Nutrition Ninja: Dive into Health Stats with Etekcity’s Smart Scale

Welcome to ‍our review⁤ of the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale, the smart⁣ companion for your culinary adventures.

Have you ever wished for a kitchen scale that could ⁤do‍ more than just weigh your ingredients? Well, wish no more, because the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale is here to revolutionize your cooking experience.

Imagine ‍a sleek, stainless ⁢steel scale that not only ‍accurately‍ measures your ingredients but also tracks their nutritional value. That’s⁣ right – with the Etekcity scale, ⁤you can say goodbye to guessing and hello to precise portion control.⁢

But wait, it gets even better. Paired ⁤with the free VeSync app, this scale becomes your personal nutritionist, providing comprehensive stats and analysis of your daily eating habits. From calories ⁢to protein, carbs⁣ to⁣ macros, you’ll have⁤ all the ​information you need to make informed choices about your diet.

And the best part? The Etekcity scale is incredibly easy to ⁢use. With its intuitive design and high-precision ⁢sensors, weighing your food has⁤ never been more accurate or convenient. Plus,​ its compact size means it won’t take up​ valuable space in your kitchen – ⁣perfect⁢ for those of us ​with limited countertop real estate.

So whether you’re a seasoned chef or just ​starting out on your culinary journey, the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale is sure to ‌become ‍your new​ favorite kitchen gadget. Say hello to precise measurements, informed choices, and delicious meals – all with the touch of ‌a⁤ button.

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Our experience with the Etekcity smart nutrition scale has been nothing short​ of transformative. Teaming up with the free VeSync ​app, this scale provides a comprehensive analysis of our daily nutritional intake, ‍pulling from Nutritionix’s vast database of nearly 1 million food items. The convenience of having this wealth of nutritional information at our fingertips has revolutionized our approach to meal planning and​ portion⁤ control.

Crafted with a sleek and durable stainless steel design, this scale not⁢ only elevates the aesthetics of our kitchen but also enhances‌ functionality. With the ability to display 12 essential nutrition facts directly⁣ on the‍ scale and analyze 19 ⁤nutrition data in the VeSync app, we feel empowered to make informed dietary choices tailored to our specific health goals. ⁢Plus, the scale’s compact and thin build ensures it seamlessly⁢ integrates into our kitchen space, whether it’s stored in a drawer, cabinet,‌ or packed away ​for travel. If you’re ready to ⁢take charge of your nutrition and embrace ‌a healthier ⁢lifestyle, this smart nutrition scale is an indispensable tool.

Key Features and Highlights

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Our smart nutrition scale, seamlessly integrated with the free VeSync app, offers a revolutionary approach to ⁢managing your dietary intake. With access to Nutritionix’s extensive database comprising nearly 1 million food items,‌ tracking and analyzing your daily nutrition has never⁤ been easier. From calories to total carbs and protein, this scale empowers you ⁤to make informed decisions about your diet.

  • Sleek, slim, and ⁤crafted from stainless steel, our nutrition scale adds a touch of modernity to any kitchen countertop. Its design ⁢not only enhances aesthetics but also​ ensures⁣ durability ‍and easy cleaning.
  • Displaying 12 essential nutrition‌ facts ⁢and analyzing 19 Nutrition Data in the VeSync app, our scale caters to various dietary needs, ⁣including those of diabetics, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals striving for a balanced diet.
  • Equipped with 4 high-precision sensors, our scale delivers accurate measurements ranging from 3 g to 5000 g in 1 g increments, ‍ensuring precise portion control for every meal.

Weight Capacity 176.4 oz / 11 lb / 5000 g / 5000 mL
Units oz / lb:oz / g / mL (water/milk)
Data 19 nutrition data
Increments ‌value 1 g
Backlight time 30-120 seconds⁤ (adjustable in app)
Dimensions 9.2 x 6.3 x 0.6 inch / 235 x 160 x 16.5 mm
Battery 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries

Furthermore, ⁢our scale offers unparalleled‌ convenience with features such as unit selection for various measurements, ​including ounces, grams, and milliliters for both water and milk. The Tare button accurately determines the weight of your food without the container, simplifying meal preparation and portioning.

For those concerned with space,⁢ our compact and sleek design ensures minimal storage footprint. Whether it’s tucked away in a kitchen drawer,⁢ cabinet, or travel bag, ⁢our​ scale remains readily accessible for your culinary adventures.

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In-depth Analysis and Insights

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When delving into ​the functionality and utility of our ⁤smart‌ nutrition ‌scale, it’s impossible not to marvel at the seamless integration with the VeSync app.⁣ This dynamic pairing catapults your nutritional awareness to‌ unprecedented levels by granting access to a treasure trove⁢ of nearly 1 million food items from Nutritionix’s extensive database. Through this intuitive interface, users can effortlessly track, ⁣save, ‍and analyze their dietary‌ habits with precision and ease.

Moreover, the scale’s sleek stainless steel design not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also underscores its durability and practicality in the kitchen. With the ​ability ⁢to display 12​ essential nutrition facts and analyze 19 data ‌points via ‌the ​VeSync ​app, this device becomes an indispensable ally for individuals across various lifestyle preferences, including⁣ diabetics, fitness enthusiasts, and those​ committed to a balanced diet.

Weight Capacity: 11 lb / 5000 g
Units: oz / lb:oz / g / mL (water/milk)
Data: 19 nutrition data
Increments​ value: 1 g
Backlight time: 30-120 seconds (adjustable in ​app)
Dimensions: 9.2 x 6.3 x 0.6 inch / 235‍ x 160 x 16.5 mm
Battery: 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries

Overall, the⁤ Etekcity smart nutrition scale transcends the conventional boundaries of kitchen accessories, emerging as a multifaceted tool ​for fostering healthier ‌lifestyles. With its unparalleled combination ⁢of accuracy, convenience, ‍and comprehensive data analysis, this device empowers users to make informed dietary choices ​effortlessly. Experience the transformative potential of ⁢modern nutrition tracking‍ by securing⁤ your very own smart scale today.

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After thoroughly testing the Etekcity smart nutrition‍ scale, we’re⁣ impressed by its functionality and ease of use. The seamless⁢ integration with the VeSync app provides a wealth of nutritional information at ‌your ​fingertips, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to monitor their diet. With access ​to nearly 1 million food items in the​ Nutritionix database, tracking your ​daily intake has ​never been⁣ easier.

We particularly appreciate the sleek and durable design of the scale,‌ which fits seamlessly into any kitchen environment. The high-quality stainless‍ steel weighing platform not only ‌looks great but is also easy to clean, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. Additionally, the scale’s⁣ compact size makes ​it convenient to ​store, whether in‍ a kitchen drawer or travel bag.⁣ Overall, we highly recommend the Etekcity smart nutrition scale for anyone seeking ⁢a reliable and versatile tool for managing their ‍nutritional intake.

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Customer Reviews ‌Analysis

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Customer Reviews⁤ Analysis

After delving into the feedback ⁤from various users, we’ve compiled a comprehensive analysis of ⁢the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale:

Aspect Key Points
Accuracy The majority ‍of users praised the scale’s impeccable precision, ensuring consistent results in cooking and baking endeavors.
Design Not only⁣ does its sleek and modern design enhance kitchen aesthetics, but the large,‌ easy-to-read LCD display and intuitive touch-sensitive buttons also contribute to its user-friendly appeal.
Versatility Users appreciate the scale’s ability to handle various culinary tasks, from portion control to‍ specialized diets like keto, showcasing its adaptability.
Tare ​Function The tare function received high praise for its convenience, allowing ⁢users to subtract container weights and simplify ingredient measurements.
Compactness The scale’s compact design makes it easy to store without occupying much space, ensuring accessibility whenever ‌needed.
Battery Efficiency Users value ⁣the scale’s long battery ‍life, utilizing standard‍ AAA batteries efficiently while being environmentally conscious.

These reviews collectively highlight the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale as a game-changer in culinary⁤ pursuits. Its precision, versatility, and user-friendly features have earned it high ‍acclaim from satisfied users, making it a recommended addition to any kitchen arsenal.


Pros & Cons

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units, including oz, lb:oz, g, and mL, with the added convenience of a Tare button for precise measurements.

Accurate Weighing

Equipped with 4 ‍high-precision sensors, ensuring accurate measurements between 3g to 5000g.

Compact & Thin Design

Space-saving and ‍sleek, fitting easily into kitchen drawers, cabinets, or travel bags.

Health Monitoring

Connects with Apple Health and Fitbit for comprehensive ⁢health tracking.


Barcode Scanner Limited to US The barcode scanner feature is only available in the US, limiting its functionality for‍ international users.
App Dependency To utilize all features, including barcode scanning and comprehensive nutrition tracking, users are reliant on the VeSync​ app.
Batteries‌ Required Requires 3 AAA batteries for operation, which may need frequent replacement.
Data Customization While the ⁤database is extensive, customizing food data‌ may be time-consuming for some users.



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**Q&A Section**

1.‌ How does the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale work with the VeSync app?

The Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale seamlessly syncs with the VeSync app, allowing you to access ‌comprehensive nutrition data⁣ right from ​your phone. Simply connect the scale to your app via Bluetooth,⁤ and you’re ready to start tracking, saving, and analyzing your eating habits.

2. Can I customize the food data on the scale?

Absolutely! The ‍scale is supported by Nutritionix, which boasts a database of nearly 1 million food items.⁤ Plus, you can personalize your own food data as needed, ensuring⁢ that your nutrition⁣ tracking is⁤ tailored to your specific dietary preferences and needs.

3. How ⁤accurate is the weighing function of the scale?

With four ​high-precision sensors, the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale ensures accurate‍ weighing of your foods, ranging from 3 grams to 5000 grams in⁣ 1 gram increments. ‍Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise portion⁣ control!

4. Is the scale easy to clean?

Definitely! The scale features⁢ a food-grade 304 stainless steel weighing ⁣platform, combining durability with easy-to-clean design. Simply wipe⁤ it down with a damp cloth, and it’s good as new.

5. Can I track my ‍nutrient intake over time?

Yes, you can! The ‍VeSync app allows you to monitor⁣ trends, create daily, weekly, and⁢ monthly nutrition reports, and more. ​Stay on top of your health⁢ goals by keeping track of your nutrient intake and making informed choices.

6. Does the scale offer different units⁢ of measurement?

Yes, it does! You can choose from a ⁣variety of units including ⁣ounces, pounds, grams, and ​milliliters for both water and milk. The scale also features a Tare button,‌ which tells you ⁤the exact weight⁤ of your‍ food ⁢without the container, making portioning a breeze.

7. How compact is the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale?

The⁢ scale boasts‌ a compact and sleek design, taking up minimal space in your kitchen drawer, cabinet, or travel bag. ⁤It’s the perfect kitchen companion for home cooks and health enthusiasts⁣ alike.

8. Is the barcode scanner feature available outside ⁢the‍ US?

Currently, the⁤ barcode scanner feature is only available in the US. However, ​the scale still offers‍ extensive ⁣functionality and comprehensive nutrition tracking even without this feature.

9. How long does the backlight stay on?

You can adjust the backlight time to your preference, ranging from 30 to 120 seconds, directly⁢ within the VeSync app. Customize your experience for optimal convenience and energy efficiency.

10. ​What’s included in the⁣ package?

The package includes the Smart Nutrition Scale, three pre-installed AAA batteries, and a ⁣Quick Start Guide to help you get set up and tracking ‍your nutrition in no time.

Seize the Opportunity

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As we conclude our exploration into the world‌ of nutrition tracking with the Etekcity Food Kitchen⁣ Scale, we⁢ can’t help ‌but feel empowered by the possibilities it presents. From its seamless integration with the VeSync app to its high-precision sensors, this smart scale truly redefines the way we approach our health ​journey.

With each meal, the Etekcity scale ‌becomes our trusty companion, offering not just weight measurements but a ⁣comprehensive breakdown of nutrients, empowering us to ⁣make informed choices about what⁢ we consume.​ Its sleek stainless ‌steel ‍design‍ adds a touch of sophistication to our kitchen while its compact ⁢size ensures⁣ it⁣ never gets in the way of⁢ our culinary adventures.

Whether we’re meticulously ​counting macros or simply aiming​ for a healthier lifestyle, the Etekcity ‍Food Kitchen Scale proves to⁢ be an indispensable tool. So why not join us on this journey towards better health and greater knowledge? Dive ⁤into the world of nutrition tracking today with the Etekcity Smart Scale – your body will thank you.

Ready to embark on your own health⁤ revolution? Click here to bring home the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale now!

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