Review: x-lighter XL079 Cigarette Case with Tungsten Coil Lighter

If⁢ you’re on the hunt for the perfect Father’s Day gift for the men in your life, look⁤ no further than‌ the x-lighter XL079 Cigarette Case. ​This sleek and stylish case is ​not your ‍average ‍accessory – it comes equipped⁢ with a tungsten ​coil lighter,‍ making it both practical and‍ stylish. As a​ team⁢ who has ‍had the pleasure‍ of trying out ⁣this product first-hand, we can attest to its durability and functionality. From its crush-proof aluminum⁣ alloy material to its magnetic lid and mirror bottom, this cigarette case is ​as practical as​ it is elegant. Stay‌ tuned⁣ as we dive deeper into our review of the ⁢x-lighter ‍XL079 Cigarette Case, the perfect gift ​package ‍for the men in your life.

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The x-lighter⁣ XL079 Cigarette Case for 100’s King Size is ‌a ​stylish and ⁣practical accessory that every smoker needs. This ⁤case comes with a built-in ⁢tungsten coil lighter, making it convenient and cost-effective since⁣ you won’t ⁣need to constantly buy disposable‍ lighters. The solid aluminum alloy material keeps your cigarettes from getting crushed, while also​ maintaining their flavor ⁤and ⁤freshness.

The magnetic lid ensures that ​your cigarettes stay ⁢secure, ⁢and the⁣ mirror bottom adds a touch⁢ of functionality, allowing you⁢ to check​ your appearance on the go. With a large capacity that ⁣fits up to​ 20 king-size cigarettes, this case is perfect for everyday use. Plus, with X-Lighter’s one-year​ warranty,‌ you can rest assured⁤ that you’re⁣ getting a quality product that will stand the test​ of time. ‍Get the x-lighter XL079 Cigarette Case today for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for ​a special man‌ in your life!

Product Dimensions 4.72 x⁣ 2.36 x 1.18 inches
Item model number XL079-BK
Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. ‌(included)
Manufacturer x-lighter
Country of⁢ Origin China

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Impressive Features and Functionalities

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The x-lighter XL079 Cigarette ⁣Case⁣ for 100’s ‌King Size truly stands‌ out ⁢with its . One‍ of the most notable features is the electric lighter integrated on the top of the case. This USB rechargeable lighter eliminates the need for disposable lighters, saving you money in the long run.⁣ Additionally, ‌the solid aluminum alloy material ensures that your cigarettes stay protected from being crushed, while also‍ preserving their flavor and freshness.

Another practical feature of this cigarette case ⁢is‍ the magnetic lid closure, providing a secure seal to keep your cigarettes safe. The mirror bottom may seem⁣ like a small detail, but it can be surprisingly useful for touch-ups on the ⁤go. To top it off, ​x-lighter offers a generous one-year warranty ⁤on this product, demonstrating their commitment to customer‍ satisfaction. With its large capacity​ to hold up to 20 king size cigarettes, this cigarette case is not only functional but also stylish. ‍Get ‍your hands on this Father’s Day gift for‍ men and dads, and experience the convenience and durability of the x-lighter XL079 Cigarette Case‌ for 100’s King Size. Visit the product page on Amazon to​ make your purchase today! ‍ Check ‌it out ⁤here.

In-Depth Analysis and Insights

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The x-lighter XL079 Cigarette ⁣Case is a‌ sleek and ⁢practical accessory that has quickly become a ‍favorite‍ of mine. The ‍innovative design features a built-in tungsten coil lighter that can be easily charged via⁤ USB, eliminating the need for disposable lighters. This not only​ saves money in the long‌ run but also reduces waste, making it an‌ environmentally-friendly choice. The ⁤solid aluminum alloy⁣ material of the‌ case ensures that my cigarettes are protected from crushing and moisture, keeping them fresh and intact.

One of the standout features of this cigarette case⁣ is the magnetic lid, which securely seals shut to keep my cigarettes safe and secure. The mirror bottom may seem simple, but it has proven to⁣ be incredibly handy for quick touch-ups when⁢ I’m on the ‌go. Additionally, the large capacity of⁣ the case allows me to carry up to ​20 ⁤king-size cigarettes at once,‍ making it a convenient option for extended⁤ outings. With a commitment to ⁤customer satisfaction,⁤ x-lighter provides a one-year warranty on this product, ensuring that any issues ‌will be promptly resolved. Overall, this cigarette case has exceeded my expectations and I‍ highly recommend it to anyone in need of a stylish and functional accessory. Check ​it out on Amazon to elevate your smoking experience!

Our Recommendations

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Looking for a⁢ unique gift for your dad or that special man in your life? Look no further than this cigarette case with a built-in tungsten coil lighter. The sleek ⁢design and practical features⁤ make it a great Father’s Day gift option.

  • Electric Lighter for‍ convenience
  • Crush & Moisture Proof ⁣for protection
  • Magnetic Lid ⁣for secure closure
  • Mirror Bottom for added functionality

With a large capacity ‍to ⁤fit up to 20 king-size ​cigarettes, this cigarette ​case is not⁢ only stylish but also⁣ functional. Plus, with a one-year warranty offered by X-Lighter, ‍you can purchase with peace of mind. Don’t miss out on this must-have accessory, click‍ here to get ⁢yours now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the ‍customer reviews for the x-lighter XL079 Cigarette Case with Tungsten Coil‍ Lighter, we ​found ​a ‍mixed reaction from ‍buyers regarding the⁢ product. Here is a breakdown of the key points:

Positive Reviews

  • Loved the ⁣case, durable and well-made.
  • Lighter is amazing, glows in the dark.
  • Comes with ⁤instructions and USB‌ charging cord.
  • Great fit for cigarettes, ‌waterproof design.
  • Makes a ⁣great gift.
  • Comfortable and very‍ useful.

Negative Reviews

  • Issues with durability, lid and metal⁢ pieces falling off.
  • Some cases arrived in poor condition, used‍ or⁤ damaged.
  • Lighter did not hold a charge for ‌long, unreliable.
  • Case size was smaller than expected, only fits limited⁣ cigarettes.
  • Difficult to light with the attached lighter.

Overall, while some customers ⁢were ‌pleased with the‍ product design ⁣and ⁤functionality, others experienced issues with durability and performance of the lighter component. It is recommended to consider⁢ these factors‍ before making ‍a ⁤purchase decision.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Comes ⁤with a built-in electric lighter
Save⁤ money by not using ‌disposable lighters
Crush and moisture-proof, protecting your cigarettes
Large capacity, holds up to 20 king size cigarettes
Comes with a magnetic lid for secure closure
One-year warranty​ for customer‍ peace of ‌mind


May not be suitable for non-smokers
The mirror bottom may be​ seen as unnecessary by some users
Requires charging via USB cable (included)


Q: Is the lighter rechargeable?

A:‌ Yes, the cigarette ‍case comes with a tiny USB lighter on ⁣the top that can⁢ be charged with a USB cable (included). This saves you money on disposable ‌lighters.

Q: How many cigarettes can the case hold?

A: The case‍ can fit⁤ up⁣ to‍ 20⁤ king size cigarettes ⁢measuring​ 84mm-100mm each. It is a whole pack⁢ holder, ‌making it convenient for on-the-go.

Q: Is the ‌case ​durable?

A: ⁣Yes, the cigarette case is made of solid aluminum alloy material that is crush and ⁣moisture proof. It will keep your cigarettes ⁢safe and‌ maintain their flavor.

Q: What is the warranty on the product?

A: X-Lighter offers a one-year warranty on ‍the cigarette case. If you​ have any issues with the product‍ during this period, you can contact their customer service for assistance.

Q: ⁣Is the mirror bottom really useful?

A:​ While the mirror bottom may not be the most innovative feature, it can be quite useful for touch-ups on the go, especially for makeup or grooming needs.

Experience ‍the Difference

As we come to the ⁤end of our review on the ‌x-lighter XL079 Cigarette Case with Tungsten Coil Lighter, we hope that you found our insights ⁢helpful in making an informed decision. This product not only offers convenience and ‌style but also boasts practical⁤ features‌ such as crush-proof protection and a built-in mirror. With the added bonus of a one-year warranty, you can trust in the quality of the x-lighter brand.

If you’re looking ‌for⁢ a unique and functional Father’s Day gift for the ‍special man⁣ in your life, this cigarette ‌case‌ with‌ a tungsten coil lighter could be just what you need. Don’t ⁣miss out ‍on this great find – click the link below to get your hands on the x-lighter XL079 Cigarette Case ⁤today!

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