The Fund

The Superstitious Fund is a non profit organisation that charges no fees. It is an investment experiment to establish and comment on the premise of superstition. As a project please be aware of the financial risks and that the experiment is unproven with a risk of total loss.

The Fund invites the audience to join in on the journey and the experiment of a superstitious robot with as little as a couple of pounds. The Robot will be continually updated, refined and developed during the process. At this time, the robot will be spread betting on the Ftse 100 (UK100). At the end of the year process, the fund will return the value back to the investors at either a profit or a loss.

We are currently taking investments through e-mail enquiry. If you are interested in this speculative experiment then please contact us via e-mail. Investors will receive a certificate and a contract/agreement that states how much you hold as well as the caveat emptor.

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