KitchenAid Food Scale Review: Stylish & Functional Must-Have

Are you tired of struggling to get precise measurements in the kitchen? ⁢We were‌ too, until ​we discovered the KitchenAid ⁤KQ908⁣ Glass Surface Digital⁣ Kitchen and Food Scale. This sleek scale boasts an ​11-pound​ capacity and a glass surface that is not⁤ only easy ‌to ‌clean but also naturally stain and odor-free. With its oversized knob for setting units of measurement and convenient add and weigh Tare function, this scale‌ is a game-changer for any home ‍cook or baker.⁤ Join us ​as we dive⁢ into a detailed review of the KitchenAid KQ908 and find out why ‌it’s become a must-have in ​our⁣ kitchen!

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When⁢ it comes to functionality and ​style, the KitchenAid KQ908 Glass Surface Digital Kitchen ‌Scale truly stands out. The sleek glass surface with stainless steel accent trim‍ not only looks‍ elegant but is also naturally stain and odor-free.‍ The oversized knob for‌ setting ⁢units of measurement adds a touch of convenience to⁣ the overall ⁣design.

This scale ⁣is⁤ not just about looks – it offers practical features ​like the‌ add and weigh Tare function that makes it⁢ easy to zero out weights of containers ⁣before adding food. What sets this scale ‌apart​ is the rotating knob⁢ design, inspired by KitchenAid countertop electric ovens, adding a unique‌ touch to your kitchen essentials. With the capability to measure both dry and ⁢liquid ingredients with precision, this scale truly becomes a versatile tool⁤ for any ⁤home cook​ or‍ baker.

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Impressive Features and Design

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The‍ KitchenAid KQ908 Glass Surface ‌Digital Kitchen Scale ‌truly stands out with its impressive features and sleek design. The stainless steel accent trim adds a touch of sophistication that will complement any⁤ kitchen ​decor. The oversized ‍knob to set units of measurement is not only convenient but also a unique design element that is inspired by KitchenAid countertop electric ovens.

One of ⁢the standout features of this kitchen scale is the Tare function, which allows you to weigh all ingredients into one container by zeroing out weights in-between additions. The scale ⁢is powered by three AAA‌ batteries, making it easy to use ‍without ⁢the⁤ hassle of ⁣cords. Additionally, the glass surface ⁤is naturally stain and odor free, and easy to clean. With a maximum ​capacity of 11 lbs for dry ingredients and 176 fl oz for liquid ingredients, this scale⁢ is versatile⁣ and convenient for all your cooking ⁤and baking needs.⁤ If you’re ⁤looking for ‍a stylish and functional kitchen scale, the KitchenAid KQ908 is definitely‌ worth considering. Check it out on Amazon for ⁢more details and to ⁤make a purchase today! Click here​ to buy now!.

In-depth Insights and Performance Analysis

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When‌ it comes to detailed insights⁤ and performance‍ analysis, the KitchenAid KQ908 Glass Surface Digital ​Kitchen⁤ Scale truly stands out. One of the ⁢standout ⁢features of ⁣this⁢ scale is the rotating knob design, inspired by ⁣KitchenAid countertop electric ovens,​ making it incredibly ⁢intuitive to set units of measurement and to Tare or power on/off ‌with a simple twist and push. ‌This unique feature ‍not only adds a touch of sophistication⁣ to the scale, but also⁢ enhances user experience by making it‍ easy to operate.

Moreover, the add and‌ weigh Tare function is a game ⁢changer⁤ when ⁢it comes to accurately measuring multiple ingredients. This function allows you to weigh all⁤ ingredients in one container by zeroing out ​weights in-between additions,⁣ eliminating the need for separate containers and streamlining the measuring process. In addition,⁤ the scale is powered by three AAA ‍batteries, ensuring you can easily power ⁣it⁢ wherever you ​are. For those concerned about⁤ cleanliness, ‍the ⁣scale is easy to clean​ with a ‍simple hand wash and wipe down with a damp cloth, making maintenance a breeze. Experience the convenience and precision of‌ the⁤ KitchenAid KQ908 Glass Surface Digital Kitchen‍ Scale for your cooking and baking needs. So, why wait? Get yours today and elevate your kitchen experience.

Top Recommendations

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When it comes ⁢to our for digital​ kitchen scales, the sleek and ​stylish⁢ KitchenAid Glass Surface Scale definitely stands out. With an attractive stainless steel accent trim, this scale is not only functional but ⁣also a chic addition to any kitchen decor. The⁤ oversized knob for setting ⁣units of‍ measurement is a unique feature that⁣ sets this scale ‌apart from others on the ‌market. ⁤

One of‍ the most ​convenient features of this scale is the add and weigh Tare function, which makes it easy‍ to zero out weights of ​containers before adding ingredients. The large⁣ backlit readout is easy to read,⁣ and‌ the scale conveniently converts ⁤both dry and liquid measurements. Plus, ‍with a maximum capacity of 11 pounds for⁣ dry ingredients and 176 fluid ounces for liquid ingredients, this scale has you covered for all your cooking and baking needs. If you’re looking for a reliable and stylish kitchen scale, ‍look no further​ than the KitchenAid Glass Surface Scale. Try it ⁤out for yourself by clicking here.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ⁢Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer ⁣reviews for the KitchenAid KQ908 Glass ​Surface Digital Kitchen and Food Scale, we​ found ‍that the majority of ‍customers are highly satisfied with their ​purchase. Let’s ⁣take a closer look at the feedback:

Review Rating
“I regularly make sourdough bread, danishes, pies, and other baked goods, ⁣and after yet⁢ another mishap with a cheaper scale, I decided to upgrade to ‍this one. It is perfect…” ★★★★★
“This scale‍ is excellent for measuring out groceries in the pound‍ range ​on ‍the larger scale, and for measuring out baking and cooking ingredients on ​the small scale in grams…” ★★★★★
“Works good but kinda finicky will turn off randomly kinda⁢ flash ⁣the screen.” ★★★
“The design is great. I love the‌ two⁤ different sizes. It is very easy to see the numbers.” ★★★★
“Before I bought this ⁣scale‌ I checked the reviews and found a lot of users reporting inconsistent measurements. Easy to test, I ‍thought, so I bought it…” ★★
“Does what‍ it says‍ on the ​tin. Accurate to my testing, easy to ‌use, and easy to clean. ⁣Perfect companion to ‌my stand mixer for accurate ingredient measurements.” ★★★★★
“A balança cumpre bem sua proposta, porém a qualidade dos materiais deixa muito a desejar pelo preço que é vendida.” ★★★
“Me⁣ gustó por práctica en la ‍cocina. Es exacta y su dial permite fácilmente cambiar los⁣ tipos de medidas como gramos ú onzas, ⁢así como sólido o líquido…” ★★★★
“La⁤ báscula es de muy buena calidad ⁤en cuanto a materiales, y tiene mucha ⁣precisión, ayuda mucho la báscula‍ gramera…” ★★★★
“The smaller scale is not accurate, very disappointed. The reading often keeps changing for no reason, so it cannot be ⁣relied on. Shame.”

From the reviews, it’s clear that the KitchenAid KQ908 Glass Surface⁢ Digital Kitchen and Food Scale is a popular ⁤choice for many customers due to its functionality, accuracy, and ease ‍of use. While some users have reported minor issues such as random turn-offs and inaccuracies with the smaller scale, the ​majority of customers are impressed with the scale’s performance.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & ⁤Cons:


  • Stylish design with stainless steel accent trim
  • Glass surface is naturally stain and odor-free
  • Easy-to-read⁤ large backlit ⁤display
  • Add ⁣and weigh Tare⁣ function​ for convenience
  • Converts both dry‍ and liquid measurements
  • Rotating knob design inspired by ​KitchenAid⁢ countertop ovens
  • Powered by included AAA batteries
  • Auto shut-off feature after ⁢3 minutes​ of no change in weight
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth

Pros Stylish design
Easy-to-read display
Add and weigh‌ Tare function


  • Hand wash ⁣only, not dishwasher ‍safe
  • Limited weight capacity of 11lb
  • Glass surface could be prone to breakage if ‌mishandled

Cons Limited weight‍ capacity
Not dishwasher safe


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Q: Is the KitchenAid KQ908 Food Scale easy to clean?

A: Yes, ⁢the KitchenAid KQ908 Food Scale is easy to clean. Simply hand wash it and do not immerse it⁣ in water or put it in the dishwasher. For best results, wipe it⁣ with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

Q: How do I reset the weight to zero when⁢ using the ⁣KitchenAid KQ908 Food⁤ Scale?

A: You can ⁢easily‍ reset ⁣the weight to zero by using the Tare ⁣feature. This allows ‌you to weigh all ingredients into one container and ​zero‍ out weights in-between additions. It also works‌ to zero the weight of any ⁤container before⁢ adding‌ food.

Q: What is the unique ​feature of the KitchenAid KQ908 Food Scale?

A: The unique feature⁣ of the KitchenAid KQ908 Food Scale is the rotating ⁣knob design inspired by KitchenAid countertop electric ovens. ⁤You can twist the⁢ knob to set⁤ the units of measurement and push ⁣to Tare or power on/off.

Q: How long ⁣does the battery of the KitchenAid KQ908 Food Scale last?

A: The KitchenAid KQ908 Food⁣ Scale is powered⁤ by three ‌(3) AAA batteries, which are included. The ‌scale can‌ be powered off or will ⁢auto ⁤shut off ​after​ 3 minutes of​ no change ​in ​weight on the platform.

Q: What‌ is⁣ the maximum capacity⁢ of the​ KitchenAid KQ908 Food Scale for ⁤dry and liquid ingredients?

A: The maximum capacity of the KitchenAid KQ908 Food Scale for dry ingredients‌ is 11 lb x‍ 0.1 ⁣oz and 5000 grams x 1 gram. For liquid ingredients, it is 5000 milliliters x ⁢1 milliliter​ and 176​ fl oz x 0.1‍ fl oz.

Embrace a New ‌Era

Overall, we are incredibly impressed with the ‍KitchenAid ⁣KQ908 Glass Surface⁤ Digital Kitchen and ​Food Scale. ⁢Its stylish design, functionality, and unique ​features make ⁤it ⁢a must-have addition to any kitchen. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just⁤ starting out, this scale will elevate your cooking experience.

If you’re ready to take your baking and cooking to the ‌next level, be sure ⁣to check out the KitchenAid KQ908⁤ Glass Surface ⁣11 Pound Capacity ⁣Digital Kitchen‌ and Food Scale ⁣in​ Black on Amazon. Click here to get your hands on​ this amazing product now!

Get ‌your KitchenAid Food Scale here and start cooking like a‍ pro!

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