NutriScale: Your Pocket Nutritionist

Step into the future of ‌precision cooking and nutrition tracking ⁣with us as we delve into the world of the Etekcity ‍Food Kitchen Scale. Imagine a sleek, stainless steel companion in your culinary adventures, not‌ just measuring ingredients, but also unlocking the secrets to healthier eating habits.

The Etekcity⁣ smart nutrition scale isn’t just a piece of kitchen equipment; it’s a game-changer. Our experience with this marvel begins with its seamless integration with the free VeSync app. With access to nearly 1 million food‍ items from Nutritionix, tracking, saving, and analyzing our daily nutrition intake became not just a⁤ chore, but a fascinating journey of self-discovery.

Its ​slender‍ design doesn’t just add elegance ‌to our kitchen; it brings functionality to ​a whole new level. With the ability to display 12 essential nutrition facts and analyze 19⁣ nutrition data points in the VeSync app,⁢ every meal becomes a meticulously planned affair. Whether we’re focusing on‌ calories, carbs, or protein, the ⁣Etekcity scale ensures we stay​ on track with our health goals.

And ⁤the best part? It’s not just for the health-conscious elite. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive data, it caters to everyone ⁤from⁢ diabetics to fitness enthusiasts, ​even the youth⁤ striving for balanced nutrition.

But let’s talk ‌specs. With a weight capacity of up to 11 pounds and increments as precise as 1 gram, this scale leaves no room for error. Equipped‌ with four​ high-precision sensors, its accuracy is unparalleled, ensuring that every‍ measurement is spot on.

Compact and thin, it effortlessly ‍fits into any kitchen drawer or travel bag, ready to accompany us​ wherever our culinary adventures take us. And​ with its easy-to-clean, food-grade 304 stainless steel platform, maintenance is⁢ a⁢ breeze.

Yes, we⁤ admit, the barcode scanner is currently only available in the US, but considering the⁣ plethora of features this scale offers, it’s‌ a small inconvenience in an otherwise‍ flawless ​package.

In conclusion, the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale isn’t just a scale; it’s your health expert, your sous chef, ⁣and your nutritionist, all⁢ rolled into one sleek, stainless steel package. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision with this indispensable​ kitchen companion.

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Our experience with the Etekcity‍ smart nutrition scale has been nothing short of transformative. Teaming up ‍with the VeSync‌ app, this scale brings a wealth of nutrition data right to your fingertips. Through⁣ seamless integration with the Nutritionix database, we found ourselves effortlessly tracking, saving, and analyzing our daily eating habits.

<p>The sleek, slim, and stainless steel design of the Etekcity smart nutrition scale adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. Gone are the days of guesswork – with the ability to display 12 essential nutrition facts and analyze 19 Nutrition Data through the VeSync app, this scale truly becomes your health ally. Whether you're meticulously counting calories, monitoring your macronutrient intake, or simply striving for a balanced diet, this scale caters to a diverse range of dietary needs. And with its impressive weight capacity and high-precision sensors, it's ready to tackle any culinary challenge.</p>

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Exploring the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale

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Stepping into the world of precision cooking and nutrition tracking has never been easier than with this sleek, stainless steel marvel. Our journey with the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale has been​ nothing ⁢short of transformative. We’ve unlocked ⁤a new level of culinary precision⁣ and health awareness, all thanks to its seamless integration with the free VeSync app.

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Stats: With access to nearly 1​ million food items through the Nutritionix database, we’ve been able ⁤to ⁢effortlessly track, save, and analyze our daily eating habits. The scale’s‌ ability to display 12 nutrition facts and analyze 19 nutrition data points in the app has truly revolutionized the way we approach meal planning and ⁣portion⁤ control.
  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from food-grade 304 stainless steel, this‍ scale ⁣combines durability with an easy-to-clean ⁣design, ensuring that it remains a staple in our kitchen for⁣ years to come.
  • Convenient Features: From choosing units to utilizing the Tare button for ⁣precise measurements, ⁢every feature of this scale has been thoughtfully designed to streamline our cooking process. Plus, with an adjustable backlight and compact dimensions, it’s ‍as convenient ‍as it is functional.

Specifications Details
Weight ‌Capacity 11 lb / 5000 g
Units oz / lb:oz / g / mL⁤ (water/milk)
Data 19 nutrition data
Increments Value 1 g
Backlight Time 30-120 seconds (adjustable in app)
Dimensions 9.2 x⁢ 6.3 x 0.6 inch‌ / 235 x 160 x 16.5 mm
Battery 3 ​x 1.5V AAA batteries

With the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale, every meal becomes an opportunity for culinary excellence and nutritional mindfulness. Join us in ⁣embracing a healthier lifestyle and ​elevate your cooking game⁢ to new heights. Take the first step towards⁢ precision and wellness by ⁤ exploring the ​possibilities with Etekcity ‌today!

Noteworthy Features

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Our exploration ‌of the smart nutrition scale uncovered several remarkable features:

  • Comprehensive Nutrition‍ Tracking: Through the VeSync app, users can access a vast database of nearly⁤ 1 million food items.‍ This allows for‍ precise monitoring, saving, and analysis⁣ of daily eating habits. With 12 nutrition facts displayed on the scale and 19 Nutrition ​Data analyzed in the app, maintaining a healthy and ​balanced diet becomes effortless.
  • Sleek Stainless Steel Design: The ESN00 ⁣smart nutrition scale boasts a sleek, slim, ‍and stainless steel design that elevates any kitchen countertop. Its aesthetic appeal ​is matched by its functionality, making it an indispensable kitchen helper for anyone pursuing health-conscious⁤ meal preparation.

For those striving for strict nutrition intake such as diabetics, fitness enthusiasts, ⁣or individuals simply aiming for a healthier lifestyle, this scale provides reliable food data to‍ meet their dietary requirements. With ⁢specifications like a ⁤ weight capacity of 11 lb, 12⁣ nutrition facts display, and 4 high-precision sensors ensuring accurate weighing,‌ the Etekcity smart nutrition scale stands as a valuable tool in achieving nutritional goals.

Ready to ‌revolutionize your approach to ‍nutrition tracking and ‌meal planning? Experience the convenience and precision of the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale for yourself. Get yours today!

Unveiling the Smart Nutrition App Integration

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Embrace a new era ⁣of culinary precision with our innovative smart nutrition scale. Seamlessly integrating with the ⁢free VeSync app, our scale revolutionizes the way you track your nutritional intake. Powered by the Nutritionix extensive database, boasting nearly 1 million food items, our scale offers ⁤comprehensive nutrition stats​ at your‍ fingertips. From calories to total carbs and protein, we provide 12 key nutrition facts right on the scale’s sleek, stainless⁣ steel display.

With the VeSync app, the possibilities are endless. Analyze 19 nutrition ⁤data points, save your favorite meals, ⁢and gain invaluable insights into your eating habits. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a health-conscious individual, or someone managing diabetes, our scale meets the stringent requirements of precise nutrition intake. Elevate your culinary experience and embark ⁣on a journey towards ⁣a healthier lifestyle with our Etekcity smart nutrition scale.

In-depth Analysis

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When ⁣delving‌ into the intricacies‌ of the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale, our exploration revealed⁢ a multifaceted tool designed to revolutionize your dietary habits. Integrated with the VeSync app, this scale transcends ⁤mere weight measurement, offering a comprehensive nutritional breakdown of your food choices. Through⁣ seamless synchronization with Nutritionix’s expansive database, encompassing nearly 1 million food items, users ⁣gain invaluable insights into their daily consumption patterns. From monitoring calorie intake to tracking macronutrients like total carbs and protein, ⁤the scale empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their diet.

Crafted⁤ with a sleek stainless steel design, the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale not only complements any kitchen decor ⁣but also exemplifies durability and ease of​ maintenance. Its compact dimensions ensure minimal space consumption, making it a versatile companion for both home and travel. Equipped with four high-precision sensors, the scale delivers accurate measurements ranging from 3 g to 5000 ‌g, with increments as precise as 1 g. With its user-friendly features, ⁤including customizable units and the convenient‍ Tare ⁤button, this scale streamlines the culinary experience,‍ fostering precision and efficiency. Experience the ​transformative potential of smart nutrition with the Etekcity scale—embrace healthier eating habits and‍ embark on‍ a‍ journey towards holistic well-being. Explore Now.

Deciphering the Benefits of⁣ 19 Facts Tracking

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When it comes to managing ‌our dietary intake, having comprehensive‌ nutrition stats at our fingertips ‌can make​ a ⁣world of difference. With the​ Etekcity smart nutrition scale and its seamless integration with the free VeSync app, we have access to a wealth of information right on⁤ our phones. By tapping into Nutritionix’s extensive database of nearly 1 million food items, ‍we can effortlessly track, save, ‌and analyze‍ our daily eating habits.

  • Sleek, slim, and stainless steel design
  • Displays 12 ⁤nutrition ⁤facts directly on the scale
  • Analyzes​ 19 Nutrition Data in ⁣VeSync app

Whether we’re striving for portion control, monitoring⁣ our macros, or ⁤adhering to a specific diet like keto, this scale​ has us covered. It provides reliable food data that meets the requirements for ⁤various dietary​ needs, from diabetics to fitness enthusiasts to individuals simply pursuing ⁤a healthier lifestyle. With the ability to easily⁤ track our intake of up‍ to 19 nutrients, monitor trends, and generate detailed nutrition ‌reports, this scale⁤ truly serves‍ as our health expert in​ the‍ kitchen.

Ready to revolutionize ⁤your approach to nutrition tracking? Check out the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale here.

Expert Recommendations

NutriScale: Your Pocket Nutritionist插图6

When it comes to managing your nutrition, having precise data at your fingertips is essential. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Etekcity smart nutrition scale, a game-changer for those looking to take control of their eating habits. Paired with the⁤ free VeSync app, this scale provides comprehensive nutrition stats right to⁤ your phone, allowing you to track, ‍save, and analyze your daily intake effortlessly.

  • Sleek, Slim Design: The stainless ⁢steel construction of‍ the Etekcity smart nutrition scale not only adds ⁤a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also ensures durability and​ easy ⁢cleaning. Its slim profile makes it the perfect‍ kitchen companion, seamlessly fitting into any‍ space.
  • Nutrition Analysis Made Easy: With the ability to display ⁤12 nutrition facts and analyze 19 nutrition data points in the VeSync app, this scale caters to a wide range of dietary needs. Whether you’re counting calories, tracking macros, or monitoring your protein intake, this‌ scale has you⁣ covered.

Specifications Details
Weight Capacity 11 lb / 5000 g
Units oz / lb:oz / g / mL (water/milk)
Data 19 nutrition data points
Increments value 1 g
Backlight time 30-120 seconds (adjustable in app)
Dimensions 9.2 x 6.3 x ⁣0.6 inches
Battery 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries (included)

With its high-quality materials, convenient features like​ the Tare button, and accurate weighing capabilities, the Etekcity smart nutrition scale is a must-have tool for anyone striving to‌ maintain ⁣a healthy lifestyle.‌ Don’t just guess what you’re eating – let this scale and app combo be your health expert, guiding you⁢ towards your nutrition goals. Take the first step towards a healthier you and get ⁢your Etekcity smart nutrition‍ scale now.

Maximizing Usage for Baking, Cooking, and Portion Control

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When it comes to optimizing our culinary endeavors, the Etekcity smart nutrition ⁢scale is an indispensable tool. With its seamless integration with the VeSync app, we gain access to a treasure trove of nutritional data for nearly 1 million food items. This means we can effortlessly track, save, and analyze our daily eating habits, empowering us to⁣ make ​informed decisions about our nutrition.

Moreover, the scale’s sleek, slim, and ​stainless steel design not only enhances the aesthetics of our kitchen but also adds a touch of sophistication‌ to our cooking routine. Whether we’re meticulously⁢ measuring ingredients for baking, ensuring precise portions for cooking, or managing our macros for dietary goals like keto, this scale proves⁤ to be our reliable companion. With the ability to display 12 nutrition facts and analyze 19 nutrition data points, it caters to a wide range of dietary​ needs, making it suitable for individuals pursuing a healthy and balanced diet.

Customer Reviews Analysis

NutriScale: Your Pocket Nutritionist插图8

Customer Reviews Analysis

Unparalleled Precision

Customers praise⁣ the Etekcity Kitchen Scale for⁤ its impeccable accuracy in both grams ​and ounces, ensuring consistent cooking and baking results every ‍time.

Sleek and User-Friendly Design

The scale’s modern design ⁢and intuitive touch-sensitive buttons make it a joy to ⁢use, even ‍for ⁤those who aren’t tech-savvy.

Versatility for ‌Every Culinary Endeavor

Users appreciate the scale’s ability to handle various culinary tasks, ‌from measuring⁢ ingredients for savory dishes to portioning out ​ingredients for special diets like⁤ keto.

Tare Function

The tare function streamlines the process of combining multiple ingredients in a ‍single ⁤container without extra math, though some users note minor issues with large quantities.

Compact and Easy to Store

Customers ‌love the scale’s​ slim design, which makes it easy to store ‌in any kitchen cabinet or drawer without taking up much‍ space.

Battery Efficiency

The long⁢ battery life of the scale, powered by standard AAA batteries,⁢ is appreciated by users for its cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness.

In analyzing the customer reviews for the ⁢Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale, several key themes emerge:

  1. Precision: Users consistently praise the scale’s accuracy in measuring both grams and ounces, ensuring consistent results in cooking ⁣and ‍baking endeavors.

  2. Design and Usability: The sleek and user-friendly ‌design ‍of the scale,‌ along with​ its intuitive touch-sensitive buttons, make it a pleasure to use for both experienced chefs and novices ‌alike.

  3. Versatility: Customers appreciate ​the scale’s ability to handle various culinary​ tasks, from measuring ingredients for everyday recipes to portioning ⁤out ingredients for specialized diets like keto.

  4. Tare Function: ⁣While the tare function is generally praised for streamlining the measuring⁢ process, some users note minor issues with recognizing large quantities initially.

  5. Compactness‌ and Storage: The scale’s ⁤slim design and compact dimensions make it‌ easy to⁤ store in any kitchen space, ‌a feature ​that users find convenient.

  6. Battery Efficiency: Users value the scale’s long battery‍ life, powered by standard AAA⁢ batteries, for its cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

Overall, the ‍Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale receives high​ praise for its precision, versatility, user-friendly design, and efficiency, making it a⁢ valuable addition to any ‌kitchen arsenal.

Pros & Cons

NutriScale: Your Pocket Nutritionist插图9

Pros & Cons


Pros Details
Comprehensive​ Nutrition Tracking The⁢ scale pairs with the free VeSync app, offering detailed nutrition stats for over 1 million food‍ items.
Sleek Design The slim, stainless steel ‍design adds a ​touch of sophistication to any kitchen space.
Multiple Nutrient Analysis Displays ⁢12 nutrition facts and analyzes 19 nutrition data⁤ in the VeSync app, catering ⁣to various dietary needs.
High-Quality Material Made with food-grade ⁤304⁢ stainless steel for durability​ and easy cleaning.
Convenient Features Offers‍ multiple ‌unit options, a tare button for accurate measurements, and an adjustable ‍backlight.
Accurate Weighing Equipped with 4 high-precision sensors, ensuring precise measurements⁣ between 3g ⁤to 5000g.
Compact & Thin Takes up minimal space,⁣ making it suitable for⁤ storage in ⁤kitchen drawers, cabinets, or ‍travel bags.


  • Barcode scanner functionality only available ⁤in the US.



**Q&A Section**

Q: Is the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale difficult to set up ​and use?

A: Not at all! Setting up our NutriScale is a breeze. Simply unpack, insert the provided AAA batteries, and you’re ready to start tracking your nutrition. The VeSync app‍ seamlessly pairs with the scale, guiding you through the setup process ‍effortlessly.

Q: How⁢ accurate is the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale?

A: Our NutriScale⁢ is equipped with four high-precision⁢ sensors, ensuring accurate measurements ‍every time. Whether ​you’re weighing​ out ingredients for a recipe or monitoring your portion sizes, you can trust that our scale will provide precise results.

Q: Can I track more than ‍just weight​ with this scale?

A: Absolutely! In addition to weight, our NutriScale allows you to track up to 19 different nutrients. From​ calories and ⁣total carbs to protein and more, you’ll have comprehensive insight into your​ nutritional intake. Plus, with the VeSync app, you can easily monitor trends, create reports, and even connect with other health tracking apps like Apple Health and Fitbit.

Q: How durable is the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale?

A: ​We’ve crafted our NutriScale with high-quality materials, including a food-grade 304 ​stainless steel weighing platform. Not only does this ensure durability, but it also makes for easy cleaning after use.‌ You can trust that our scale will withstand the demands of daily kitchen use.

Q: Can‌ I customize the units of measurement on the scale?

A:⁢ Absolutely! Our NutriScale offers flexibility when it comes to units of measurement. Whether you prefer ounces, pounds, grams, or milliliters, you can easily adjust the settings to suit your needs. Plus, the Tare button allows you ​to weigh your food without the container, making portion ‌control a breeze.

Q: Is the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale compact and easy to store?

A: Yes! We’ve​ designed our NutriScale to be sleek and compact, taking up minimal space in your kitchen. Whether you choose to store it in a drawer, cabinet, or even take ⁢it with you while⁢ traveling, our scale is conveniently sized for ​any situation.

Q: Does the Etekcity Food ‍Kitchen Scale come with a warranty?

A: Absolutely! We stand behind the quality of our NutriScale, which is why ⁤it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Should you encounter any issues with your scale, simply reach out to our customer support ​team, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Q:⁢ Can I use the barcode scanner ‍feature outside of the US?

A: Unfortunately, at this time, the barcode scanner feature is ​only available in the US. ⁣However, our scale still offers robust tracking capabilities through the VeSync app, allowing you to manually input ⁢food items for analysis.

Discover the Power

As we wrap up our exploration of‍ the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale, we’re left with a sense of empowerment in our quest for healthier living. With its seamless integration with‍ the VeSync app, this smart scale ⁢transforms into your personal nutritionist, guiding you towards better choices and improved portion control.

From ⁣its sleek stainless steel design to its ability to⁤ track and analyze 19 nutrition⁢ data points, the ‌Etekcity ​Food Kitchen Scale⁢ stands out as an essential tool for anyone committed to their health journey. Whether you’re counting macros, following a keto diet, or simply aiming for a balanced lifestyle, this scale‌ has got you covered.

So⁢ why ⁢wait? Elevate your culinary experience ​and take charge of your nutrition today with the NutriScale. Click below to discover more about this game-changing device:

Get your NutriScale now!

Here’s to healthier habits and happier meals ahead!

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