Taylor Retro Kitchen Scale: A Classic Addition to Your Kitchen!

Welcome to our review ⁢of⁢ the Taylor Mechanical Kitchen ‍Weighing Food Scale! ‌If you’re in ​the market for⁤ a​ reliable kitchen scale that not only does the job ‍but also looks sleek on⁤ your countertop, then this is the product for you. With‍ a capacity of up to 11lbs and the ability to measure in both grams ⁢and ounces, this scale is perfect for all your cooking and‌ baking needs. ​The stain-resistant, ⁣removable ⁣weighing bowl is easy to clean, and the oversized dial makes it easy to read measurements ⁣quickly. This classic design with a polished stainless ‍steel finish will elevate the look ‌of your kitchen while providing you with‌ accurate and precise measurements. Stay tuned ⁤as we dive into all the features ⁢and ‍benefits this Taylor⁤ Mechanical Kitchen Weighing‌ Food Scale has to offer!

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When it comes to kitchen scales, ⁣the Taylor Retro Kitchen Scale is a game-changer. This stainless steel scale not only ⁣looks sleek ⁢and sophisticated, but​ it also has a hefty capacity of 11 lbs./50g. The stain-resistant,‌ removable‌ weighing ⁤bowl is a breeze to clean, and the oversized, easy-to-read ​dial makes measuring a breeze.​ Whether you’re⁤ portioning ‍foods from the club ​store or weighing garden ​yields, ⁣this scale is up to the task.

We love the classic design of this kitchen scale, with its⁣ polished stainless steel​ finish ‌that fits seamlessly into any kitchen decor. The easy-to-read red‍ and black graphics on the large 5-inch dial make it a no-brainer for any cooking or baking project. Plus, the scale is recalibratable, ensuring accurate readings every ⁤time. If you’re in the market for a‍ food scale⁤ for weight loss or just perfecting your signature smoothie recipe, this Taylor scale is a must-have for your kitchen arsenal. Upgrade your kitchen game today!

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Exquisite Design and Functionality

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When it comes to the Taylor ​Mechanical Kitchen Weighing Food Scale,​ we can’t help but be impressed by⁤ its . The stainless steel finish gives it⁤ a‌ sophisticated look that will ‍elevate any kitchen counter, making it the talk of the kitchen. The easy-to-read dial with red and black graphics makes it a breeze to accurately measure ⁤ingredients, whether you are ⁢portioning foods​ from the club store⁣ or weighing garden yields.

One of the standout features of this scale is its recalibratable function, allowing you‍ to always​ receive accurate readings. ​The removable weighing bowl⁢ is not ‍only stain-resistant and easy to clean with warm, soapy water, but also oversized for convenience. With the‍ capacity to weigh up to 11 lbs/5 kg in pounds, ounces, kilograms, ​or grams ⁤with 1-ounce‍ and 50-gram increments, this ⁢scale is​ perfect for all your kitchen‌ needs. If you’re looking ⁢to​ add a reliable and stylish kitchen scale to your collection, this Taylor Mechanical Kitchen Weighing Food Scale is the perfect choice for you. Check​ it out ‌on ⁣ Amazon now!

Detailed Insights and Usage Recommendations

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When looking for a kitchen scale that combines functionality and style, the‍ Taylor Retro Kitchen Scale is our top ⁣choice. With a sleek stainless steel design and a capacity of‌ 11 lbs., this scale⁣ not only performs well but also adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. The stain-resistant weighing bowl is easy ⁢to clean, making it ideal ‌for⁤ various cooking projects, from ​portioning foods to ⁣weighing garden yields.‌ The oversized, easy-to-read dial ensures that​ you get⁤ accurate measurements every time, without any​ guesswork involved.

One of‌ the standout features of this ​scale‌ is its recalibratable function, allowing you to adjust the accuracy as needed. The​ classic design with a polished stainless steel finish effortlessly blends into any kitchen ‍decor,​ making ​it a practical​ and aesthetic addition to your ​countertop. Whether you’re following a recipe or trying to achieve your weight loss goals, this scale is ‍straightforward and reliable. Upgrade your kitchen tools today with the Taylor Retro Kitchen Scale and experience the precision and quality that Taylor has ⁢been delivering for over 150 years.‍ Don’t miss out on ⁣this‌ must-have kitchen gadget,⁤ click here to get yours now! Order now!

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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After testing out the‍ Taylor Mechanical Kitchen Weighing Food Scale,⁤ it’s ‌safe to say that we are impressed with its performance ‍and design. The stainless steel construction gives it a sleek and modern look that fits ⁤perfectly in any kitchen. The oversized dial is easy to read, making it​ simple to measure ingredients accurately. The scale is not only‌ stylish but also functional, with a ⁢stain-resistant weighing bowl that is easy to clean.

What sets this scale apart is its precision and‌ accuracy, which is crucial in the kitchen. It ‌can weigh up to 11 lbs in pounds, ⁣ounces, kilograms, or ⁢grams with 1-ounce and 50-gram increments. The classic design, easy recalibration,‌ and easy-to-clean features make this scale⁤ a must-have for any home cook. If you’re ⁢in⁤ need of a reliable kitchen scale that looks great and performs ​even better, this Taylor‍ Mechanical Kitchen Weighing ⁤Food Scale​ is the perfect choice.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing the customer reviews for the Taylor Mechanical Kitchen Weighing Food Scale, we have compiled a ‍summary of⁣ the⁢ key points mentioned by users:

Review Highlights
Bought for weighing kittens, very precise ⁣and durable.
Easy to use,‍ clean,⁢ and read;⁣ a solid piece of kitchen equipment.
Cute scale, accurate for non-critical measurements.
Great for weighing hay⁢ for horses and larger kitchen foods.
Easy to set up, looks nice, and accurate in ‍measurements.
Convenient for household ​uses‌ and weight management.
Some⁤ mentioned it may not be suitable for very specific measurements.

Overall, users praised the Taylor Retro‌ Kitchen‍ Scale for its precision, ⁤ease of use, and attractive ‌design. While some noted limitations for⁤ highly detailed measurements, it was deemed suitable for⁤ a ‍wide range of kitchen and household ​tasks. From weighing kittens to measuring ingredients for baking, this classic mechanical scale‌ proved to be a versatile and reliable addition ​to any kitchen.

Pros & Cons

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Pros‌ & Cons


1. Stylish⁤ retro design adds a classic touch to any kitchen
2. Large 5-inch‌ dial⁤ with easy-to-read graphics
3. Stainless steel construction for‍ durability
4. Easy to clean ⁣removable weighing bowl
5. Recalibratable for accurate measurements


1. Large size may take up counter space
2. Only measures up to 11 lbs, may not be suitable for larger ⁣projects
3. Mechanical operation may require adjustment over time


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Q: How accurate is the Taylor Retro Kitchen Scale?
A: The Taylor Retro Kitchen Scale is incredibly​ accurate, as it has been made with precision in mind for over 150⁤ years. You can⁣ trust that your measurements will always be‍ correct with this scale.

Q: Is the scale easy to clean?
A:⁤ Yes, the scale is easy to clean. Simply remove the stainless ⁢steel weighing bowl and clean it‌ with‌ warm, soapy water. It’s that simple!

Q:‍ Can ​I measure both grams and ounces with this scale?
A: Absolutely! The⁤ Taylor Retro Kitchen Scale allows you to measure food in pounds, ounces, ⁢kilograms, or grams up ⁣to 11 lbs (5 kilograms) with 1-ounce and 50-gram⁣ increments. It’s​ versatile and perfect for any‍ recipe!

Q: How is the design of the scale?
A:‍ The scale ​features a classic design with a polished stainless steel⁣ finish that looks sophisticated in​ any⁣ kitchen. The traditional design blends seamlessly into any decor, making⁤ it a stylish addition to ⁢your countertop.

Q: Is the dial easy to read?
A: Yes, the red and black graphics on the large‍ 5-inch dial are easy to read, ensuring that you can quickly and accurately measure your ‍ingredients. Whether you’re baking or trying to portion ​control, this scale is a great‌ tool to⁣ have in the kitchen.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

As we wrap up⁣ our review of the Taylor Retro Kitchen​ Scale, we can’t help but be impressed by⁤ its classic design, precision measurements,⁤ and overall functionality. This scale truly is a classic addition to any kitchen, perfect ⁣for both big and small ​projects. With ⁣its easy-to-read dial, recalibratable⁤ feature, and easy-to-clean stainless‍ steel bowl,‌ this scale​ is a must-have for any‌ home ⁤cook.

If you’re looking to elevate your cooking experience and streamline your measuring⁤ process, the Taylor Retro ⁣Kitchen Scale is the perfect⁣ choice​ for you. Don’t miss ⁢out on adding this timeless piece to your kitchen collection!

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