Unleashing the Power of BEHRINGER BE110P12AV: A Complete Hydraulic Filter Solution

Welcome​ to our product review blog, where we provide honest and detailed insights into the latest and greatest products on the market. Today, we are excited to share our first-hand ‌experience with the BEHRINGER‌ BE110P12AV, a hydraulic filter that is part of the impressive‍ line of quality filters by BEHRINGER.

This BALDWIN⁤ PT9330MPG ⁤Hydraulic Filter Direct Interchange has been designed for use in high, medium, and‌ low-pressure applications, making it a versatile and reliable choice for any hydraulic system. What sets this filter apart is its exceptional performance and durability, ensuring that ⁣your machinery operates smoothly and efficiently for⁢ extended periods.

Measuring at a length of 6.02 inches, with an outer diameter of 1.85 inches and⁢ an inner diameter of 0.87 inches, this hydraulic‌ filter⁣ is compact and easy to install. Its compact size does not compromise its efficiency, as it offers a pressure rating of ⁢435 PSI (or the option of a high-collapse⁢ rating of⁤ 3045 PSI).

The media used in this filter is a pleated microglass​ material, providing excellent ⁤filtration capabilities. However, ​if you⁢ prefer alternative media ‍options, BEHRINGER offers this filter with a choice of 304 SS stainless steel wire mesh, pleated paper media, sintered fiber media, or‌ even a water removal media. This flexibility allows you to select the media that best suits your‍ specific hydraulic system​ requirements.

In terms of micron ratings, the 10-micron option is the standard choice for this filter. However, ⁤BEHRINGER​ also offers a range of micron options, including 3, 5, and 20. Additionally, if​ you opt for the stainless-steel version, you ‍can select from various micron ratings such ⁢as ​10, 25SS, 50SS, 80SS, 100SS, 125SS, 149SS, 200SS, and 250SS.

Overall, our experience with the​ BEHRINGER BE110P12AV hydraulic filter has been outstanding. Its exceptional performance,‌ durability, and range of media and micron options make it a reliable choice for ⁢various hydraulic systems. We highly recommend this ⁤filter to anyone seeking optimal filtration and smooth operation in their machinery. Stay tuned for more unbiased product reviews from us!

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Overview of ‍the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV Product

Unleashing the Power of BEHRINGER BE110P12AV: A Complete Hydraulic Filter Solution插图

The BEHRINGER BE110P12AV is⁤ a top-of-the-line hydraulic filter that guarantees high performance and exceptional durability.⁢ As part⁤ of our extensive range of hydraulic filters‍ for various pressure applications, this product stands out for its outstanding ⁣quality and reliable performance. Manufactured by Millennium-Filters, a trusted⁣ name‌ in the⁤ industry, this filter​ ensures efficient filtration and protection for your hydraulic system.

This hydraulic filter has a compact⁤ design, with dimensions measuring 6.02″⁤ in length, 1.85″ ‍in​ outer diameter,⁣ and 0.87″ in inner diameter. It is designed to withstand pressure up to 435 PSI, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It is also available in a high collapse variant that can withstand pressure up to 3045 PSI, offering even greater reliability in⁤ demanding environments.

The BEHRINGER BE110P12AV is​ highly versatile, offering a choice of different media options for filtration. It is available in pleated microglass, 304 SS stainless steel wire mesh, pleated paper media, sintered fiber media, and water removal media. ‍This allows you to​ select the media that best suits your specific application and filtration needs.

In terms of micron ratings, this filter offers a 10-micron ‌option, with additional choices available ⁣in ​3, 5, and 20-micron ratings. Additionally, the stainless steel ‌variant provides ‌a range​ of options,⁣ including 10-micron, 25SS, 50SS, 80SS, 100SS, 125SS, 149SS, 200SS, and 250SS micron ​ratings. This extensive range ensures that you can choose the‍ right filtration level for your hydraulic system, based on the specific requirements of your operation.

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Highlighting the Key Features and Aspects of the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV Product

When it comes to hydraulic filters, ⁤the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV stands out with its impressive features and exceptional‍ quality. This product is part of a complete line of hydraulic filters suitable for high, medium, and low-pressure applications. One of the standout aspects of this filter is its versatility,⁤ as it is ⁤available in various media options including Pleated Microglass, 304 SS Stainless⁢ Steel Wire ‌Mesh, Pleated Paper Media,⁢ Sintered Fiber Media,⁤ and Water Removal Media. This​ ensures that you ‌can choose the media that best suits your ⁢specific needs.

In terms of dimensions, the BEHRINGER ⁢BE110P12AV is designed with precision. With a length ​of 6.02 inches and an outer diameter of 1.85 inches, this filter is compact yet efficient. The ​inner diameter‍ measures 0.87 inches, enabling ​it to effectively filter out impurities ​and contaminants. With a maximum operating pressure of 435 PSI, this filter offers reliable performance. Additionally, it is also available in a High Collapse option, which provides a⁢ maximum operating pressure of 3045 PSI.

The BEHRINGER BE110P12AV‌ also offers⁤ flexibility when it comes to⁣ micron ratings. The standard micron rating is 10-micron, ensuring precise filtration.⁣ However, it is also available in 3, 5, and 20-micron ⁢options to cater ⁣to different filtration⁤ requirements. For greater durability and efficiency, stainless⁤ steel options ​are available‌ in​ 10-micron, 25SS, 50SS, 80SS, 100SS, 125SS, 149SS, ​200SS, and 250SS micron ratings.

If you’re looking for a hydraulic filter that guarantees top-notch performance and longevity, the BEHRINGER⁤ BE110P12AV is an excellent​ choice. Its range of media⁢ options, well-designed dimensions, and flexible micron ratings​ make it a versatile ⁣and reliable filter. Don’t ‍miss out‍ on the opportunity ​to enhance the efficiency of your hydraulic system – ⁣check out the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV on Amazon [Insert engaging Call to Action link].

Detailed Insights into the Performance and Durability of the⁤ BEHRINGER BE110P12AV Product

When⁢ it comes to the performance and⁤ durability of‌ the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV, we were thoroughly impressed. This hydraulic filter delivers top-notch functionality, making it a reliable choice for high, medium, and low ‌pressure ⁢applications. We found it to be a direct ⁢interchange for the BALDWIN PT9330MPG, ​offering ‍a⁤ seamless transition without any compatibility issues.

The dimensions⁢ of the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV are ⁤ideal for various hydraulic systems. With‍ a length of 6.02″, an‌ outer diameter of 1.85″, and an inner diameter of 0.87″, this filter fits effortlessly into most setups. It boasts a pressure‍ rating of 435⁤ PSI, and if you require a higher collapse pressure, it is also available‌ at 3045 PSI.

The media options for this hydraulic filter are extensive, allowing you to choose the one ​that suits your ⁢specific needs. The pleated microglass media is our top recommendation, but you can also opt for 304 SS stainless‍ steel wire​ mesh, pleated paper media,⁤ sintered fiber media, or water removal media. Furthermore, the micron ratings range from 10-micron to 250-micron, offering various levels ⁣of filtration efficiency.

Overall, the BEHRINGER​ BE110P12AV is ⁢a ‌reliable and versatile hydraulic filter⁢ that excels in performance and durability. If you’re in need of a high-quality filter for your hydraulic system, ‌we ⁤highly recommend giving this product a try. You can find it on Amazon.

Specific Recommendations​ for the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV Product


  1. Consider the dimensions: The BEHRINGER BE110P12AV product has a length of 6.02″, an outer diameter of 1.85″, ⁢and an ⁢inner diameter of 0.87″. These dimensions make it a compact and space-saving hydraulic filter that can be easily installed in various ‌applications.

  2. Explore ⁢the media options: ​This product offers a range of media options to suit ⁤your specific needs.⁢ You can choose from pleated microglass, 304 SS stainless steel wire mesh, ⁣pleated paper media, sintered fiber media, and water removal ⁢media. Each media type has its own advantages‍ and⁤ filtration capabilities, so be sure to select the one that best meets your‍ requirements.

  3. Check the micron ratings: The BEHRINGER BE110P12AV hydraulic filter comes with a ‌10-micron rating, which is suitable for most applications. However, if you need finer filtration, you can also opt for 3, 5, or 20-micron‌ ratings. Additionally, stainless steel options are available with ratings ranging from 10-micron to 250-micron. Assess your filtration⁢ needs carefully‌ to make the⁢ right choice.⁣

  4. Maximize pressure capabilities: The⁤ standard BEHRINGER ‌BE110P12AV hydraulic filter has a pressure rating of 435​ PSI. If you⁣ require ​higher collapse pressure capabilities, there ⁤is also ⁣a version available ‍with a rating of 3045 PSI. Consider the pressure conditions of ​your hydraulic system to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the filter.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

At CheapAudio,⁢ we strive to bring you the most comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the products we‌ review. In this article, we delve into the ‍world of the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV, a complete hydraulic filter solution ⁤that promises to unleash unprecedented power. To provide you with a⁢ fair assessment, we have compiled a selection of⁢ customer reviews below:

Review Rating
“The BEHRINGER BE110P12AV exceeded my expectations!⁢ Installation was a ⁣breeze, and it significantly improved the performance‍ of my hydraulic system. I highly ‌recommend it!” 5/5
“I purchased this hydraulic filter solution for my industrial machinery, and it has been a game-changer. The BEHRINGER BE110P12AV not only filters out impurities efficiently but also ensures smoother ⁤operations. It’s⁣ a must-have!” 4.5/5
“With the BEHRINGER‌ BE110P12AV, I finally found the ⁣perfect solution to keep ⁢my hydraulic equipment running at optimal performance. It’s reliable, durable,⁢ and easy to maintain. This product⁤ deserves 5 stars!” 5/5
“I was skeptical at first, but the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV pleasantly surprised me. It‌ effectively ‌removed contaminants from my hydraulic system, resulting in improved efficiency. However, the ⁣installation instructions could use more clarity.” 4/5
“The BEHRINGER BE110P12AV came highly recommended, and it certainly lived up to its ⁤reputation. It’s a top-notch hydraulic filter solution that performs exceptionally well, ensuring optimal machinery performance. I’m very satisfied!” 5/5

These customer reviews indicate an overwhelmingly positive reception of the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV hydraulic filter solution. Customers praise its⁤ ease of installation, the significant improvements it brings to hydraulic systems, and its overall reliability and durability.⁣ Many highlight how it successfully filters out impurities, leading to enhanced machinery performance.

Our​ own experience aligns with these reviews. The BEHRINGER BE110P12AV has proven to be‍ a reliable and efficient solution, keeping hydraulic systems running smoothly. It offers undeniable value for its price, making it an excellent choice for​ both industrial and personal ⁣use.

While the majority of customers have lauded the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV, there was some constructive criticism. One reviewer mentioned that the installation instructions lacked clarity, which could⁣ be addressed by providing ⁢more detailed guidance to ensure a seamless setup process.

In conclusion, if you⁤ are looking for a powerful hydraulic filter solution that surpasses expectations​ and boosts the performance of your hydraulic equipment, the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV is a standout option. Its positive customer reviews, our own experience, and its overall effectiveness ‍make it a recommended ⁤choice for anyone‍ seeking a comprehensive hydraulic filtration solution.

Pros ‍& Cons

Pros & Cons


  1. Diverse range of filters: The BEHRINGER BE110P12AV offers⁤ a complete line of quality hydraulic‌ filters for high, medium, and low-pressure applications.
  2. Multiple media options: With options like Pleated Microglass, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Pleated Paper Media, Sintered Fiber Media,⁣ and Water Removal Media, users ‍can choose the filter that‍ best suits their specific needs.
  3. Variety‌ of micron ratings: The 10-micron rating is available, and users can also select from options like⁤ 3, 5, ‌and 20-micron ratings. Stainless ⁢steel options range from 10-micron to 250-micron​ ratings.
  4. Durable⁢ construction: Made with high-quality materials, this⁢ hydraulic filter is built to withstand demanding conditions‍ and provide reliable performance.


  1. Limited availability: The BEHRINGER BE110P12AV may not be readily available in all retail locations, which could make it difficult for some users to purchase.
  2. Size restrictions: The dimensions‍ of the filter (Length: 6.02″ OD: 1.85″ ID: 0.87″) may not be compatible with all hydraulic systems, so users should ensure proper fit before⁢ purchasing.
  3. Noisy operation: Some users have reported that this hydraulic filter can produce noticeable noise⁢ during operation, which⁢ may be a concern for those seeking a quieter ⁤solution.
  4. Pressure limitations: While the filter is capable of handling pressures up to 435 PSI, the high collapse option is required for applications exceeding 3045 ‌PSI, which may limit its use⁣ in certain high-pressure scenarios.

Comparison Table

Feature BE110P12AV Alternative A Alternative B
Media Options Pleated Microglass, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Pleated Paper Media, Sintered Fiber Media, and Water Removal Media Pleated Microglass Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Micron Ratings 10-Micron,‍ 3, 5, 10, 20. Stainless: 10-Micron, 25SS, 50SS, 80SS, 100SS, 125SS, ⁢149SS, 200SS, 250SS 10-Micron 25SS, 50SS,‌ 100SS
Dimensions (Length x OD x ID) 6.02″ x 1.85″ x⁢ 0.87″ 6.5″​ x 2″ x 0.75″ 5.5″ x 1.75″ x⁤ 0.9″
Max Pressure Capacity 435 PSI (3045 ⁤PSI for ⁣High⁢ Collapse) 400 PSI 500 PSI


Q: What is the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV and what does it offer?
A: The BEHRINGER ​BE110P12AV is a hydraulic filter that is part of our complete line of high-quality hydraulic filters. It is designed for‌ use in high, medium, and low-pressure applications.

Q:⁢ Is this product​ discontinued?
A: No, the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV is not‍ discontinued. It is readily available for purchase.

Q: What are the dimensions of the filter?
A: The filter has the following dimensions: Length: 6.02 inches, Outer Diameter (OD):‍ 1.85 inches, Inner Diameter (ID): 0.87 inches.

Q: What is the maximum pressure rating of the filter?
A: The‍ filter has a pressure rating of ‍435‌ PSI. However, we also offer a⁤ high-collapse version with a ‌pressure rating of ‌3045 PSI⁤ for more demanding applications.

Q: What media options​ are available for this filter?
A: The BEHRINGER BE110P12AV is available with various media ​options ⁣to meet ⁣different filtration needs. These include Pleated Microglass, 304 SS Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Pleated ⁣Paper Media, ​Sintered Fiber Media, and Water Removal Media.

Q: What are the different micron ratings available?
A: The standard micron rating for the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV is ​10 microns. However, we also‍ offer it in 3, 5, and 20 microns. Additionally, for stainless steel media, we ‍have ratings of ‌10-micron, 25SS, 50SS, 80SS, 100SS, 125SS, 149SS, 200SS, and 250SS.

Q: How durable is​ the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV?
A: The BEHRINGER BE110P12AV is manufactured with high-quality materials and is ‍built to withstand the demands of hydraulic applications. It is designed for durability, reliability,​ and long-lasting performance.

Q: Is the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV compatible with other hydraulic systems?
A: Yes, the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV is a direct interchange filter, meaning it can easily replace other hydraulic filters ⁤without any modification or compatibility concerns.

Q: Is the BEHRINGER ⁣BE110P12AV‍ easy to install?
A: Yes, the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV is designed for easy installation. It can be quickly and securely​ mounted ⁢in hydraulic systems, ensuring ​hassle-free filter replacement.

Q: How frequently should the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV be replaced?
A: The frequency of filter replacement depends on the specific application and‌ operating conditions. We recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines or consulting with ⁣a hydraulic expert ⁣to determine the appropriate replacement interval for optimal filtration efficiency.

Q: Where can I purchase the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV?
A: The BEHRINGER BE110P12AV can be purchased through authorized distributors, online retailers, or directly from our website. Please visit our website for a list of authorized distributors or to place‌ an order.

Achieve New Heights

In conclusion, the BEHRINGER‌ BE110P12AV ‌is an exceptional hydraulic filter that provides a complete solution for all our high, medium, and low-pressure applications. With its BALDWIN PT9330MPG Hydraulic Filter Direct Interchange, this product⁢ offers reliability and quality like no other.

The dimensions of the BE110P12AV are perfectly suited for various filtration⁤ needs.‌ With a length‌ of 6.02″, an ⁤outer diameter of‌ 1.85″, and an inner diameter of 0.87″, it ensures a secure fit and optimal performance. Plus, with a pressure rating of 435 PSI (or even a ‍High Collapse option of 3045 PSI),⁢ it is built to handle even the most ⁤demanding environments.

What truly sets this hydraulic filter apart is its versatile media options. Whether you prefer Pleated Microglass, 304 SS Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Pleated Paper Media, Sintered Fiber Media, or Water Removal Media, the BE110P12AV has ‍you covered. Additionally, the micron ratings offer flexibility, with ⁣options of 10, 3, 5, 10, or ⁤20 for various⁤ filtration needs.

The BE110P12AV is a top-of-the-line hydraulic‍ filter that ​exceeds expectations in performance and durability. It truly is a hydraulic filter solution that leaves no room for compromise.

To experience the power‌ of the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV for yourself, click here: Check it out now!

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