Tried & Tested: Bed Bath & Beyond Food Scale Review

Have you ever been in ‌the middle of a recipe and needed to quickly measure out ingredients, only to be frustrated by inaccurate measurements? Look no‌ further than the Taylor ⁢Digital Glass/Bamboo Household Kitchen Scale, 11 ‍Pound⁢ Capacity, Natural. This sleek and‍ modern kitchen scale‍ is not only aesthetically pleasing, but‍ also incredibly accurate and convenient to use. With touch screen buttons that won’t collect food particles, a bright blue backlight for easy reading, and a hold function to lock in weights, this scale⁢ has become an essential tool⁤ in our kitchen. Join⁢ us as we dive into the features and benefits of this innovative kitchen scale that has⁢ transformed ⁣the way we cook and bake.

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When it comes to precision in the kitchen, the Taylor Digital⁢ Glass/Bamboo⁣ Household Kitchen Scale⁢ is a reliable companion for all your cooking needs. With a ​weight ‍capacity of up to 22lbs, this sleek stainless steel scale provides accurate measurements in both standard and metric units. The LCD readout is easy to read‌ with a super-bright blue backlight,‌ making it ideal ‍for low-light spaces.​ The ‌touch‌ screen buttons are⁤ not only convenient but​ also easy to clean, ⁣ensuring a hassle-free cooking⁣ experience.

Featuring innovative hold and tare functions, this scale eliminates the guesswork from your recipes by locking in the last displayed ⁣weight and allowing ‌you‌ to zero out weights between⁢ additions. The durable tempered glass weighing surface is naturally stain and ⁤odor resistant, while the auto-off feature helps‌ conserve battery life. Whether you’re following a ‍specific diet or whipping up a delicious ⁤meal,‍ this Taylor kitchen scale is a must-have tool for achieving culinary perfection.

Product Dimensions 9.1 x 9.8⁤ x 2 inches
Item Model Number 39099
Date First Available November 7, 2019
Manufacturer Lifetime Brands Inc.

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Stylish ⁤Design and Materials

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When it comes to ‌the⁢ of this kitchen scale, we can’t help but be impressed. The sleek stainless steel construction paired with ⁢the durable⁣ and naturally stain-resistant ⁢tempered glass weighing surface ⁤creates a modern‍ and sophisticated look that will elevate ⁣any kitchen. ​The touch screen buttons not⁢ only add to the overall aesthetic, ⁣but also make cleaning up a breeze ⁤without any food particles getting stuck‌ in between.

Additionally, the 1.1″ ⁣LCD display with a⁢ super-bright blue backlight ensures easy viewing, even in low‌ light ⁣spaces. This scale is not only visually appealing but also‍ packed with convenient features like tare and hold functions,⁢ making‍ food weighing hassle-free and accurate. Taylor’s commitment to quality and⁢ precision ⁢shines⁤ through in this product, making ‌it a trusted partner in ‍the kitchen for over 150 ⁤years. Upgrade your kitchen game with this stunning yet practical‍ kitchen scale and say goodbye to guesswork in your cooking. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself. Check ‌it out here!.

Accurate Measurements and Easy-to-Use Features

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When it comes to measuring ingredients accurately, the Taylor Digital⁣ Glass/Bamboo Kitchen Scale ⁣is a game-changer. The expanded weight capacity of up to 22lbs means that you⁣ can easily measure larger quantities with precision. The touch screen buttons are not only easy to use, but they also make cleaning up a breeze -‌ no more food particles getting stuck in between the buttons!

One of the standout features of this kitchen scale is the hold function, which allows you to lock in the weight even if the display is covered by⁣ a bowl​ or plate. Additionally, the tempered glass weighing surface is not only durable but also naturally stain and odor-resistant. With intuitive features like auto-off, tare, and a low battery indicator, weighing ingredients has never ⁤been more convenient. Say goodbye to volume measurements and hello to accurate ‌weighing with the Taylor Digital Glass/Bamboo Kitchen Scale.⁢ Don’t miss ‍out on ⁤this must-have kitchen tool – check it out on Amazon today! Click here to ⁣learn more.

Recommendations for Everyday Use

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When it comes to⁢ everyday use in the ⁣kitchen, ‌the Taylor Digital Glass/Bamboo Household Kitchen Scale has proven to be a reliable and convenient tool.​ With a sleek stainless steel design and an impressive⁣ weight capacity of up to⁢ 22lbs, this scale is perfect for any home‍ chef looking to accurately measure their ingredients. The touch ⁤screen buttons are not only easy to use but also easy to clean, making this scale a hassle-free addition to any kitchen ​countertop.

One ⁢of the standout features of this kitchen scale is the hold function, ⁢which allows users to “lock in” the last displayed weight even if the display is covered by a bowl or plate.‌ This⁤ ensures that you can easily read​ the final weight⁤ of your ingredients without ​any issues. Additionally, ⁢the tempered glass weighing surface is stain and odor resistant, making⁤ it both durable and easy to maintain. If you’re looking for a reliable and precise kitchen scale for your everyday cooking needs, the Taylor Digital Glass/Bamboo Household Kitchen ​Scale is a ​must-have tool. Check it out on Amazon for ⁣more information⁤ and to make a purchase. Get yours now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ⁤Reviews Analysis

After ⁤carefully analyzing the⁢ reviews for the Taylor⁤ Digital Glass/Bamboo Household Kitchen Scale, we found a mixture of positive and⁢ negative feedback‌ from customers.

Positive Feedback

Review Rating
Very nice⁢ form factor, easy to use, stable works well for very small items ⁢as well as items weighing⁣ several pounds. 5 stars
This scale⁣ is great. Very ⁢accurate and easy to use. 5⁤ stars
Helps me to more accurately complete my fitness goals. The look and⁣ design is cutting edge. 5 stars

Negative Feedback

Review Rating
Would like an option to weigh by‍ grams instead of pounds/ounces. 4 stars
Screen is⁤ blurry, feet placement can affect reading accuracy.‍ Touch-sensitive buttons can ⁢be frustrating. 3 stars
Calibration issues, inaccurate readings, freeze-ups ⁤after⁣ 4 months of use. 2 stars

Overall, it seems ​that customers appreciate the form factor, accuracy, and design of ⁣the Taylor kitchen scale. However, some users experienced issues with calibration, screen⁣ clarity, and functionality after extended use. It’s important to consider these factors ‌before‍ making a purchase decision.

Pros & Cons

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Pros ⁣& Cons


High Capacity up to 11lbs
Touch screen buttons ​for easy cleaning
Hold ‌feature for accurate measurements
Backlit LCD display‍ for easy​ reading

  • High capacity up to 11lbs
  • Touch screen buttons ‌for easy cleaning
  • Hold⁢ feature for accurate measurements
  • Backlit LCD display⁣ for easy reading
  • Cons

    Only measures up to⁣ 11lbs
    Not the most stylish design
    May require frequent battery changes

    • Only measures up to 11lbs
    • Not the most stylish⁤ design
    • May require frequent⁤ battery changes
    • Overall, the Taylor Digital Glass/Bamboo Household Kitchen Scale⁢ offers accurate​ measurements and convenient features for everyday use. Its high capacity and touch screen⁣ buttons make it a reliable tool in the kitchen, despite some minor drawbacks.


      Q&A Section:

      Q: What is the weight capacity of this kitchen scale?
      A:⁢ This⁣ Taylor ‍Digital Glass/Bamboo⁢ Kitchen⁢ Scale ‍has ⁤a weight capacity of up⁢ to⁢ 11 pounds.

      Q: Does this scale have ‌a backlight​ for easy reading?
      A: Yes,⁣ the scale features a super-bright blue backlight on the 1.1″ LCD readout for easy viewing.

      Q: Is the weighing ⁤surface easy to clean?
      A: Yes, the tempered glass surface is naturally stain and odor resistant, making it easy to clean‍ after use.

      Q: Does this‌ scale have a ⁢tare function?
      A: Yes, the​ scale ​has a⁤ tare ‍function to zero out ‌the weight between additions, making it convenient for measuring multiple ingredients.

      Q: How accurate is⁢ this kitchen ⁢scale?
      A: Taylor has been making precision products for over 165 years, ensuring high-quality components for accurate⁤ weighing in both standard and metric units.

      Q: Does this scale have a low battery indicator?
      A: Yes, the scale features ⁣a low battery indicator to remind you when it’s time to replace the batteries for⁤ continued use.

      Q:‍ What are the dimensions‌ of this kitchen scale?
      A: The product dimensions are 9.1​ x​ 9.8 x 2 inches, making it compact and ‌easy to store in your kitchen. ⁣

      Seize the Opportunity

      As we wrap‍ up‍ our ⁢review of the Taylor ​Digital Glass/Bamboo Household​ Kitchen Scale, we can confidently say that this product offers both⁤ style and functionality‌ for your kitchen needs. With its sleek design, easy-to-read display, and convenient features, this scale makes weighing ingredients a breeze. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to ​precision in your cooking!

      If you’re ready ​to upgrade your kitchen tools and elevate your culinary creations, ‍click here to get your hands on the Taylor Digital Glass/Bamboo Household Kitchen Scale today!

      Get your Taylor Kitchen ‌Scale now

      Happy cooking!

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