Taylor Digital Food Scale: Sleek Design, Precise Measurement

Have you ‌ever struggled to accurately measure ingredients while cooking or ⁣baking? Look no further! We recently had the ​pleasure of trying out ‌the Taylor Glass Top ‍Food Scale ​with Touch Control⁣ Buttons, 11 lb⁤ Capacity, Silver, and let us tell you, it did not disappoint. From its​ sleek design to its convenient features, this food scale is a must-have for any kitchen. In this review, we will dive into the details of⁣ this product and share our first-hand ⁢experience ⁣with you.⁢ Let’s get started!

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Looking for a sleek and efficient food scale for your kitchen? Look no further than this Taylor Glass‌ Top Food Scale with Touch Control‌ Buttons. The clean glass platform with silver⁣ backpaint not only looks stylish but is also easy to clean. The touch control buttons add to the overall sleek appearance and are a breeze ​to ⁢use. The large digital readout makes it⁤ easy to see the weight of your ingredients at⁢ a glance, while the tare function allows you to weigh‌ multiple ⁢ingredients in the same container without any hassle.

In addition to its stylish design and user-friendly⁣ features, this food scale also offers convenience and⁤ precision. The auto⁣ shut off feature helps save battery life, and the stain-resistant glass surface ensures easy maintenance. ⁤With a capacity of up to 11lb, ‍this⁤ scale ⁣is perfect for all your cooking and baking‍ needs. Plus, with a one-year limited warranty ‌and included batteries, you can trust in ​the ⁤quality and reliability of this⁤ Taylor Food Scale. Upgrade your kitchen today with this top-notch food scale! Check it out on⁣ Amazon.

Key ⁣Features and Benefits

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Our‍ Taylor Glass Top Food Scale with Touch ‍Control Buttons is ‌a sleek and modern addition to any kitchen. The backpainted glass platform ⁢not only looks stylish, but is also easy to ‍clean and naturally stain resistant. The touch control buttons add to the scale’s sleek appearance and are simple to use. The‌ large⁢ 0.75″⁤ digital display makes it‌ easy ‌to read⁤ the weight of‍ your ingredients, ensuring accuracy ‌in your cooking and ⁢baking.

The convenient add ​and weigh tare function allows you ‍to ‌weigh multiple ingredients in the same container, saving you⁤ time and dishes. With the auto shut ⁢off feature,⁢ you can save battery life without worrying⁤ about ⁣remembering to turn off the scale. Plus, with 2⁤ AAA‍ batteries included and a one-year limited warranty, you ‍can trust in the quality and precision of Taylor’s 150 years of experience in kitchen measurement products. Upgrade your‌ kitchen with our Taylor Glass Top Food Scale today! Check⁤ it out here!

In-depth Analysis and Performance Evaluation

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Diving into the of this sleek Taylor Food Scale, we were impressed by the attention to detail in the design. The​ glass platform with silver backpaint not only looks modern and stylish ‍but⁣ is also easy to clean, making it a practical addition to​ any kitchen. The touch control buttons further enhance the sleek appearance and are a⁤ breeze to operate.

One standout‍ feature we found particularly convenient ​was ⁢the add‌ and‌ weigh ‍tare function, allowing us to easily⁣ weigh multiple ingredients ‌in the same container. ⁤This not only saved us time but also made meal prep a more efficient process. Additionally, the extra-large‌ digital ‌readout made it simple to see the weight at a glance, while the included batteries and one-year warranty added extra⁢ value to the product. Experience the precision and quality of this Taylor Glass Top Food Scale for yourself and simplify your cooking routine with ease!

Our Final Verdict

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After‌ thoroughly testing the Taylor Glass Top‍ Food⁤ Scale with Touch Control Buttons, we can confidently say that‌ this product is a game changer in the kitchen. The sleek design not only looks⁢ modern ⁤and stylish, but⁤ it is also incredibly easy to clean, making it a practical addition to any home.⁤ The ⁤touch⁢ control buttons are a breeze to use and maintain, and the stain-resistant glass surface ensures that this ⁤scale will look brand ⁤new for years to come.

The convenient features⁢ such as the add and weigh tare‌ function and the extra large digital readout make this scale a⁣ joy to use. Plus, with the included batteries and one-year limited‌ warranty, ⁣you can rest assured that Taylor ⁣stands behind the quality and precision of their products. ​Don’t miss out on upgrading​ your kitchen setup with this ⁤top-notch food scale – ⁤click here to purchase it now!

Max Weight Capacity 11 lb
Resolution 0.1 oz / 0.001 kg‍ / 1 g
Material Glass

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer⁣ Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the​ Taylor Glass Top Food Scale with Touch Control Buttons, we have gathered valuable insights on⁣ the product’s performance and features. Here are ⁤some key points highlighted by our customers:

Customer Review Key Points
Great size and super easy to clean! Convenient⁢ size and easy to maintain
At first ‍my wife was not interested… Improved baking projects, easy⁣ to ‍use
My‌ friend is a professional⁤ baker… Recommended by a baking professional
Works good & comes with batteries… Compact size, functional
Looks nice, ​doesn’t take up ⁢much space Sleek design, space-saving
I bought this scale​ to weigh my hair⁤ dye products… Multi-purpose usage, compact size
This is an excellent scale. Precise, lightweight, easy to use
Looks great, works great,​ very accurate… Stylish appearance, accurate measurements
Su tamaño‍ es ideal porque no ocupa mucho espacio… Ideal size for space-saving, precise measurements

Overall, customers are satisfied with the Taylor Glass⁤ Top Food Scale, praising its sleek design, precise measurements, and ease‌ of use. The scale’s compact size, easy-to-clean surface, and accurate‌ weighing capabilities make it a popular choice for both home cooks and professional bakers. We agree with our customers’ positive feedback and recommend this food scale‍ for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish kitchen accessory.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Sleek Design Convenient Features Extra Large ​Digital Readout Battery Included Quality and Precision
Easy to clean glass surface⁢ with silver backpaint Add and weigh tare function for multiple ingredients 0.75″ digital screen for easy reading Includes 2 AAA batteries Over 150 years of experience‍ in precision products


  • May not be ​suitable for very large⁢ items due to 11lb capacity
  • Touch control buttons‍ may be too sensitive for some users
  • Glass surface may be fragile and prone to cracking


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Q: Can I measure liquids with this⁣ food scale?
A: This food scale is designed to measure weight, not volume, so it’s best used for ⁣solid ‍ingredients.

Q: How do I clean the glass top‌ of the scale?
A: Simply wipe down the glass top with a damp cloth and mild detergent. The ⁣backpainted silver finish makes it easy to keep clean.

Q: Does this scale ⁢have a warranty?
A: Yes, this⁢ Taylor Food Scale comes with a one-year limited warranty for added peace of mind.

Q: Can I measure in different⁣ units of measurement?
A: Yes, you​ can measure in ‌ounces, grams, and kilograms with this food scale. The precision is up to 0.1oz / 0.001kg / 1g.

Q: Is the display easy to read?
A: Yes, the digital⁣ display is extra large‌ at ‌0.75″ making it easy to ‍read the weight of your ingredients.

Q: How​ do I use the tare function?
A: Simply place your container on the⁣ scale, press the tare button to reset⁤ the⁢ weight to zero, then add your ingredients for an accurate measurement.

Embrace‍ a ‌New Era

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In conclusion, ‍the ⁤Taylor Digital Food Scale ‍is a sleek and precise kitchen essential‍ that combines style with functionality. Its easy-to-clean glass top and touch control buttons make ​it a breeze to ⁤use, while the tare function and⁣ auto shut off feature add convenience ​to your ​cooking experience. With​ a large digital readout and included batteries, this scale is ready to help you create‌ perfect meals every time. Trust Taylor’s 150 years ‌of precision engineering ⁣for your kitchen measurement needs.

Ready to bring this sleek and precise Taylor Food Scale into your kitchen? ⁢Click here ⁢to get yours ​now and elevate your cooking game: Get your Taylor Food Scale here!

Happy cooking!

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