this scale is both user-friendly​ and energy-efficient.

The compact and sleek‌ design of this digital kitchen scale made it a perfect fit for our ⁤kitchen, occupying very little space and easily storable‌ in cabinets. The 304 food-grade stainless steel surfaces were easy to wipe down and keep clean, ensuring that the scale always ⁣looked its best. The backlit LCD screen with large fonts made it simple to read measurements, and the inclusion of 2 AAA batteries for hassle-free operation was‍ a nice touch. Overall, the Etekcity digital food scale exceeded our expectations in terms of performance, convenience, and ease of use. If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile kitchen scale,⁢ we highly recommend checking out this product!

Final Verdict and Recommendations

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After trying out‌ the Etekcity Food Scale, we can confidently say that this product is a must-have for any kitchen. The scale is not only accurate, but it also offers a variety of weighing functions ⁤to suit your needs. Whether you’re measuring in ⁣ounces, grams, or milliliters, this scale has got you covered.

The clear display and auto-off feature make using this scale a breeze, and the sleek stainless steel design is both durable and easy to clean. Overall,⁢ we highly recommend the Etekcity Food‌ Scale for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile kitchen scale.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ‌Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the Etekcity Digital Food Scale, we can see a common thread of satisfaction and ‌praise for its ‌performance and features. Here’s⁢ a breakdown of the ‍key points mentioned by customers:

Unparalleled Precision:

The accuracy of the Etekcity‍ Food Kitchen Scale in measuring grams and ounces has been highly appreciated by users, ⁤ensuring ⁢consistent and precise results in cooking and baking.

Sleek and User-Friendly Design:

Customers ​have ‍highlighted ⁤the ⁢modern design of the scale that seamlessly blends into any kitchen decor. ⁤The large, easy-to-read LCD display and touch-sensitive buttons make operating the scale effortless and intuitive.

Versatility for Every ⁣Culinary Endeavor:

Users have praised the⁤ scale’s ability to handle a wide range of tasks, from measuring ingredients⁢ for savory dishes to delicate pastries. Its versatility has made it a valuable tool in various cooking⁣ pursuits.

Tare Function:

The tare function of the scale, which allows users to zero out the weight⁤ of containers or ⁤previously measured ingredients, has been highlighted as a convenient ‍feature for combining and measuring multiple ingredients.

Compact and Easy to Store:

Customers have appreciated the scale’s slim and compact ‌design, which makes it easy to store in any kitchen cabinet or drawer without taking up much⁤ space.

Battery Efficiency:

Users have praised ⁢the long battery life of the scale, which uses ​standard AAA batteries⁣ and‍ is cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Pros Cons
Accurate Measurements Limited ⁣Weight Capacity
Stainless ⁤Steel Construction
LCD Display
Compact Size

Overall, ⁣the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale has⁢ received glowing reviews from customers for its precision, design, versatility, and ease of use. It has become an essential tool in many kitchens, enhancing the cooking and​ baking experience for users​ across different culinary preferences and skill levels.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1 Precise Results
2 Simple & Compact⁣ design
3 Easy to Clean
4 LCD Display for⁣ easy reading
5 Supports multiple units and tare⁣ function
6 Includes 2 AAA batteries for hassle-free operation


1 Auto-off function​ may turn off too quickly for some users
2 Minimum Measurement of 2g ⁤may not be suitable‍ for very light​ items
3 Display⁣ stays on for only 30 seconds,⁤ may be inconvenient for ‍long use

Overall, the Etekcity Food Scale offers precise weighing capabilities in​ a​ compact and easy-to-clean design. It has a clear LCD display and supports‍ multiple units for convenient use. However, some users may find the auto-off feature​ too‍ quick, and the ​minimum measurement and‍ display duration may‌ not meet everyone’s⁤ needs.


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Q: Can this ⁤Etekcity Food ⁤Scale handle measuring liquids as‍ well as solids?
A: Yes, this food scale can measure liquids in ‌units of ml (Milk & Water) and fl’oz (Milk/Water) in addition to weighing solids in grams, ‍ounces, and pounds.

Q: How long does the backlit⁢ display stay on for?
A: The backlit display stays on for 30 seconds, making it easy to read measurements in ‌low light conditions.

Q: Is the Etekcity Food Scale easy to⁤ clean?
A: Yes, the food-grade stainless steel surface of⁢ the scale ⁣is easy to wipe down ⁤and keep clean.

Q: How long does the scale stay on before automatically turning off?
A:​ The scale features an auto-off function that turns the scale off after 2 minutes of inactivity in order to ⁤save energy.

Q: Can the scale measure‌ in very small increments?
A: Yes, the⁤ Etekcity⁢ Food Scale can accurately measure ⁣in increments of 0.05oz (1 g) for precise results.⁣

Achieve‍ New Heights

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So there you have it,⁤ our review of the Etekcity Digital Food Scale. It’s a ⁣versatile and reliable kitchen tool that will definitely make your cooking and baking experience much more efficient and enjoyable. With its ⁢precision, easy-to-read display, and‍ convenient features like the tare function and auto-off, weighing ingredients has ‌never been easier.

If​ you’re interested in getting your hands on this fantastic digital scale, click here to purchase it‌ on Amazon‌ and revolutionize ⁤your cooking and meal prep⁤ routine: Get your Etekcity Food Scale now!

Happy weighing!

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