Precision Meets Style: Amazon’s Sleek Food Scale

Welcome to our review of ​the Amazon Basics Digital​ Kitchen Scale! If ‌you’re like us, ⁣you’re always on the lookout for ⁣tools that ‍make cooking​ and baking a breeze. That’s why we were excited to try⁣ out this sleek ‍and efficient kitchen scale from​ Amazon Basics.

Let’s start with the design.⁣ The black and stainless steel finish gives​ the scale a modern and sophisticated look that blends seamlessly into any kitchen decor. The⁢ wide LCD screen‍ is ⁤easy​ to read, even ⁢from ‌a distance, making it simple to ‌quickly check measurements while you’re in the midst‍ of a recipe.

But it’s not just about looks – this scale​ is also incredibly functional. ⁢With a capacity of up to 11 pounds, it’s perfect for weighing everything ‌from ingredients for a single serving ‌to larger batches for meal​ prep. And with measurements displayed in pounds, ounces, ‍grams, fluid ounces, and⁢ milliliters, you’ll⁤ have all the information you⁢ need to follow any recipe with precision.

One feature we particularly⁢ appreciate⁢ is the tare​ button. This allows you to easily subtract the weight of your ⁤container,‌ so you‌ can measure just the food without any extra math. Plus, with batteries included, you‌ can start using your scale right ⁢out of the box –​ no need ⁢to make an extra trip to the store.

Overall, we’ve been ​thoroughly ‍impressed with the Amazon Basics⁤ Digital Kitchen Scale. It’s​ reliable, accurate, ⁣and easy ⁤to ⁤use, making it a must-have tool ‍for any home cook or ‍baker. Whether ⁣you’re a novice in⁢ the⁢ kitchen or a seasoned ⁢pro, this ‍scale is ⁤sure to‍ become an invaluable addition to your culinary arsenal.

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In⁢ our quest for precision and convenience in ‌the kitchen, ⁤we’ve ⁤found ⁢a tool that ⁢marries both beautifully. The ⁣sleek stainless steel platform is not only aesthetically pleasing but also houses a wide LCD screen​ for easy reading. ⁢This‍ kitchen scale is a ‌testament ⁣to practicality, capable of weighing items up to 11 pounds with⁤ a precision starting as low as 2 grams. Whether it’s pounds, ounces,‍ grams, fluid ounces, ⁢or milliliters, the versatility in measurement units makes it⁤ a universal‍ kitchen companion. ‍The inclusion of a tare function further simplifies our cooking process, allowing‌ us to measure ingredients without the weight⁤ of ⁤the ⁢container ⁤skewing the results.

Operation is a breeze thanks to‍ the‍ scale being battery operated, and​ the fact that it comes with two AAA batteries ‍means we can use it⁤ right out of the ⁣box. The scale’s dimensions (8.3 x 7‍ x​ 1.3 inches)​ ensure it ⁤doesn’t take up unnecessary space, fitting perfectly in our kitchen​ workspace. ​The use of food-safe, BPA-free plastic components assures us of the​ safety‍ of our⁢ food. For⁤ those of us keen on both ⁢functionality and ​health, this scale ​checks all the⁣ boxes.⁢ The detailed measurements and ease of use encourage us to experiment with ‌our⁢ culinary skills, making every measurement an accurate affair.

Feature Details
Material Stainless Steel & BPA-free Plastic
Weight‌ Capacity Up to ⁤11⁣ pounds
Measurement Units Pounds, Ounces, Grams, ⁢Fluid Ounces, ML
Battery‌ Type 2‍ AAA (Included)
Dimensions 8.3⁤ x 7 x 1.3 inches
Special ‍Feature Tare Function

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Feature‍ Highlights

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Our digital kitchen scale boasts ⁢a sleek ‌stainless steel platform⁣ coupled ⁣with a wide‌ LCD screen,​ offering both style and functionality to your culinary ⁤endeavors. ⁣With the capacity⁣ to weigh ⁢up to 11 pounds, this scale ensures‍ accurate measurements‌ with a minimum⁤ of 2​ grams, making it versatile for various cooking‌ and baking ⁤needs. The intuitive display conveniently showcases results in multiple units ⁣including ​pounds, ounces, grams,⁣ fluid ounces, and milliliters,‍ catering to diverse recipe requirements effortlessly.

Feature Description
Material Stainless steel platform with ⁢food-safe, BPA-free plastic components
Weighing Capacity Up to 11 ⁢pounds with 2 grams minimum
Unit Display Pounds,​ ounces,⁢ grams, fluid ounces, and milliliters
Tare ​Function Allows measuring just the food weight, ​excluding ‍container weight
Battery (2) AAA‌ batteries included‍ for ‍hassle-free ⁢operation
Dimensions Compact size of 8.3 x 7 x 1.3 inches (LxWxH)

Equipped with a convenient tare button,‍ you can effortlessly subtract the weight⁤ of the ‌container to precisely⁢ measure the ingredients, ensuring⁤ your ⁢recipes turn⁢ out just right every time. Powered by two AAA ‍batteries included⁤ in the ​package, our kitchen scale is ready to use straight out ‌of the box, simplifying your cooking experience. Its compact dimensions make it a space-saving addition to⁣ any kitchen countertop, ⁣while the ⁤durable‍ construction ‌ensures longevity for years of‍ reliable performance. Enhance your culinary ‍precision with our Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen ⁤Scale and ⁤elevate your cooking game‌ today!

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Detailed Insights

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Our experience ​with ​this digital kitchen scale ​has been nothing short ​of impressive. The‍ stainless steel platform not​ only⁢ adds​ durability but also ensures easy ⁢cleaning, which is a big plus in a busy kitchen. The wide LCD screen provides clear and accurate ‍readings, allowing us to weigh ingredients with precision. We particularly appreciate the versatility of ​this scale, as it​ can measure up to‌ 11 pounds ​with⁢ a minimum of ⁣2⁤ grams, catering to a⁤ wide range of culinary needs.

Moreover, the inclusion of⁢ multiple units of measurement, including ​pounds, ounces, ⁢grams, fluid⁣ ounces, and milliliters, offers convenience and flexibility. The tare button ⁢function is incredibly handy, allowing us ‌to subtract the weight of the container and focus solely‍ on the food being weighed. Plus, the fact that it operates on battery power, with⁤ two AAA batteries included, ​ensures that it’s‍ always ready to ⁤use without ‌the hassle of cords or charging. With ⁣its sleek⁣ design and practical features, this‍ digital kitchen scale is a valuable⁣ addition to any ‍home cook’s arsenal.

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Based‌ on our experience with this digital kitchen scale, we highly recommend it for anyone seeking ​precision‍ and convenience in their ‍cooking or baking endeavors. The‍ stainless ⁢steel ​platform coupled with the wide LCD screen not only ⁢makes for‌ a sleek ⁢addition​ to your kitchen arsenal but ​also ensures durability⁤ and easy readability of measurements. Whether you’re measuring in pounds, ounces, grams, fluid ‌ounces, or milliliters, this scale has you covered, providing versatility⁢ for a ⁣wide range of ​recipes and ingredients.

One feature we particularly appreciate is the Tare⁣ button, which allows us to⁣ measure the food directly without including the weight of the container. This function simplifies ⁤the measuring ​process and ensures accuracy, especially when⁤ dealing ⁢with multiple ingredients. Additionally, the ⁣fact that the scale comes with (2) AAA batteries included means you can start using it right out of the ‌box. With its‌ compact ⁣dimensions and reliable performance, this‌ digital ⁣kitchen scale from ‍Amazon ⁤Basics is a must-have tool for any⁤ home cook or baker. Don’t miss out on ⁣the opportunity to elevate your‍ culinary creations—grab yours here!

Customer ⁢Reviews Analysis

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Customer ⁢Reviews Analysis

Review Summary Our Analysis
Easy ​to use, very accurate, no complaints at all. The majority‌ of customers praise the scale for its ease of​ use and accuracy.
Bought ⁤for making sourdough, great purchase. Customers⁤ appreciate its suitability for ⁤specific tasks like making sourdough and‌ its ⁤compatibility with stainless‍ steel‌ bowls.
Came ‍fast,⁤ worked as expected, ‌simple to use. Positive feedback⁤ on quick delivery, functionality, and simplicity.
Good ⁢surface area, easy zeroing, inconsistent ⁢weight units. Customers find the scale adequate‌ for⁣ most uses, ​but inconsistency ⁤in weight units and quick ⁣power-off are noted.
Just ⁤works,‍ lightweight, great buy. Customers appreciate the ‌scale’s⁢ reliability, ⁤lightweight design, ‍and value‍ for money.
Perfect for measuring burger patties, sensitive and‍ easy to use. Positive feedback on precision,​ sensitivity, and suitability for specific tasks like measuring burger patties.
Unsung hero of ‍culinary adventures, precision and ‌style. High praise for the scale’s precision, style, ‍and versatility in the‍ kitchen.
Super easy to use, great ‍value⁢ for price. Customers ​appreciate the scale’s ease of use, tare function, and ⁤value for money.
Sleek stainless⁣ steel design,‌ exceeds expectations. Positive feedback on‌ the scale’s design, accuracy, and functionality.
Bon​ rapport qualité-prix, pratique et fonctionnelle. Positive feedback on ​practicality, ⁣battery usage, and‍ ease of cleaning.
Doet wat het doen moet. ⁢Wegen. Eenvoudig⁤ concept zonder franjes. The review highlights ‍simplicity‌ and functionality as strengths of the scale.


After analyzing⁣ the ⁢customer reviews, ⁤it’s evident ‌that the Amazon Basics ⁤Digital Kitchen Scale with LCD Display has ‍garnered widespread appreciation for its precision, ease ⁣of‌ use, and sleek ‍design. While some users noted‍ minor issues such ⁢as ⁣inconsistency in weight units and quick power-off,⁢ the overall‍ consensus leans heavily towards the positive.

Customers particularly value its accuracy in measuring various ‌ingredients, from ‍flour to ​burger⁢ patties, and⁤ its compatibility with different ⁣types ⁤of containers. The inclusion of batteries and⁢ the tare⁢ function‍ are seen as thoughtful features that enhance user experience.

In ⁢conclusion, the Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen Scale stands​ out as a​ reliable, versatile, and stylish addition to any⁤ kitchen, offering precision performance at a⁤ great value.


Pros & Cons

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Pros ‌& Cons


Pros Explanation
Accurate Measurements The scale⁢ provides precise‌ measurements ‍with a minimum increment of 2 grams, ensuring⁢ accuracy ‍for various cooking and​ baking needs.
Versatile Units Offers ‍multiple measurement ‌units⁢ including pounds, ounces,‍ grams, fluid ⁢ounces,‌ and ⁤milliliters, accommodating diverse recipe requirements.
Easy-to-Read LCD Display The wide LCD screen ensures clear visibility⁤ of measurements, making it convenient to read even in dimly lit kitchen environments.
Tare Button ‍Functionality The tare button allows for precise measurements by subtracting the ⁣weight of the⁣ container, simplifying the process of measuring ingredients.
Sleek Design Features a modern‍ stainless ⁢steel ‍platform that adds ⁣a touch of style to​ any kitchen setting, enhancing the overall ‌aesthetic appeal.
Battery Included Comes with (2) AAA batteries, ready for immediate use, saving the ⁤hassle of ‌purchasing batteries separately.
Compact Size With dimensions of 8.3 x 7 ⁢x ​1.3 inches (LxWxH), the scale is⁤ compact⁢ and space-saving, suitable for small kitchen spaces or storage.


Cons Explanation
Plastic Components Some components are made of plastic,⁢ which may not be⁢ as durable as stainless steel, potentially reducing longevity.
No AC ​Power Option Relies solely⁤ on battery power,‍ which may‌ require frequent⁤ battery replacements, especially with⁣ heavy usage.
Limited ⁣Weight⁤ Capacity The ‍scale has a ​maximum capacity of 11 pounds, which may not ‌be sufficient ⁢for larger cooking or baking projects.
Not Waterproof As with most electronic kitchen scales, it⁤ is not waterproof,⁢ so caution⁣ is needed⁢ to prevent damage from spills ‍or moisture.

Overall, the Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen Scale offers precise measurements and convenient features, making it​ a reliable tool ‍for various culinary ⁤tasks. ⁣However,⁤ users should consider ‌its limitations, such ‌as the plastic components and reliance​ on battery⁢ power, before making a purchase decision.


Q&A Section

1. Is‌ this ‌scale⁣ easy​ to use?

Absolutely! We found the Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen Scale incredibly user-friendly. Its‍ straightforward design and intuitive buttons make it a breeze to operate, even‍ for those who ‍aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

2. How accurate ‍is ‌the ‍scale?

We were pleasantly⁢ surprised by the precision of this scale. It measures ⁤weights with ⁤impressive accuracy, down to the gram. Whether you’re⁢ portioning ingredients for a recipe ⁤or measuring out your morning coffee beans, you can trust ⁢the accuracy of this scale.

3. Can it handle large containers or bowls?

Yes, indeed! The spacious ⁣stainless steel platform‍ accommodates a variety of containers, from small bowls to large ‍mixing‍ bowls. So whether ⁢you’re weighing a handful of nuts ‍or a big batch of dough, this scale has you⁤ covered.

4. ⁤What battery does​ it use, and how long‌ does it last?

The Amazon‌ Basics Digital Kitchen Scale runs ⁣on two AAA batteries, which are conveniently‌ included with the product. With ⁢typical usage, we found that‍ the batteries lasted⁣ quite a while before‌ needing replacement, making it a ‌reliable kitchen ⁤companion.

5. Is the display easy to read?

Absolutely!​ The LCD display is large and ‍clear, making ‍it easy to read even in dimly lit ​kitchens. Plus, it conveniently​ shows weight measurements in various units, including pounds, ounces, grams, ‍fluid ounces, and milliliters, catering ‍to your specific needs.

6. Is it⁢ easy ⁢to⁢ clean?

Yes, cleaning this scale​ is a ⁣breeze. The ⁤stainless steel platform⁢ wipes clean‍ effortlessly with ⁢a damp cloth, ⁤and its food-safe, ⁣BPA-free plastic components ensure hassle-free maintenance. ​Just a quick wipe-down after each ‌use, and‍ it’s good to go for your next culinary adventure.

7. Does it come with ⁣a ⁢warranty?

Yes, the Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen ‌Scale comes with Amazon’s standard warranty. While specific terms ⁤may vary, it’s reassuring to know that⁢ you’re⁤ covered in⁤ case ⁤of ‍any⁣ unforeseen issues.

8.⁤ Can it ⁤be used for⁢ weighing liquids as well?

Absolutely! This ‌versatile scale is‌ not limited to solid ‍ingredients. With its ability to measure in fluid ounces and milliliters, you can ⁣easily weigh ⁢liquids for⁣ precise recipes, such as soups, sauces, or ⁣even cocktails.⁣ It ‌truly is a⁣ multifunctional kitchen essential.

Embrace a New Era

As we wrap up our exploration of Amazon’s sleek food scale, it’s clear that precision meets style in this kitchen essential. ‌With its stainless steel platform and wide LCD display, this‍ scale not only adds a touch of sophistication to ‍your kitchen but⁣ also ensures accurate measurements for all your culinary creations.

Whether you’re ⁣a seasoned chef or a novice cook, the Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen Scale ‌provides the reliability and versatility you need. From ⁣weighing ingredients for your favorite recipes to‍ portioning out servings for​ meal prep, this scale⁢ delivers consistent results every time.

We⁢ particularly appreciate the convenience of​ the tare ​button,⁣ which allows you to measure ingredients without including the weight of the‍ container. Plus, with the ability to weigh up to‍ 11 pounds and display ⁣results in multiple units, including grams, ounces, and milliliters,‍ this scale offers unparalleled versatility ​for all your‌ cooking needs.

And let’s not forget the added bonus ⁣of included batteries, ensuring that you ⁣can⁢ start using your new scale right out of ​the box. With its⁤ compact⁢ dimensions, this​ scale is also easy to store when ‍not in use,‌ making it a⁢ practical addition to any kitchen.

In conclusion, the‍ Amazon​ Basics⁢ Digital⁢ Kitchen Scale combines style,‍ functionality, and reliability to elevate ⁤your cooking experience. Whether you’re​ a ⁢home cook‌ or a professional chef, ‌this ⁢scale is sure to become an indispensable tool in your kitchen arsenal.

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