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Are you ready to take your calligraphy skills ‍to the next level? Look no further than the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Small Regular Script‌ Chinese Brush! As avid calligraphy enthusiasts ourselves, we were‍ thrilled to try out this Lang‌ Jian Hao Xiao⁤ kai Chinese Calligraphy Brush, specially designed for Chinese Xiaokai‌ or Kanji writing. This 2-piece set includes​ both a ⁢small and large brush, allowing for flexibility in font⁣ sizes ranging from 1-5cm. Made with 90% weasel tail​ hair,⁤ this brush ensures smooth ​and precise strokes with ⁣each use. Join us as we dive into our firsthand‍ experience with this professional writing brush, highlighting its key features and benefits. Let’s get started!

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When ‍it comes to professional Chinese calligraphy brushes, we know‍ that the right brush can make all ‍the difference in the world. That’s why we are excited ⁤to introduce the Qi Ming ⁤Wen ‍Fang QingSu Small Regular‌ Script Chinese Brush, designed to ‍meet the needs of both beginner and advanced calligraphers. Made with‌ 90% weasel tail hair, 5% goat hair, and ‍5% hare hair, this brush has been carefully crafted to ensure a smooth and precise writing experience.

Whether you are working ⁤on Small Regular Script or Xiao Kai, this brush is suitable for font sizes ranging from 1.5cm to 5cm. The red goat⁤ tail‌ hair on the ‍brush enhances its ability to hold ink effectively. Plus, with our 180-day refund guarantee, you can rest assured that you’re ⁤getting a high-quality product. Elevate your‌ calligraphy practice with the Qi‌ Ming Wen Fang QingSu Small Regular Script Chinese ⁣Brush,‍ available in⁤ a‌ set of⁤ two. Check it out ‌now on Amazon!

Features and Aspects

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In terms of , the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Small ⁢Regular Script Chinese Brush ‌set offers a variety of ⁤options to cater to⁤ different calligraphy needs. With S size​ and⁤ L size brushes, these calligraphy pens are designed ⁣for different font sizes, from ‌1-5cm. The‍ hair material also varies among the brushes, with some⁤ being 100% weasel tail hair and ‌others ‌containing a mix of​ goat hair and⁣ hare hair. Additionally, the shaft materials range from bamboo to red sandalwood, providing a unique touch to each brush.

The brushes included ​in this set are suitable for Small Regular Script, ⁤also known as Xiao Kai, making them ideal for precise and detailed writing. The‌ 90% weasel tail hair composition of these brushes enhances⁤ their ink-absorbing capacity, ensuring ⁣a smooth writing experience. Moreover, the brushes come with a 180-day refund⁢ policy, allowing customers ‌to ⁣return the product if they ‌experience excessive shedding. For those looking for professional Chinese‌ calligraphy​ brushes with a wide range of options, the Qi Ming ⁤Wen Fang set is a great ⁤choice. Visit the link to get your hands on this ‍high-quality set today!

Detailed Insights and⁤ Recommendations

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When​ it‍ comes ‌to choosing the right calligraphy ‌brush, the Qi‌ Ming Wen Fang QingSu Small ⁢Regular Script Chinese Brush ⁢set is a top-tier option. ⁢With two sizes included in the pack, the S size is perfect⁣ for‍ font sizes ranging ‍from ‌1-1.5cm, while the L size is⁢ ideal for font sizes between 3-5cm. Made with high-quality weasel tail hair,⁢ these‌ brushes are designed for Small Regular Script or Xiao Kai writing styles. The red goat tail hair on the brush waist ensures ‍maximum ink absorption⁢ for flawless strokes.

The 90% ‌weasel​ tail hair composition, along with a⁤ small percentage ⁣of goat hair and hare hair, guarantees a ‌superior writing experience with every stroke. If you experience any issues‍ with hair shedding, the 180-day refund⁣ policy ​ensures⁣ that ​you can get a full refund‌ within‌ that period. Whether you’re ‍a novice or a seasoned calligrapher, these brushes are a must-have in ⁣your collection. For detailed insights on all the brushes provided by​ Qi Ming ⁢Wen Fang or​ to explore their‍ product catalogue, take a look at the options available ​and find​ the perfect‍ brush for your calligraphy needs.

Customer⁤ Reviews Analysis

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Customer‍ Reviews Analysis

After reviewing the customer feedback for the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Calligraphy Brush Set, we have compiled a‌ summary of the ‌key points mentioned by our customers:

Review Summary
i used the product, it‍ is good. Positive feedback on product quality.
Good ‍quality but too soft. Mixed review mentioning softness as a potential ⁢drawback.
I am ‍a beginner‌ in Chinese calligraphy… Extensive review praising the brush’s performance, durability, ‌and ease of⁣ cleaning.
Like them,it is what i expect… Positive ⁣feedback on product suitability for Sumi-e art.
After writing on 50 sheets of ⁤paper… Initial impressions of fine brush performance for practicing⁢ brush control.
First of⁢ all, you would find the brushes were shipped very nicely packaged… Positive review⁢ on packaging, construction quality, and performance in calligraphy applications.
Good weight and absorption is good… Positive feedback on product⁢ value, durability, and performance.
I just received these (S,M,L set)… Positive feedback on brush performance and control for painting various ⁢subjects.
Comes to a sharp point, holds‌ it, barely‍ shed any hairs… Positive feedback on ​brush performance, durability, ‍and packaging.
I practice 瘦金體. This brush is perfect for me… Positive review on ⁤brush strength, ink retention, and⁣ suitability for specific calligraphy style.
Very good Short and simple positive feedback on product quality.

Overall, the customer reviews reflect a ⁤high level⁣ of satisfaction ⁣with the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Calligraphy Brush Set, highlighting its quality, performance, durability,⁢ and value for both beginners and experienced ⁤calligraphers.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Professional calligraphy brush set‍ suitable for beginners and advanced calligraphers
  • High-quality⁢ weasel tail hair, goat hair, ‌and hare hair ⁣blend for a superior writing experience
  • Red goat tail hair ‌on the brush waist ‍enhances ink absorption
  • Suitable for Small Regular Script / Xiao ⁢Kai
  • 180-day refund policy for quality assurance
  • Expertly crafted by Qi Ming Wen Fang with years of experience in ⁣brush making


  • Normal⁤ shedding of floating hair on new brushes may⁢ occur
  • If excessive shedding persists after ​ten uses, it may indicate a quality​ issue
  • Some customers may find the price on the‌ higher side


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Q: Are ⁣the ⁣brushes⁤ in‍ this set suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Calligraphy Brush Set​ is suitable for both beginner⁢ and advanced calligraphers. ⁤Whether you are just ⁤starting out⁤ or have been practicing for a while, these brushes are a great choice.

Q: What size fonts are the small and large brushes suitable for?
A: The small brush is suitable for font sizes 1.5-3cm, while the⁤ large brush is⁢ suitable for font sizes 2-5cm. This makes them perfect⁤ for Small Regular Script / Xiao Kai style calligraphy.

Q: Can​ you tell me more about the ⁣materials ​used in these brushes?
A:⁢ The brushes are made‌ of ‍90% weasel tail hair, 5% goat hair, and 5% hare hair. This special ratio has been carefully⁤ selected to provide a great ⁣writing experience. The red goat tail hair on the brush waist increases ‌the absorbing capacity, making it ⁤ideal for holding ink.

Q: Is there a refund policy for these brushes?
A: Yes, ‍Qi Ming Wen Fang offers a⁣ 180-day refund policy. If you experience excessive shedding or any other issues with your brush, ​you can email them for a full refund. They also offer lifetime counseling‍ for any questions or concerns you may have about the product.

Seize the Opportunity

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In conclusion, the Qi Ming Wen ⁢Fang QingSu Calligraphy‍ Brush ​Set is a professional and high-quality option for both beginner and advanced calligraphers. With its unique blend of weasel​ tail hair, goat hair, and hare hair, ⁤this brush set offers​ a great ‍writing experience for Small ​Regular Script / Xiao Kai. Plus, with our​ 180 days refund policy, you can try it risk-free. Don’t miss out on enhancing‍ your calligraphy skills with this⁢ amazing⁤ brush set!

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