Revolutionize Your Kitchen with the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale!

Welcome back ⁣to our blog, where we review products that make life just ⁣a little bit easier. Today, we’re diving into the world of kitchen scales with the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale. ⁤This digital scale⁣ not only helps with weight loss, ⁢baking, cooking, portion control, and ‍tracking macros, but it also comes with​ a smart nutrition ​app that takes the guessing out of what you’re putting into your body. With the ability to track 19 different nutrition facts ⁣and a sleek stainless steel design, this scale is a game changer for anyone looking⁤ to take their health and‍ wellness journey to the next level. Join us as we ‌explore all the features and benefits of the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale.

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We were pleasantly surprised by ​the ‍Etekcity smart nutrition scale and its ⁢ability to seamlessly connect with the free VeSync app. ‌This ‌dynamic duo provides comprehensive nutrition stats right at our fingertips, allowing us to easily track, save, and analyze our daily ​eating habits. With the sleek and slim stainless steel design of the scale, it has quickly‌ become our perfect kitchen helper, revolutionizing how we approach meal planning and portion control.

One of the standout features of this nutrition scale is its ‍ability‍ to display 12 nutrition ⁣facts directly on the scale, as well as analyze 19 nutrition data in the VeSync app. This scale meets the requirements for various ⁤dietary ‍needs, from those in pursuit of a ‌healthy and balanced⁣ diet to individuals with ‍specific fitness or⁢ health goals ‌in mind. With its high-quality ​material and compact design, the Etekcity smart nutrition scale has seamlessly integrated into our kitchen routine,‍ making it a must-have for anyone looking to take control of their nutrition. If you’re ready to revolutionize your meal planning, click this link to grab your own Etekcity smart nutrition scale now! Check it out here.

Key Features and Functions

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The Etekcity smart nutrition scale offers a range⁣ of that make it a must-have in any kitchen. With its sleek stainless steel design, this scale not only looks stylish but also provides valuable nutrition information.​ The scale displays 12⁢ essential nutrition ‌facts like calories,​ total carbs, and protein, and ‍analyzes a total of 19 nutrition data points in the ‌VeSync⁤ app. This level of‍ detail is essential for anyone looking to track their food intake accurately.

One standout feature ​of this scale is its large database, which is supported by Nutritionix and holds about 1 million‍ food data points. This allows users‍ to add and customize their own food data as needed. ⁤In addition, the scale is made ⁢of‍ high-quality material, with a food-grade 304 stainless steel weighing platform that is both durable and easy⁤ to clean. The scale also offers convenient features like the ability to choose units from ounces ‍to milliliters, and a Tare button that accurately weighs your food without the container. For those looking for an accurate, compact, and user-friendly nutrition ‍scale, ⁢the ‍Etekcity smart nutrition scale is an excellent choice. Check it out on Amazon and take your nutrition tracking to the next⁢ level. Check it out here!

In-depth Analysis and Performance

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When it comes to an , the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale truly shines. The ⁣scale’s ‍ability to connect to the free VeSync app opens⁣ up a world of comprehensive ⁢nutrition stats, making ⁤it easier than​ ever to track, save, and analyze daily eating habits. With access to nearly 1 million ⁣food items from the Nutritionix‍ database, you can rest assured ‌that you’re getting accurate and reliable information every time.

Not only does this scale provide 12 ‍nutrition facts like‍ calories,‍ total carbs, and​ protein, but it also goes above and beyond⁤ by analyzing 19 Nutrition⁤ Data in ⁣the ⁢VeSync app. With features like customizable food data, high-quality stainless steel material, and convenient unit selection, this scale ⁤is a must-have for anyone looking to maintain ⁣a healthy and ‌balanced diet. If you’re‌ ready to take your kitchen to the next level, click the link below to get⁤ your hands on this game-changing scale today.

Final‍ Verdict and Recommendations

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After thorough testing and analysis of the Etekcity smart nutrition scale, we can​ confidently say that​ this kitchen gadget is‌ a game-changer for those looking to take control of their eating habits.⁣ The seamless integration with the‌ VeSync app allows for easy tracking and monitoring ⁣of nutrition stats, making it a valuable‍ tool for weight⁤ loss, portion control, and meal‌ planning. With 19 ‌nutrition data ​points available, including calories, total carbs, and protein,‌ you can make ⁢informed decisions about your​ diet like never before.

The high-quality stainless steel design, compact size, ‍and convenient features such as multiple units of measurement and a ⁤tare button make this scale a must-have in any kitchen. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a health-conscious individual, or simply looking to improve ⁤your eating habits, the Etekcity smart nutrition scale‍ offers the accuracy, reliability, and functionality you need to succeed. Don’t ⁤miss out on this essential tool​ for a healthier lifestyle, and click here to purchase yours ⁢today! Get your Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale now!

Customer Reviews ​Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After reviewing customer⁢ feedback on⁣ the⁣ Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale, we’ve compiled the following insights:

  • Unparalleled Precision: Customers appreciate the ⁤scale’s ​accuracy in providing measurements in both grams and ounces, ensuring‌ consistency in⁣ cooking and⁤ baking.
  • Sleek and User-Friendly Design: The ​scale’s modern design ⁢and intuitive ⁢touch-sensitive buttons make it easy to operate, enhancing the overall‍ user experience.
  • Versatility for ​Every Culinary Endeavor: Users love the scale’s ability to⁤ handle various kitchen tasks, from portion ​control to meal preparation for different dietary needs.
  • Tare Function: The tare function allows for zeroing out the weight ‌of containers or ingredients, streamlining the measuring process for ‌multiple ⁤ingredients.
  • Compact and Easy to Store: Its‍ slim design and compact size make it convenient to store in ​any kitchen space, ensuring accessibility when needed.
  • Battery⁣ Efficiency: Customers appreciate the long battery life of the scale,​ using standard AAA batteries that are cost-effective and ⁤eco-friendly.

Pros ⁣and Cons Summary

Pros – Accurate Measurements: Provides measurements in different unit⁢ conversions and includes a tare button for convenience. – ‌Stainless Steel Construction: Durable material that resists corrosion and is easy to maintain. – Versatility: Suitable for various kitchen tasks, ⁢enhancing​ its usefulness in meal preparation. – LCD ‌Display: Features an easy-to-read‍ display for clear visibility of measurements. – Compact Size: Medium-sized scale is lightweight and easy to store, adding to its convenience.
Cons – Limited Weight Capacity: The scale’s weight capacity may be insufficient ‍for larger quantities or‌ bulkier items, primarily designed for smaller kitchen tasks.

Customer Testimonials

  • “I love this scale. It is really nice‌ looking, compact and light, easy to use and ‌practical. I love that you can switch from ‍one unit to another depending on the type of food or drink you’re measuring, and the accuracy. I would definitely recommend this product.”
  • “When I received the scale I was pleasantly surprised. The scale feels premium, and‌ is much smaller than photos convey. The product’s photos skew the ​size by‍ using small bowls and hands ‌to throw off visual⁣ proportions. ​In reality, the scale is hand-sized (granted,‌ I’m larger than most). It’s small enough to throw into ⁣a drawer, or keep it on a counter and not ‍take up much space.”
  • “The thoroughness of the experience is also great. They didn’t create a product that⁣ just works with the bare minimum, they actually care about ‍the user⁤ experience, and listen. Older reviews calling for additional features‍ have been addressed.”
  • “This is a well-designed product, accompanied by a well-designed⁢ and developed app. Etekcity has created⁤ a quality item, and are putting a lot of work into their platform. I highly recommend this product.”
  • “Me encantó. Es justo lo que esperaba‍ e cuanto a presentación y funciones. Tiene gran capacidad y es muy higiénica por ser de⁢ fácil lavado.”

Overall, the​ Etekcity ⁣Food Kitchen Scale has⁣ received positive reviews for its ⁣accuracy, design,​ versatility, ‍and user-friendly features. Customers have ⁢found it to be a valuable addition to their kitchen and a tool that enhances their cooking and baking ⁤experiences.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. ⁤Comprehensive nutrition stats right to⁤ your phone
2. Sleek, slim, and stainless steel design
3. Displays 12 nutrition facts like calories, total carbs, and protein
4. Analyzes 19 Nutrition Data in VeSync⁣ app
5. Large database supported​ by Nutritionix
6. High-quality material⁣ with food-grade 304 stainless steel
7. Convenient features like choosing units and Tare button
8. Accurate weighing with 4 high-precision sensors
9. Compact and thin design for easy storage
10. Connects to free VeSync app, Apple Health, and Fitbit


1. ⁢Barcode scanner ​currently ‍only available‍ in the US
2. ​Limited battery life with 3 x ‍1.5V AAA batteries


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Q: Can I use the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale without the VeSync app?
A: Yes, you can still use the scale without the ⁢app. However, to access all the⁣ features and benefits such as tracking, saving, and analyzing your daily ⁤eating habits, we highly recommend ‍pairing it‍ with the free VeSync app.

Q: Is the⁢ barcode scanner feature only available ‍in the US?
A: Yes, currently the barcode scanner feature is only available in the US. We hope to expand this feature ‌to other regions in the​ future.

Q: Can I customize my own food data in ⁤the Nutritionix database?
A: Yes, you​ can add⁣ and customize your own food data in the Nutritionix database as needed. This allows for greater personalization and accuracy in tracking your ‍nutrition intake.

Q: How durable is the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale?
A:⁣ The scale is made with high-quality food-grade 304‌ stainless steel, which combines durability with an ⁣easy-to-clean design. It is built to last‌ and withstand the rigors of daily use in the‌ kitchen.

Q: What is the weight capacity of the scale?
A: ⁢The⁢ Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale has a weight capacity of 11 pounds (5000 grams).

Q: Does the scale⁤ come with batteries?
A: Yes, the scale comes with 3⁤ pre-installed AAA batteries for​ your convenience. Simply remove the plastic tab from the battery compartment to activate them.

Q: Can I connect the scale to other⁣ health apps such as Apple Health or Fitbit?
A: Yes, you can easily connect the scale to the free VeSync app, Apple Health, ⁢and Fitbit⁢ to monitor your intake of up⁤ to ‌19 essential nutrients, ⁤track trends, and create detailed nutrition reports. It’s ⁣your all-in-one health companion!

Q: ⁣How many nutrition facts ​can the scale display?
A: The Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale can display 12 nutrition facts like calories, total ⁣carbs, and protein on the scale itself, and analyze 19 Nutrition Data in the VeSync app for a comprehensive overview of⁤ your daily nutrition intake.

Q: Is the scale compact and easy to store?
A: Yes, the scale has a compact and sleek design, measuring 9.2 x 6.3 x 0.6 inches, making ​it easy to store in a kitchen drawer, cabinet, or​ travel bag. It won’t take up much ⁤space in your kitchen!

Embrace a‌ New Era

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As we wrap up our review of the Etekcity Smart Nutrition ⁢Scale, we can’t help but feel excited about the endless possibilities it offers to ‌revolutionize your ⁣kitchen experience. With its sleek design, comprehensive nutrition tracking, and user-friendly app, this scale is truly a game-changer for‌ anyone looking to take control of their health and wellness.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate‌ your cooking, baking, and portion control ‍with the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale. Click here to grab yours today and start ‌your journey towards a healthier lifestyle: Get your Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale now!

Here’s to happier and healthier cooking ahead!

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