Ultimate Review: BLACK+DECKER 4500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier with Drain Pump

Welcome to our product review blog ⁤post on​ the BLACK+DECKER 4500 Sq. Ft.⁣ Dehumidifier with Drain Pump. If you’re in ⁣need of a high-quality dehumidifier for extra large spaces and ‍basements, then look no further. This‌ Energy ‌Star certified dehumidifier is packed with features that ​will‍ keep your home cool, comfortable, and free from excess moisture. From its impressive coverage area⁣ to its smart technology and safety⁤ features, this dehumidifier has everything you need to ⁢create a healthier‌ living environment. Join ‍us as⁣ we dive ⁣into the details‍ of this amazing product​ and see ⁢if it’s ⁢the right‌ fit for your home.

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The BLACK+DECKER 4500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier is a top-notch appliance that boasts ‍exceptional quality and efficiency for large ⁢spaces and basements. With⁣ a remarkable⁣ capacity to cover up to​ 4500 sq. ft.,‍ this⁣ Energy Star‍ certified dehumidifier is equipped​ with a drain pump that can hold up to 50 pints‍ of water every 24 hours. Its operating temperature range of 41° – 89.9° Fahrenheit ensures cool, comfortable air ⁤quality. ⁢Additionally, the ​unit features a user-friendly electronic control panel with a water level indicator, auto restart, and⁤ auto⁢ defrost functions.

This high-performance dehumidifier also comes ‌with ​a‍ 14.3-pint removable tank, continuous gravity feed⁢ drain, and pull-out washable ​filter for easy maintenance. Safety ‍is a⁢ top priority, as indicated by the⁤ built-in indicator light and audible ‍alert system for a full bucket. With​ smart technology like an ⁢adjustable humidistat and ⁢digital display, this dehumidifier provides users with a hassle-free ⁤experience. Backed⁤ by a 1-year warranty, the BLACK+DECKER dehumidifier is a reliable and efficient solution for⁣ creating a more ⁢comfortable living​ environment in spaces up to 4500 sq. ft.

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Key Features and Highlights

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When it comes to⁣ ,⁢ this BLACK+DECKER dehumidifier truly‍ stands out from the rest. With an⁤ impressive coverage of up to​ 4500 sq. ‌ft., this Energy⁤ Star certified device ‌can effectively remove⁤ up to 50 pints of ‌water every 24 hours. The 16.4⁣ ft. drain pump​ ensures continuous operation, making it ideal for‌ extra large spaces and basements. Plus, ⁣the top mounted electronic control⁢ panel with⁢ water level indicator provides ease of ‌use and convenience.

Additionally, this dehumidifier boasts smart technology features such as an adjustable humidistat with LED digital display, allowing ⁤you to customize humidity levels from⁤ 35% to 80%. With safety⁢ ensured by the 14.3-pint bucket, built-in‍ indicator light, and audible alert‌ system,​ you can have peace of mind while ⁤enjoying cleaner and more refined air quality. Backed by a 1-year warranty for parts and labor, ⁣this high-quality dehumidifier⁢ is a reliable and efficient choice for any home or space up⁢ to 4500 sq. ft.

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In-Depth Analysis and Insights

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We were truly amazed by the impressive⁤ capabilities of⁣ this Energy Star certified dehumidifier. Its ability to cover ⁤up to‍ 4500​ sq. feet⁢ with a 50-pint water capacity ‌is simply outstanding. The convenience of the 16.4 ft. drain pump and the‌ 14.3-pint⁢ removable tank‍ make it ​a hassle-free solution for maintaining optimal humidity levels‍ in extra-large spaces.

The⁣ top-mounted electronic control ⁢panel with adjustable humidistat and LED display provides a user-friendly ‌experience, allowing you to easily monitor and adjust settings. With features like​ auto restart, ‍auto ⁣defrost, and a ‌clean filter reminder ‍indicator, ⁣this dehumidifier is not only powerful but‍ also smart. The safety ensured by the built-in water level indicator and the 16.4 ft. drain hose for continuous feed drain gives us peace of mind‍ while enjoying the benefits of improved air quality. ‍If‍ you’re looking for a high-quality dehumidifier ​for⁢ large spaces, this is definitely a top contender ⁤that won’t disappoint. Check it out on Amazon for more⁣ details.


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With its impressive coverage of up to 4500 sq. ft., this⁣ BLACK+DECKER ⁤dehumidifier is a powerhouse ⁢when it comes to removing excess moisture from large spaces and basements. ⁤The built-in 16.4 ft. drain pump ensures continuous drainage, ⁤making maintenance a‌ breeze. The top-mounted electronic control ⁣panel with LED display‍ gives you easy ​access to​ adjust ⁣the settings according to your preferences, while⁤ the adjustable ‍humidistat allows you‍ to set the desired humidity level ‍between 35% to 80%.

Safety is paramount​ with this dehumidifier,⁢ as it comes equipped with a 14.3-pint bucket with a water level ⁢indicator and an ​audible alert system to notify you when the bucket is full. The smart technology features such as auto shutoff, auto restart, and auto defrost add⁤ convenience and peace of mind. Plus,​ the included‍ 1-year warranty ⁤for parts⁤ and labor gives you added assurance of its‌ quality. Upgrade your living‍ space with cleaner, more comfortable air today by getting your​ hands on this BLACK+DECKER dehumidifier with drain pump for extra large spaces and basements.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis:

After ⁤analyzing ‍the customer ⁢reviews for the BLACK+DECKER 4500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier with Drain Pump, we ⁢found⁤ a mix⁤ of positive and negative experiences with the product.

Positive Reviews Negative Reviews
“Extremely quiet and ‍keeps‌ humidity down.” “Drain hose included is too ‌small.”
“Works‍ great even in hot and humid conditions.” “Unit may not stop when humidity levels ‍are reached.”
“Easy setup and operation.” “Replacement units have same issues.”
“Quality product with pump⁤ or without.” “Fan runs continuously even when​ not needed.”
“Works​ well in basements, very ⁣quiet.” “Pump⁢ may stop working, manual emptying required.”

Overall, customers found⁢ the dehumidifier effective in reducing humidity levels and maintaining comfortable air quality. Some issues like pump malfunctions, noise levels, and drainage problems were raised ⁤by a few ⁤users. The customer⁤ service experience⁣ from BLACK+DECKER ‌was criticized⁢ for‍ lack of response, while Amazon’s support was​ praised for prompt replacement. Despite some drawbacks, many customers are satisfied with ‍the product’s performance and functionality.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Excellent ⁣Coverage
2.⁤ Energy Star Certified
3. Drain Pump for ⁣Continuous Drainage
4. Quality Construction with Steel and Copper Components
5. Smart Technology with LED Digital Display
6. Adjustable Humidistat for Customized Settings
7. Auto Restart, Auto Defrost, and Auto‌ Shutoff Features
8. 1-Year ⁢Warranty​ for⁢ Parts and Labor


1. High Energy Consumption
2. Loud Operation
3. Bulky Design
4. ‍Short Power Cord Length
5. High Cost‌ Compared to ⁣Competitors


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Q: Can this dehumidifier be used‍ in ‌a basement setting?
A: Yes, this BLACK+DECKER dehumidifier is⁣ suitable for basements as it has ⁤a large‌ coverage⁣ area of ⁣up to 4500 ⁢sq. ft. and is equipped with a 16.4 ft. drain pump for‍ continuous ⁢feed drainage.

Q: Is⁤ the drain ⁢pump noisy ⁣when‍ in operation?
A:​ The drain pump on this dehumidifier operates quietly and ⁢efficiently, ⁢ensuring that you ​can enjoy a⁢ peaceful environment while it‍ works to reduce humidity​ levels.

Q: Does the dehumidifier come with a warranty?
A: ⁣Yes, this dehumidifier comes with a 1-year warranty⁣ for parts⁤ and labor for manufacturing defects only, giving you peace of​ mind in your purchase.

Q: How many fan speeds does‌ this dehumidifier have?
A: This dehumidifier offers both⁣ low and high fan speeds, allowing you to adjust the airflow according to your preferences ⁢and needs.

Q: Is the‍ filter replaceable or⁤ washable?
A: The dehumidifier comes with ⁣a washable, mesh filter that can be easily⁣ accessed for⁢ cleaning, ensuring that your unit operates ⁢efficiently and⁢ effectively.‌

Reveal the Extraordinary

As we wrap up our ultimate review of ‌the BLACK+DECKER 4500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier with Drain​ Pump, we can confidently say‍ that this Energy Star ⁣certified powerhouse is a must-have for anyone ⁤looking to improve the air quality in large‍ spaces ⁢and basements. With a range of smart features, safety mechanisms, and quality components, ‌this dehumidifier is a reliable companion‍ in the battle against excess moisture.

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