Unleashing the Power: KOOBOOK FT232H Module Review

Welcome to our review of the KOOBOOK 1Pcs CJMCU ⁤FT232H High-Speed Multifunction Module USB to JTAG UART/FIFO SPI/I2C Module! If you’re in the market for a ‌versatile and ​high-performance module that offers a variety of industry standard interfaces, then you’re in the ⁤right place. This module boasts⁢ impressive specs such as USB to asynchronous 245 FIFO mode ​for transfer data rates up to 8 Mbyte/Sec, as well as support for a half duplex FT1248 interface with a configurable width. With features like USB to JTAG, SPI, UART, and I2C capabilities, this ⁣module is a⁤ must-have for any tech‍ enthusiast or⁤ developer. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into our experience with this multifunction module and give you our honest feedback.

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With the KOOBOOK 1Pcs CJMCU FT232H module, we were amazed by its ‍high-speed multifunctionality and ease of use. The module supports⁤ various ‍interfaces like UART, FIFO, JTAG, SPI,⁢ and I2C, making it versatile for a wide⁤ range of applications. The proprietary FT1248 interface with⁣ a configurable width ‌also caught our attention, simplifying the data bus design.

One of the standout features of this module is the Multi-Protocol Synchronous Serial Engine (MPSSE), which simplifies synchronous serial protocol design for JTAG, I2C,​ SPI, and bit-bang applications. The UART transfer data rate of ‌up to 12Mbaud is impressive,‌ along⁢ with the USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480Mb/s)⁣ compatibility. Overall, the KOOBOOK CJMCU FT232H module offers a reliable and efficient solution for USB to asynchronous ⁣and synchronous data transfer needs. If you’re looking for a high-speed multifunction module for your projects, we highly recommend checking out this product on Amazon.

Impressive Features and ⁤Functions

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The KOOBOOK 1Pcs CJMCU FT232H Module truly impressed us with its wide range of features​ and functions. It’s capable of USB to ‍asynchronous 245 FIFO mode for transfer data rate up to 8 Mbyte/Sec, as well as USB to synchronous 245 parallel FIFO ⁤mode‍ for transfers up to 40‌ Mbytes/Sec. Additionally, it supports a proprietary half duplex FT1248 interface with a configurable ⁣width, bi-directional data bus,‌ making⁢ it a versatile and powerful tool for various applications.

Moreover, the module offers‌ a ⁣CPU-style FIFO interface mode that simplifies CPU interface design, along with a⁣ fast ‌serial⁣ interface option. The FTDI’s royalty-free Virtual Com Port (VCP) and Direct (D2XX) drivers eliminate the requirement for USB driver development in most cases, saving time and effort ⁢for users. With adjustable receive buffer timeout and the option for single chip USB to UART, JTAG, SPI, I2C, Bit-Bang, Fast Serial ⁢Interface, and CPU‍ target interface applications, this module is truly a ⁤must-have ‌for electronics enthusiasts and professionals⁣ alike. Don’t miss out on all these impressive features – get ‍your own CJMCU FT232H ‍Module today!

In-depth Analysis and Recommendations

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After conducting an in-depth analysis of the KOOBOOK 1Pcs CJMCU FT232H module, we found that its USB to ​asynchronous⁣ FIFO mode allows for a high-speed data transfer rate of up to 8 ​Mbyte/Sec, offering efficient performance. Additionally, the module supports a proprietary half duplex FT1248 interface with a configurable width, ​simplifying the⁣ CPU interface design. Moreover, the USB to⁣ synchronous parallel FIFO mode enables transfers of up to 40 Mbytes/Sec, ensuring ⁤fast and reliable data transmission.

With its multi-protocol synchronous ⁤serial engine, the CJMCU FT232H module simplifies synchronous ⁢serial protocol design,‍ making it versatile and user-friendly. The module’s compatibility ‍with various industry-standard interfaces, such as UART, ⁢JTAG, SPI, and I2C, adds to its flexibility and usability. Overall, ⁤we recommend ⁣the KOOBOOK 1Pcs CJMCU FT232H module for ​its high-speed data transfer capabilities and easy integration into different systems.

Features Benefits
High-speed data transfer rate Efficient performance
Versatile‌ compatibility Easy integration into ⁢various ⁣systems
Synchronous serial protocol ⁤engine Simplifies data⁢ transmission

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer⁢ Reviews⁢ Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the KOOBOOK FT232H Module, we have gathered the following insights:

  • Most ​customers found the module to work successfully for various functions such as UART, ⁤JTAG, and SWD programming.
  • Some customers had difficulties in ‍making‍ the module work, emphasizing the ​importance of understanding its functionalities and setup process.
  • A few customers experienced issues such​ as frying the board‌ due to incorrect connections or encountering overheating problems ⁣causing USB power surge warnings.

<h3>Customer Ratings</h3>

<table class="wp-block-table">
<th>Customer Reviews</th>
<td>Most customers found the module to work successfully for various functions.</td>
<td>Some customers had difficulties in making the module work.</td>
<td>A few customers encountered issues such as board frying and overheating problems.</td>

Pros & Cons

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Pros⁤ & Cons


1. High-speed data transfer up to 8 Mbyte/Sec
2. Supports multiple interfaces: UART, SPI, I2C, JTAG
3. Easy to ⁢configure with Multi-Protocol Synchronous Serial Engine
4. No USB driver development required
5. Adjustable receive buffer timeout


1. Manual measurement may have‌ small error
2. Real colors may differ from pictures

Overall, the KOOBOOK⁤ FT232H Module is a versatile and high-speed multifunction ⁢module that offers seamless ‌data transfer across various interfaces. While it may have some minor⁣ drawbacks in terms of measurement accuracy ⁤and color representation, its performance and ease⁣ of use make it a valuable ​tool for​ electronic ⁢projects.


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Q: Can this KOOBOOK FT232H module be used‍ for multiple applications?

A: Yes, this module is incredibly versatile and can be used for various ‌applications such as USB to UART, USB to FIFO, USB to JTAG, USB to SPI, USB to ⁣I2C, USB to Bit-Bang, USB to Fast Serial Interface, and USB to⁢ CPU target interface.

Q: Is it difficult to ‌set ​up and use this module?

A: Not‍ at all! With FTDI’s royalty-free Virtual Com Port (VCP) and Direct (D2XX) drivers, setting up this⁢ module is a breeze. No USB driver development is required in most cases, making it easy for users to get ​started.

Q: What is the data transfer ​rate of this module?

A: The USB⁣ to asynchronous 245 FIFO mode allows for data transfer rates of up to 8 Mbyte/Sec, while the USB to synchronous 245 parallel FIFO mode supports transfers up to 40 Mbytes/Sec. The UART​ transfer data rate can reach up to 12Mbaud.

Q: Can this⁤ module be ‍connected to different types of devices?

A: Yes, the KOOBOOK FT232H module can be easily connected to various devices such as RS232, RS422, RS485, JTAG, SPI, I2C, and more. ⁢Its multi-protocol synchronous‍ serial engine simplifies the ‍process of connecting ‌to different interfaces.

Q: Is customer satisfaction important to the company?

A: Absolutely! We highly value ‍all customer feedback and are constantly working to improve our products based on your opinions. If you have any issues or concerns, please don’t ​hesitate‌ to reach ‍out to us for a possible solution. Your satisfaction is our⁤ top priority.

Embrace a New Era

As we wrap up our in-depth review of the KOOBOOK FT232H Module, it’s clear that this high-speed multifunction module is truly a game-changer in the world of data transfer ‍and interface design. With its impressive specifications and versatile applications, ‍this module is a ⁢must-have for tech‌ enthusiasts and ⁣professionals alike.

We hope‌ our review has provided valuable insights into the capabilities of the ​KOOBOOK FT232H Module, and has helped you make an informed⁤ decision about adding this powerful tool to your collection. If you’re ready to unleash the ​power of this incredible module, click the link below to get yours today:

Get your KOOBOOK FT232H Module now!

Thank ⁢you for ⁤joining us on this journey through the world of high-speed data transfer. Stay⁣ tuned for more reviews and insights from ⁣our team. ⁣Until next time, happy exploring!

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