Floral Faux Silk Cheongsam: Elegant & Flattering Evening Dress | Product Review

Welcome to our product review blog​ post! Today, ⁣we are excited to share our experience with the Women Cheongsam​ Long Dress Evening Short⁣ Sleeve Slim Fit Maxi Dress Floral Faux Silk Stand Collar Bodycon Qipao.

As avid fashion enthusiasts, we were immediately drawn to this stunning dress. From​ the moment⁢ we laid eyes on it, we⁤ could tell that it exuded elegance and sophistication. The floral design on the faux silk fabric added a touch of femininity, making it the perfect choice for any special occasion or evening⁣ event.

Before making⁣ our purchase, we carefully checked the size chart provided. It’s crucial to​ ensure​ the right fit, so we appreciate the detailed measurements included for each size. The​ range ⁤of sizes available was also impressive, accommodating different body types and preferences.

Upon receiving‍ the dress,⁤ we ​were delighted to find that it lived up to our​ expectations. The quality of⁤ the fabric was excellent, and the ⁣attention to detail⁤ was ⁤evident in every stitch. The stand collar added a unique flair, elevating the overall look.

One important note that we want to emphasize is that the size chart should be used as a guideline rather than relying solely on body measurements. The recommended⁣ practice is‍ to choose a size slightly larger than your body size, especially if you ⁢fall towards the upper ⁤end of the size ranges for specific measurements like bust or hips. This ensures a comfortable and flattering fit.

Overall, we were extremely satisfied with⁤ the Women Cheongsam⁣ Long Dress⁢ Evening Short Sleeve Slim Fit Maxi Dress Floral Faux Silk Stand Collar Bodycon Qipao. Its elegant design, high-quality material,⁢ and careful craftsmanship make it a standout choice for ⁣any fashion-forward individual. Stay tuned for more reviews ⁤and styling tips from us!

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Overview of the ‌Women Cheongsam⁤ Long Dress Evening‌ Short Sleeve ⁤Slim Fit Maxi Dress Floral Faux Silk Stand Collar Bodycon Qipao

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In terms of sizing, it’s essential to consult the size chart provided before making a ​purchase. We offer a range of sizes to ensure a ​perfect fit for everyone. Here are some ​general measurements for your reference:

  • X-Small (US 2): Bust 31″, Shoulder 14.5″, Waist 26″, Hip 35″, Length 49″
  • Small (US 4): Bust 33″, ‍Shoulder 15″, Waist 28″, Hip 36″, Length 49.2″
  • Medium (US 6): Bust 35″, Shoulder 15.3″, Waist 30″, Hip 38″, Length 49.6″
  • Large (US 8): Bust 38″, Shoulder 15.7″, Waist 31″, Hip 39″, Length 50″
  • X-Large (US⁣ 10): Bust 39″, Shoulder 16″, Waist 33″, Hip 41″, Length 50.3″
  • XX-Large (US 12): Bust 41″, Shoulder 16.5″, Waist⁤ 36″, Hip 43″, Length 50.7″
  • 3X-Large (US 14): Bust 42.5″, Shoulder 17″, Waist 38″, Hip 44″, Length 51″
  • 4X-Large (US 16): Bust 44″, ⁤Shoulder 17.3″, Waist 39″, Hip 46″, Length 51.5″
  • 5X-Large (US 18): Bust 46″, Shoulder 18″, Waist 41″, Hip 47″, Length 52″

It’s important to note that the measurements provided in the size chart are based on the clothing itself, not your body measurements. To ensure a comfortable fit, we recommend choosing a size that is slightly larger (1″-1.5″)​ than your actual body size.⁢ If you ‌find that your bust or hips are at the upper end of the⁤ size range, it’s advisable to select the next‍ larger ⁢size range. If you⁣ fall⁤ between two sizes, we suggest opting for the next size⁣ up.

For further assistance or clarification, please don’t⁢ hesitate to reach out to us. We want to ensure that you find the perfect fit and have​ a wonderful experience with our ⁢Women Cheongsam Long Dress Evening Short Sleeve⁢ Slim Fit Maxi Dress Floral Faux Silk Stand Collar Bodycon Qipao. Visit our product page on Amazon to make your purchase and embrace⁣ the elegance and charm of this beautiful dress.

Specific Features and Aspects of the Women Cheongsam Long Dress

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  1. Size Chart: ⁣Before purchasing the Women Cheongsam Long Dress, it ​is essential to check the size chart provided. The chart offers various size⁣ options, ranging from X-Small to 5X-Large, ⁤ensuring a comfortable fit for all body types. Remember, the measurements mentioned in ⁢the chart pertain to the clothes, not your body measurements. So, it is advisable to choose a size ​slightly larger (1″-1.5″) than your actual body size. ⁤If you find yourself between‍ two sizes, opt​ for the next bigger one for a better fit.

  2. Stand Collar: One standout feature of this dress is its elegant stand collar, which ⁢adds a touch of sophistication and traditional charm to your overall ⁣look. The collar enhances the dress’s silhouette and‌ frames your face beautifully, making it perfect for formal occasions, evening ⁢events,⁣ or even as a stylish everyday ⁣outfit.

  3. Floral ‌Faux Silk Design: The Women Cheongsam Long Dress ⁣showcases a stunning floral faux silk fabric, which not only looks luxurious but also feels comfortable⁢ against the skin.⁢ The intricate floral pattern adds a ‌feminine and timeless appeal to the dress, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate ​classic elegance.

  4. Bodycon Fit: This dress boasts a bodycon fit, which flatters your curves and accentuates your figure. The slim-fit design hugs your body in all the right places, creating a sleek and stylish silhouette. Whether you’re attending a wedding, cocktail party, or any special event, this bodycon dress will make you feel confident and glamorous all night long.

To experience the beauty and elegance of⁤ the Women Cheongsam Long Dress ⁤Evening Short ⁤Sleeve Slim Fit Maxi Dress Floral Faux Silk Stand Collar Bodycon Qipao, click here to purchase on Amazon.com.

Detailed Insights and ​Recommendations for the Women Cheongsam Long Dress Evening Short Sleeve Slim Fit Maxi Dress Floral Faux Silk Stand Collar Bodycon Qipao

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In our , we want to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision before purchasing. Firstly, it’s important to‌ check the size chart​ before buying. ‍The ​size options range ‍from X-Small to 5X-Large, with specific measurements provided for each size. Remember that the measurements​ in the chart are based on the clothes themselves, not your body, so it’s recommended to choose a size slightly larger (1″-1.5″) than your actual body size. If you fall between⁢ two sizes, it’s best to opt for the larger one.

One feature we appreciate about this dress is its high-quality construction using floral faux silk fabric, ‍which gives it an elegant and luxurious touch. The slim fit design and bodycon silhouette​ create a flattering and feminine look for ⁢any occasion. The dress is also equipped with short sleeves, a stand collar, and a maxi length, which adds sophistication and class. The various color options available, including vibrant blues, reds, and purples,⁤ make it easy to find a style that suits your personal taste. Overall, the Women Cheongsam Long Dress‌ is⁤ a stylish‌ and comfortable⁢ choice for women who want to make a statement at formal events or special⁢ occasions.

If you’re ready to add​ this stunning dress to your wardrobe,​ visit this link to ‍make your purchase on Amazon today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

In this section, we will analyze the customer reviews for the Women Cheongsam Long Dress Evening Short Sleeve Slim ‌Fit Maxi Dress Floral Faux Silk Stand Collar Bodycon Qipao. We have gathered feedback from customers who have purchased and experienced the product. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to say:

Review #1

“Beautiful colors, nice quality and elegant. This‌ is a great value. We did have to send⁢ some back ​as the hips are narrow. So we had to order a size up, but it was still tight on the ‌hips.⁣ The third dress fit better on the hips, then loose on ⁣the top. The material has no give at all, so it was found it ‍hard to sit in. Had to hike it up a bit to sit down. I loved it but will probably never wear it again.”

Review #2

“I brought this dress for a Cultural Tea Party and I was representing China. The ​dress is so colorful and figure flattering. I really like it. Unfortunately, I had to return it because it was too small in the chest ‌area. I will repurchase it but in a larger size.”

Review #3

“Needed this dress for my daughter’s presentation on China. ⁣She is a skinny little teen that fits in a small (size 4), but had to get a medium because of her hips. Makes sense though because she doesn’t have an Asian⁢ body⁢ structure, and‍ it’s meant to be form-fitting. Very pretty and affordable. First order was too small, and I was so focused on size that I didn’t notice until I got ‍the size‌ up that the material ⁢is⁣ sadly very low‌ quality. So don’t pay⁢ more than the twentyish. I sew and noticed the snaps can easily rip the material if you’re not careful. The serger ⁣thread inside the dress was white too. It should be black to go with the color of the dress. I⁤ was still going to keep the dress for the occasional display because I‌ love East Asian cultures, but then I found a frayed hole near the slit. Bummer! I also ran a little bit of water over a small ‌part and I could tell if I had run it through a washer it would ⁤have been destroyed. It’s definitely hand wash super gently only. ⁤Even then it has a slightly different texture when dry. All ‍signs⁢ of‌ low-quality fabric. It is really pretty though. Works great if you only plan to display, but ‌not good if you want to actually wear it.”

Review #4

“Great material. I sized up but I shouldn’t have, it was way too big. But ⁣I know it’s ⁢supposed⁤ to be skin tight. The fabric was the traditional style so it was hard to move in, but that was to be expected. But the design was beautiful and very detailed.”

Review #5

“Very nice.”

Review #6

“I normally wear ⁤a size large dress, so I bought an ⁤extra-large. Too small. So I reordered a 3XL. No give around⁣ my boobs and rib cage. The dress is really pretty and would be great for the occasion I am wearing it to, but not sure if I want to try the 4XL.”

Review #7

“Es hermoso la tela, los detalles, el bordado muy lindo. Lo único malo esque en la caseras es súper apretado siempre pedir una talla más si son caderonas. Estoy feliz por‍ mi compra ☺️” (Translation: “It’s beautiful, the fabric, the details, ⁤the embroidery is very nice. The only bad thing is that it’s super tight around the hips, ​always ask for a size ‍up if you have hips. I’m happy‌ with my purchase ☺️”).

Review #8

“This material is extremely ⁤thin, my dress was already fraying at the seams on one⁣ end. I usually wear⁣ a⁣ size ⁢16 and ordered ⁤a 4XL and it did⁢ not fit my waist/hips at all.”

Review #9

“Arrived quickly, well packaged, beautiful design. Loved the dress, unfortunately have to return because it didn’t fit the bustline. Will ‌probably order another size up⁣ and have⁢ it⁤ altered. It’s ‍worth it!”


Overall, the reviews of the Women Cheongsam ‍Long ​Dress⁣ Evening Short Sleeve Slim Fit Maxi Dress Floral ⁤Faux Silk‌ Stand Collar Bodycon Qipao are mixed. While many customers praise the beautiful colors, elegant design, and ⁣affordability of the dress, there are some concerns​ regarding the fit and fabric quality. It is important ​to ‍consider these factors ⁤when deciding whether to purchase this⁣ dress.

Pros & Cons


  • Elegant design ​with a floral faux silk⁤ fabric
  • Stand collar adds ⁤a touch of sophistication
  • Slim fit and bodycon style enhances the figure
  • Short sleeves ⁣for a comfortable and versatile look
  • Maxi dress length adds drama and elegance


  • Size chart⁤ can be confusing, requiring careful measurement
  • May need to choose a size larger than usual due to body measurements
  • Limited​ color options
  • Fabric may‍ wrinkle easily and require special ⁣care


Q: What fabric is the Floral Faux Silk Cheongsam dress made of?
A: The Floral Faux Silk Cheongsam dress is made of a faux silk fabric that gives it a luxurious ⁣and elegant look.

Q: Is the dress true to size?
A: We recommend checking the ⁤size chart provided before purchasing the dress. Please note that the measurements in the size chart⁤ are based ‌on the ⁤clothes themselves, ⁤not your body measurements. It is advised ‌to choose a size slightly larger (around 1″-1.5″) than your actual body size. If any part of your body, especially the bust or hips, falls at the upper end of the ‌size range, we suggest selecting the next ⁢larger size range. If ​your measurements happen​ to‌ be between two ‍sizes, it is best to choose‌ the next bigger one.

Q: Can you provide more information about the sizing options available?
A: Certainly! The Floral Faux Silk ⁤Cheongsam dress is available in various sizes. Here are ​the measurements for each size:

  • X-Small (US 2): Bust 31″, Shoulder 14.5”, Waist ⁤26”, Hip 35”, Length 49”
  • Small (US 4): Bust 33″, Shoulder 15”, Waist 28”, Hip 36”, Length 49.2”
  • Medium (US 6): Bust 35″, Shoulder 15.3”, ⁣Waist 30”, Hip ⁤38”,​ Length 49.6”
  • Large (US 8): Bust 38″, Shoulder ‌15.7”, Waist 31”, Hip ‌39”, Length‌ 50”
  • X-Large (US 10): Bust 39″, Shoulder 16”, Waist 33”, ‍Hip 41”, Length 50.3”
  • XX-Large (US 12): Bust 41″, Shoulder 16.5”, Waist 36”, Hip 43”, Length ‌50.7”
  • 3X-Large (US 14): Bust ⁣42.5″, Shoulder 17”, Waist 38”, Hip 44”,⁤ Length 51”
  • 4X-Large (US 16): Bust 44″, Shoulder 17.3”, Waist 39”, Hip 46”, ‌Length 51.5”
  • 5X-Large (US 18): Bust 46″, Shoulder 18”, Waist 41”, Hip 47”, Length 52”

Q:​ How should I choose ‌the size if my measurements are between two sizes?
A: If your measurements happen to fall⁢ between two sizes, we recommend choosing ⁣the next bigger size ​for a better fit.

Q: Can you provide the dimensions and weight of the dress?
A: Certainly! The Floral Faux Silk Cheongsam dress has the following dimensions: 9.84‍ x 7.87 x 1.18‍ inches, and weighs approximately 8.11 ounces.

Q: Is there any ⁤additional information about the dress?
A: Yes! The item model number for ⁢the Floral Faux Silk Cheongsam dress is‍ AA21-193ZNL, and it is categorized under the women’s department. The dress was first made available for purchase on April 25, 2023, and its ASIN⁤ is B0C3HKVY1H.

Achieve New Heights

As we wrap ​up our review of the Floral Faux Silk Cheongsam, we couldn’t be more thrilled to share our final thoughts on this elegant and flattering evening dress. ​From the moment we ‍laid eyes on it, we were captivated by its timeless beauty ⁤and exquisite craftsmanship.

First⁢ and foremost, we highly recommend checking the size chart before making a purchase. ⁣The provided measurements are based on⁤ the clothes themselves, not your body‍ measurements. To ​ensure the perfect fit, we suggest choosing ‌a size slightly larger ​(1″-1.5″) than your ​actual measurements. And if you find yourself between two sizes, opt for the next bigger one ​to be ⁤on the safe side.

With its slim fit and bodycon design, this cheongsam accentuates your curves in all the​ right places. The short ⁢sleeves and ⁢stand ⁢collar add a touch of femininity, while the stunning floral pattern on the faux silk ​fabric exudes elegance and sophistication.

Not only is the Floral Faux Silk Cheongsam a head-turner, but it’s also incredibly comfortable to ⁢wear. The fabric is soft against the skin and allows for easy movement, making it ideal for evening events, parties, or even special occasions.

In terms of ⁢quality, this dress exceeds expectations. The attention to detail is evident in⁣ every stitch, and the overall construction feels sturdy and well-made. Rest assured that you will receive a garment that will stand the test ‍of time.

Before we bid farewell, we want to leave you with an exciting final call to action. If you’re ready to add a touch of grace and allure to your wardrobe,⁣ click the link below to get your very own Floral ⁣Faux Silk Cheongsam from Amazon:

Floral Faux Silk Cheongsam

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this stunning piece of fashion.⁢ Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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