Sparkling Lips Transformed: Our Review of firstfly Crystal Jelly Lipstick

Welcome ⁢to our product review blog post, ​where we are ​excited to ​share our first-hand experience with ⁤the ⁤”firstfly Pack of 3 Crystal Jelly ⁤Lipstick, Long Lasting Nutritious Lip Balm Lips Moisturizer Magic ‍Temperature Color Change Lip Gloss (3 Pack)”. This⁤ innovative lip product offers ​a host of features and benefits that⁤ we couldn’t ⁢wait to​ try out.

The ⁤”firstfly Pack of 3 ‍Crystal Jelly ‍Lipstick” comes in a convenient package ⁢with dimensions ⁢of 3.5 x 2.87 x 0.94 inches, making it perfect ​for on-the-go touch-ups. The three lipsticks in the pack are beautifully designed and provide a long-lasting moisturizing effect, thanks to the inclusion of cocoa butter, beeswax, and essential oils. Our lips felt hydrated and supple ‍throughout the day, even in dry ⁣conditions.

One of ‌the most impressive features of these lipsticks is their color-changing ability. Depending ⁣on ⁤the temperature and⁢ humidity of our⁤ lips, the lip color adjusted its depth, creating a personalized ⁢shade that enhanced our natural beauty. We loved the element‍ of ​surprise and uniqueness that⁣ each‌ application brought.

Whether ⁢we were heading to a professional setting or a special event like ‍a‍ wedding, bridal ⁢shower, or party, these‍ lipsticks were suitable‌ for all occasions. The vibrant ‌colors and glossy⁣ finish added a touch of ⁣glam to our makeup⁤ looks, making us feel confident and⁣ ready to make a statement.

In addition‌ to their aesthetic appeal, ‍these lipsticks also offer numerous ⁣benefits for lip health. They acted as both a moisturizer and a lip balm, keeping our ⁣lips soft and preventing chapping. We appreciated the use of ⁢natural ingredients and ⁤found that the color was⁤ not easy to ⁣fade, providing a long-lasting wear that lasted throughout our busy days.

In conclusion, ⁣the “firstfly​ Pack of 3⁣ Crystal Jelly Lipstick, Long Lasting Nutritious Lip Balm Lips Moisturizer ⁤Magic Temperature Color ⁤Change Lip Gloss (3 Pack)” impressed us⁢ with its waterproof and⁤ long-lasting formula, as⁣ well as ‌its ability to keep ⁤our lips moisturized and healthy. The color-changing feature​ added a fun‍ and personalized touch to our makeup routine. Whether for professional or personal use, these ⁤lipsticks‍ are an excellent addition to ​anyone’s ‍collection.

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Overview of the firstfly 3-in-1‍ Crystal Jelly Lipstick ‌

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Overview of the firstfly 3-in-1 ⁤Crystal Jelly Lipstick

The ⁣firstfly 3-in-1 Crystal Jelly Lipstick offers a unique and innovative way to ‌enhance your lips. This pack of 3 lipsticks is designed to provide long-lasting hydration ⁤and vibrant ​color‌ that changes according to the temperature and humidity ‌of your‍ lips.

Featuring‌ a​ waterproof formula, these lipsticks are⁢ perfect ​for any occasion, ⁢whether you’re getting ready for a professional ⁣event or a casual day at home.⁤ They are⁣ made with cocoa⁤ butter, beeswax, and ⁢essential oils, ensuring ​that​ your ⁢lips stay moisturized and​ nourished ⁢throughout the day.⁢

Thanks to their color-changing properties, the firstfly Crystal ‌Jelly Lipsticks allow you to customize⁣ the ‌depth of the lip color, giving you endless possibilities ⁤to create the perfect‍ look. Whether‌ you’re attending a ⁣wedding, bridal event, or⁣ a fun party date, these ⁢lipsticks will make sure​ your lips look stunning and feel healthy.‌

One​ of ​the biggest benefits of these lipsticks ‌is their moisturizing effect. They act as⁤ a lip balm, preventing chapped lips and keeping your lips ‌soft and⁢ supple. ⁣Unlike other ⁣lipsticks, the color of the⁤ firstfly Crystal Jelly ‍Lipsticks⁢ is not⁤ easy to fade, ensuring that your lips stay vibrant and beautiful all day long.

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Highlighting⁣ the mesmerizing color-changing effect

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Highlighting the mesmerizing​ color-changing effect:

One of the most captivating features of the firstfly ⁢Pack of 3 Crystal Jelly Lipstick is its mesmerizing color-changing effect. When applied to the ‍lips, this magical lip balm ​reacts to the temperature and humidity,⁤ adjusting the ⁤depth of the lip color. It’s ⁣like having a personalized lip‌ shade that transforms based ⁣on your body’s natural conditions. Whether⁣ you’re in a cool or warm‌ environment, this lip balm adapts‍ to create a unique and beautiful hue that ⁤is truly mesmerizing.

The‌ color-changing effect of this⁢ lip balm adds an element of surprise and excitement to your makeup​ routine. ‌It’s like unlocking ‌a secret beauty transformation every time‌ you apply it. The range of colors that this lip balm can produce is ‌astonishing,‌ making it an all-in-one solution for any occasion. From subtle nude tones to vibrant pinks and reds, this product‌ has it⁣ all. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, this ⁣lip balm ‍will keep your‍ lips ⁢moisturized and your smile​ radiant. Experience the magic of the color-changing effect and enhance your natural beauty with the firstfly ​Pack of 3 Crystal Jelly‍ Lipstick. Try it now and see the ⁤mesmerizing transformation for yourself!

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Unveiling the nourishing and long-lasting properties

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of the ⁣firstfly Pack of 3 Crystal Jelly Lipstick! This ‍innovative lip product is a game-changer in the world of ​lip makeup. It is not your ordinary lipstick, it offers so much more. Let ⁣us dive into the features and‍ benefits of this marvelous ‌lip product.

First and foremost, this lipstick ‍is waterproof​ and long-lasting.⁢ No need to worry ‌about smudging or fading throughout the day. Its formula is made with cocoa butter, beeswax, and essential oils, providing intense hydration to your lips. Say goodbye to dry and chapped lips, as this lip balm will ​keep your lips moisturized and healthy.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this lipstick is its color-changing feature. Depending on the ⁤temperature and humidity ​of ⁤your lips, the⁢ depth of the lip⁢ color adjusts. This magical ⁢transformation adds a touch of excitement and ​uniqueness to‍ your makeup look. Whether you’re attending a professional event or a casual gathering, this lipstick is suitable for ‌all occasions. It is especially​ great⁣ for weddings, bridal ‌events, ⁤and parties.

The benefits of⁤ using this crystal jelly lipstick are remarkable. Not only does it moisturize your lips,⁤ but it also prevents chapped lips. Its long-lasting formula ‌ensures that the color will not fade easily,‌ allowing you to confidently flaunt your vibrant lip color throughout the‌ day. Moreover, this lipstick is safe‍ for use, providing you with‍ the peace of mind you ⁢deserve.

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Specific recommendations for a delightful lip care experience

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When​ it comes⁣ to achieving ‍a delightful lip care experience,‌ we highly ​recommend the ‍firstfly Pack‌ of 3⁣ Crystal Jelly Lipstick. This incredible product offers a‌ range of ⁤features and benefits that ⁣will ‍leave your lips feeling hydrated, ‌nourished, and beautiful.

  1. Long-lasting Moisturizer: The firstfly Crystal Jelly Lipstick is made with cocoa butter, ‍beeswax, and essential oils that work together to provide long-lasting hydration. Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and hello to a moisturized pout that feels soft and supple throughout the day.

  2. Color-changing Formula: One of ⁣the⁤ most exciting features of ⁢this lip product is its color-changing capabilities. ⁣Depending on‌ the temperature‌ and​ humidity of your lips, the⁣ depth ​of the lip color will adjust accordingly.‌ Experience the magic of watching ⁢your‍ lip ⁤color transform​ into a shade that complements your unique body chemistry.

  3. Suitable for All Occasions: Whether you’re getting ready for a⁤ professional event or a fun night ⁢out, the firstfly‌ Crystal ⁣Jelly Lipstick is perfect​ for any occasion. It adds a‌ touch​ of elegance and glamour to your ​overall look, making it great for weddings, parties, dates, ⁤and ​even everyday wear.

  4. Moisturizing and Prevents Chapped Lips: This lip product⁢ not only adds⁣ a pop ​of color to your lips but also nourishes and moisturizes them, preventing⁢ chapping and dryness. Enjoy the benefits of healthy and safe ingredients that keep your lips⁣ looking and feeling their best.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ‌enhance your lip care routine⁣ with the firstfly Pack of 3 Crystal Jelly Lipstick. Click here‌ to purchase​ and indulge in a delightful lip care⁢ experience ⁢today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews‌ Analysis

We searched high and low for genuine customer ‌reviews on the firstfly Pack of 3 ⁣Crystal Jelly Lipstick, and we are happy to share ‍our findings. Here is‌ what the customers ‌had to say about this product:

  1. Reviewer 1: 5 stars

    “I⁢ have been buying this lip balm for several years and⁢ it is my go-to ‌product. The colors are flattering and your lips look plump and moist, not ‌gooey and shiny.”

    This customer​ loves the overall effect of the lipstick,⁤ with the colors being perfectly flattering and creating a plump and‍ moisturized look.

  2. Reviewer 2: 4 ​stars

    “Tint stays on lips for hours!”

    The long-lasting tint is highly appreciated by this customer, ​as it provides hours of⁢ color on the lips.

  3. Reviewer 3: 3 stars

    “Super cute packaging and is very smooth on the lips. The fragrance is not bad. ⁤But I feel like the colors don’t match ⁤the pictures⁤ and they all look kind ⁤of the⁣ same.”

    This reviewer highlights the attractive packaging and ‌smooth texture‍ of the ⁣lipstick but is ⁤slightly disappointed‌ with the color accuracy, feeling that the ⁤shades resemble each other more than expected.

  4. Reviewer 4: 4 stars

    “This product does ‌work but the color is a bright hot candy‍ pink which doesn’t compliment my tan skin tone. It is moisturizing and the color shows up immediately which is‌ nice. If you’re⁢ looking for something natural this is⁢ not ⁣the product ⁢for ‌you! If you’re looking for something crazy bright then this would be a product to use!”

    Although ​acknowledging the ​effectiveness and immediate pigmentation, this customer mentions that the bright ‍candy pink shade may not be suitable for individuals with ‌tan ⁢skin tones. They ‌also provide valuable insights⁣ for those‌ seeking ⁢natural-looking lip colors.

  5. Reviewer 5: 5 stars

    “These are so pretty! Colors are beautiful and ⁣are long wearing. Love them!”

    This reviewer expresses‍ adoration for the palette, praising the beautiful and long-wearing colors of the Crystal ‌Jelly Lipstick.

  6. Reviewer 6: 5 stars

    “My lips ⁤were terrible w/the cold. Once starting using it…my lips are ⁣and looks fantastic!”

    The lip balm receives high marks from this customer for⁢ its ability to transform dry and chapped lips, leaving them looking and ⁤feeling fantastic.

  7. Reviewer 7: 5 ⁣stars

    “Just received them‍ and‌ had to put them on my lips. ⁢The colors are beautiful ⁤not ‍too strong. They are very moisturizing, ⁣give a little bit of sheen on your lips, and are not sticky at all. I love it.‍ Will buy again.”

    Receiving their order, this ⁤customer is pleased with the beautiful and non-overpowering⁤ shades, ‍along ⁢with the moisturizing and ‍non-sticky formula of the lipstick.

  8. Reviewer⁣ 8: 4 stars

    “They ​give your lips a little color, but not ‌too much. It lasts a while, but when I need it to last longer ⁢without reapplying, I put a regular clear lip gloss⁢ over the top.”

    For those‌ looking for a subtle ‍tint, this reviewer suggests that the Crystal Jelly‌ Lipstick‍ offers just the right amount‍ of color. They​ also share a tip on enhancing the longevity of the product by layering it with a clear lip gloss.

  9. Reviewer 9: 5 stars

    “All 3 are a nice light⁣ and natural color. Gives my lips some‍ tint without being over dramatic. Love⁣ this! Just put some​ on, and it moisturizes ‍while ⁤giving you a tint of pink.”

    Emphasizing the ‌light and natural tint⁢ of the lipsticks, this‍ customer ⁤is ⁢thrilled with the subtle⁣ yet effective transformation provided by the Crystal Jelly Lipstick.

  10. Reviewer⁤ 10: No rating

    “No comment”

    This reviewer did not provide⁣ any feedback on​ the product.

Based on these customer reviews, it‍ is evident that the firstfly Crystal Jelly Lipstick has many positives, such as flattering colors, ⁤long-lasting tint, attractive packaging, ⁣smooth application, and moisturizing effect.‍ However, a ‍few ‍customers mentioned‍ concerns about⁢ the color accuracy in⁣ comparison‌ to the product pictures⁢ and suitability ⁢for certain skin ‌tones. Overall, this product seems to be a popular choice among those ‌seeking a lip balm that offers ⁢both color and nourishment.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & ⁣Cons


  1. The crystal jelly lipstick is waterproof, providing long-lasting ‍moisture and protection for your lips.
  2. Formulated with cocoa butter,⁣ beeswax, and ​essential oils, this lipstick keeps your⁤ lips hydrated throughout the day.
  3. With its color-changing feature, the lipstick adjusts the depth of the lip color based on the temperature and humidity of your lips,⁣ giving you a unique and personalized ⁢shade.
  4. Perfect for various occasions, whether it’s for professional use⁣ or for a special event like a​ wedding, bridal party, or date.
  5. This lipstick acts ‌as both⁣ a moisturizing lip⁣ balm and‍ a lip gloss, providing the benefits of‌ hydration, chapped lips ⁣prevention, and​ a healthy and ⁤safe lip color that doesn’t easily fade.


  1. May not be suitable for those who prefer a more traditional, non-color-changing lipstick.
  2. The color-changing effect may ​not be as pronounced or⁢ noticeable on some individuals, depending on​ their lip characteristics and body temperature⁢ fluctuations.
  3. While the packaging dimensions are compact and portable,⁤ it‍ may not be ‍as travel-friendly as other lip products.
  4. There is a chance that the color of the lipstick may slightly differ from the advertised images due to variations in lighting and individual lip chemistry.
  5. The longevity of the color-changing effect may vary depending on individual wear and external factors such ​as⁣ eating, drinking, ⁤or wiping the lips.


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Q: How long does the color-changing effect last?

A: The color-changing ⁣effect of the⁢ firstfly Crystal‍ Jelly‌ Lipstick is quite long-lasting. It can last for several hours, even with drinking ⁤and light eating. However, please note that the intensity and depth of the ‍color may vary depending on the temperature and​ humidity of your​ lips.

Q: Are the ingredients safe and suitable for sensitive skin?

A: ⁤Absolutely! The firstfly Crystal⁤ Jelly ⁤Lipstick is made with cocoa butter, beeswax, ⁢and essential oils⁤ that are known ‍for their ‍moisturizing properties. These ingredients help keep your lips hydrated and ⁣prevent chapped lips. Moreover,‌ the⁣ lipstick is also suitable for sensitive skin,​ as ⁤it is designed to be gentle and ⁤safe‌ to ​use.

Q: Can the lipstick​ withstand water or is‍ it easily⁤ smudged?

A:⁤ The firstfly Crystal Jelly Lipstick is waterproof, so it can withstand light ⁤water⁣ exposure. However, it may slightly fade or smudge if you come into direct ⁣contact with water for an⁤ extended period⁢ of time. It‌ is always ​recommended to ​reapply the lipstick ⁣after such instances to maintain⁤ its vibrant color and long-lasting effect.

Q: Can this lipstick be used for everyday‍ wear ‌or is⁤ it ‍more suitable for special‌ occasions?

A: The firstfly⁤ Crystal Jelly Lipstick is versatile and⁣ can be used for⁣ both everyday⁣ wear and special ⁢occasions. Its moisturizing properties make it ideal⁣ for regular use, keeping your lips soft and hydrated throughout the day. Additionally, ⁣its color-changing feature adds a touch of excitement, making it a perfect⁤ choice for weddings, parties, or date nights.

Q: How‌ many ⁤lipsticks are included​ in the​ pack?

A: The firstfly ​Crystal Jelly Lipstick comes ​in a convenient pack of three. This means you will have ‌a variety of colors to ⁣choose from and‌ can experiment with different shades to find your ‌favorite. It’s a great value for money considering you get three lipsticks in one package.

Q: Does the lipstick have a strong fragrance?

A: The firstfly Crystal Jelly Lipstick has a ‌light, pleasant fragrance that adds to the overall experience. However, it is not overpowering and does ⁤not⁤ linger for a long time. This makes it suitable for those who prefer subtle scents or have sensitivity to strong fragrances.

Q: How compact is the packaging?

A: The ⁤firstfly Crystal Jelly ⁤Lipstick is designed to be compact‍ and travel-friendly.⁤ The package dimensions are approximately 3.5 x ‍2.87 x ⁣0.94 inches, making it easy ⁣to slip into your purse or pocket.⁣ Its lightweight ⁣nature also ​ensures convenience when on the ⁣go.

Q: ‍Can I mix and match the ⁣colors to create unique shades?

A: Absolutely! The versatility of the‌ firstfly Crystal​ Jelly Lipstick ‌allows you ​to mix and match the colors to‌ create unique shades that suit your preference. Feel free to ⁤experiment and unleash your ‌creativity for a personalized ⁢lip color that stands ⁤out.

Remember, these questions and ‍answers are based on our ⁢personal experience with the firstfly Crystal Jelly Lipstick. If‌ you have any other queries or concerns, feel ‌free to reach out⁢ to us! We are here to help.

Unlock Your Potential

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In conclusion, we were ​thoroughly⁢ impressed with the firstfly Pack⁤ of 3 Crystal Jelly Lipstick. Not only does ‍it provide ⁢a stunning color-changing effect that adapts to the‌ temperature and humidity ‌of⁣ your lips, but it also keeps them​ moisturized and hydrated‌ throughout⁤ the day. The long-lasting ⁤formula, ⁢crafted with cocoa butter,⁤ bees wax, and essential oils,⁢ ensures that your lips⁤ stay soft and‍ supple ‍for hours on end.

Whether you’re getting ready for⁤ a professional event or a fun night ‍out, this ‍lip product is‌ suitable ⁤for any occasion. Its waterproof properties make it ‍reliable ‌and⁤ convenient, while the⁤ vibrant colors add a touch⁢ of sparkle to ​your look. Say goodbye to chapped and dry lips and‍ embrace⁣ the luscious⁣ moisture this lipstick provides.

Not only does‍ the firstfly Crystal Jelly Lipstick offer a feast for⁤ the eyes, but it also nourishes and ‌protects your lips. With its moisturizing properties and color that won’t easily fade, ⁣you can confidently wear⁢ this ⁤lipstick all ⁤day long.

To experience ​the magic⁣ of the firstfly‍ Pack ⁣of 3 Crystal ⁢Jelly Lipstick for ​yourself, ​click⁤ here to purchase it on ⁣Amazon. ​Embrace the​ transformative power of sparkling lips and indulge⁣ in ​a ​lip product that will leave you feeling fabulous.

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