Upgrade Your Kitchen Game with Our Smart Nutrition Scale!

Have ⁣you ever struggled with portion control, calorie counting, or ‍daily intake tracking? We have found the perfect solution‍ for you – ⁤the Etekcity⁢ Food Nutrition Kitchen Scale. With upgraded sensors⁤ for better accuracy, this digital scale allows you to measure in grams, ounces,‌ and even‌ milliliters for all your weight loss, baking, cooking,​ keto, and meal prep ​needs. The large 304 stainless steel⁤ platform is⁢ not only stylish but also practical, making it easy to⁢ weigh your ingredients accurately.

But what ‍sets this scale ‌apart from the rest is its Bluetooth ‍connectivity. By downloading the free VeSync⁤ app, you can ⁣scan barcodes, search food data, ‍analyze nutrition, share reports, and track your daily intake.​ This scientific method makes reaching your health goals easier and more efficient. With customizable features like choosing your⁤ preferred ​units and⁣ adjusting⁣ the auto-off time,⁤ using this scale ​is a breeze.

So ⁣say goodbye‍ to guesswork and hello​ to⁢ precise ⁣measurements​ with the Etekcity Food ​Nutrition Kitchen Scale. With its user-friendly design, detailed specifications,⁢ and ⁣innovative features, this scale is truly a game-changer in the world of kitchen gadgets. Get ready to take your cooking and healthy‍ eating to the next level with this ⁤smart and stylish digital⁤ scale.

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Our upgraded ESN-C551S Nutrition Scale offers improved ‌sensors‍ for more accurate measurements ⁢compared to our ⁤classic EK6015 digital⁣ scale. With‍ a minimum⁤ weight of 2 grams and a maximum weight of 11 pounds, ⁤this kitchen scale is versatile and suitable for a variety ​of ⁤needs in the kitchen, ‌DIY projects,​ gardening, and ‌more.

The user-friendly design includes Bluetooth connectivity via ‌the⁤ VeSync app,​ allowing ‍you to scan UPC codes, search for food data, analyze nutrition, share​ reports, and‌ track your daily,⁣ weekly, and monthly intake. Customize​ the⁣ features to suit your needs, such‍ as ⁣selecting preferred units, ⁢hiding unused ones, and adjusting the auto-off time between 0.5 and 5 minutes. Say goodbye to ​excessive button‍ pressing and fast auto-off times‌ with this⁤ convenient and⁢ efficient kitchen scale.

Design‍ and Features

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When it comes to the of this Etekcity ⁣Food ⁢Nutrition⁣ Kitchen ⁤Scale, ⁤we were thoroughly⁤ impressed. The upgraded version boasts improved sensors, providing‍ better ‍accuracy than previous⁢ models. With a maximum weight ‍capacity of 11 pounds and a minimum weight of 2 grams, this scale is⁤ versatile and can easily fulfill most ​measuring needs in​ the​ kitchen, ‍DIY projects,⁤ gardening, ‌and more.

The Bluetooth connection‍ feature is a ‍game-changer,⁢ allowing users to access the smart features provided via the VeSync app. From ‍scanning UPC codes to analyzing nutrition, sharing reports, and tracking daily ‍intake, this scale helps⁤ users⁢ achieve their‍ health goals with a scientific approach. The user-friendly design⁣ is also a standout feature, allowing for customization of units, auto-off times to prevent annoyance, and a ⁣sleek ‍and modern look that fits⁤ seamlessly into⁤ any kitchen setting. Take a ⁤closer look at this impressive ⁣kitchen ‍scale ⁣on Amazon and revolutionize your cooking⁣ and meal prep ⁢routine today! Check it out here!

Performance‌ and Usability

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When it comes to , the Etekcity Food ​Nutrition Kitchen Scale truly shines. With upgraded sensors providing greater accuracy than ⁢previous models, this⁣ scale ⁢ensures precise measurements every time. Whether you’re cooking,‌ baking, or tracking your food intake for‌ weight loss or meal⁣ prep, this scale’s 2-gram minimum ‌weight and 11-pound ⁤maximum weight readout ⁣make it a versatile tool for all your kitchen needs.

The ⁤Bluetooth​ connection feature allows for seamless integration with the VeSync app, offering ​a plethora of smart functions such as⁣ scanning UPC ‌codes, analyzing nutrition, and setting personalized nutrition ‌goals.​ The user-friendly design of the scale allows for easy ⁣customization, from selecting preferred units to adjusting the⁣ auto-off time to your liking. With ⁤a large surface area and a sleek stainless‍ steel finish, this scale not only⁤ performs exceptionally well but also looks‌ great in any kitchen. Take your cooking and ⁤nutrition tracking to⁤ the next level with⁤ the Etekcity Food Nutrition Kitchen Scale – it’s⁤ a game changer!

Final Verdict

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After thoroughly testing the ‌Etekcity Food Nutrition Kitchen Scale, we can ‌confidently say that ⁤this is a game-changer​ for‍ anyone looking‌ to track their food ⁢intake accurately. The upgraded sensors provide better accuracy compared to other digital scales on the market, with a ​minimum weight of 2 grams and a maximum weight of 11 pounds,‍ making it versatile for⁤ various kitchen, DIY, or garden needs. The Bluetooth connection ⁤allows seamless ​integration with the VeSync⁢ app,​ enabling users ⁤to scan UPC codes, ‌search food data, analyze nutrition, share reports, and track daily, ‌weekly, ​and monthly intake with ease.

The user-friendly design of the Etekcity scale is what truly sets it apart. Customizable ‌features like unit preferences, adjustable auto-off time, and a user-friendly interface ‌make it ‌a breeze to use. With customizable nutrition goals, a Nutritionix database integration, and the​ ability to sync data with fitness apps like Fitbit and Apple ‌Health, this scale ​is⁣ a comprehensive tool for anyone looking ​to manage their ​food intake ⁣more effectively. Overall, we highly recommend the Etekcity Food Nutrition Kitchen Scale ⁤for its accuracy, user-friendly design, and seamless integration ​with the VeSync app.

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Customer​ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Review Pros Cons
“I recently purchased ​the⁤ Etekcity Food Scale, Digital‌ Kitchen Scale, and I couldn’t⁢ be happier with my purchase!​ This⁢ scale has⁢ become an essential tool in my kitchen, providing precise measurements for all my cooking and baking needs.” Precise measurements for ​cooking ‍and⁤ baking needs. None mentioned.
“One ⁤of my​ favorite features is the ⁣tare function, which allows me to zero‍ out the weight of⁢ containers ‌or previously measured ingredients.” Tare function for subtracting container weight. None mentioned.
“La mejor bascula que puedes adquirir te⁤ ayuda mucho en el conteo ‍de Calorías, no es exacto pero⁤ te da una idea clara, vale totalmente‍ la pena, fácil de ⁢usar.” Great for counting calories. Not completely accurate.
“Los primero‍ dias funcionaba de maravilla, una semana despues ya ‍no pesaba bien y siempre presenta variables considerablers⁤ en sus mediciones, no lo recomiendaria ​jamas” Initial accurate measurements. Later issues with ⁢measurement​ consistency.

Overall, customer reviews for⁣ the ⁣Etekcity Food Nutrition Kitchen Scale ⁣are mostly positive, ​highlighting its precision, versatility, easy-to-use design, and tare function. Some users did experience accuracy issues​ or ​inconsistency⁢ over time, which‍ could be a concern for potential buyers. It’s⁤ important⁢ to ⁤consider both the positive and negative‌ feedback when making a ⁣purchasing decision.

Pros‌ & Cons

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Pros ‍& Cons

Pros Cons
Upgraded sensors‌ for better ⁣accuracy Barcode scanner only available in US
Bluetooth connectivity for advanced features Some users ‍may find the app interface ‍confusing
User-friendly design with ‌customizable ⁤features Auto-off time customization limited to 30-300 seconds
Sync nutrition⁢ data with Fitbit, Apple Health, etc. Cannot mix new and used batteries to power​ the ‍device
Large weighing area ​and 1-gram increments Not‌ water-resistant,‌ avoid using ​water ⁣flush for cleaning

Overall, ‍the Etekcity Food Nutrition Kitchen Scale offers advanced features and accurate measurements for all your cooking and nutrition needs. While it has some ‌limitations, the ⁣pros‍ outweigh the cons, making ‍it a valuable addition ‌to any kitchen.


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Q:‍ How do I connect ⁢the Etekcity Nutrition Scale to the VeSync ⁢app via Bluetooth?
A: ‍To connect the scale ​to the ⁤VeSync app, simply turn on Bluetooth ‌on your device, download the VeSync​ app​ from the App Store or Google Play Store, open the app, and follow the on-screen ⁤instructions to pair the scale with your phone or tablet.

Q: ‌Can‍ I use‍ this scale without the VeSync app?
A: Yes, you can still use the Etekcity Nutrition⁣ Scale without the VeSync⁢ app. The​ scale ​itself has a ​clear display that shows the weight measurements ⁤in grams, ounces, pounds, ⁢milliliters,‌ and fluid ounces.

Q: Does the scale come with batteries included?
A: ⁣Yes, the Etekcity Nutrition ⁣Scale comes ‍with ‍three AAA 1.5V batteries included⁢ in the package. Simply insert the batteries into the scale and ⁣it is ready to use.

Q: Can I customize the units displayed on the ‍scale?
A: Yes, you can customize ⁢the measurement​ units displayed on⁣ the scale. ⁢By default, the scale shows grams, ounces,‍ pounds and​ ounces, milliliters, and fluid ounces. You can ​use the VeSync ‌app ⁢to remove any⁤ units you don’t frequently use.

Q: How long does the‌ scale stay on before automatically turning off?
A: The scale has an⁤ adjustable auto-off feature ⁢that allows you to set the auto-off time between 30 to 300 seconds. The default auto-off time is 3 minutes, but you can customize it to ⁤suit⁢ your needs.

Q: Can I track my nutrition goals‍ and progress with this scale?
A:⁣ Yes, you‍ can set⁣ and track your nutrition goals using the free VeSync app. The app allows you ⁢to create goals ⁣based ‌on 19 different nutrition metrics, such as daily calorie intake and sugar intake.‍ You can also share ⁢your progress ⁢with coaches, ⁣doctors, or friends and sync your data with Fitbit and Apple Health.

Unleash Your True ​Potential

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As we wrap up our review of the⁣ Etekcity Food Nutrition Kitchen Scale, we are truly impressed by the upgraded features, user-friendly design, and‍ smart‍ capabilities that this​ smart scale offers. From its Bluetooth ⁢connection to ⁣the ⁢customizable units and adjustable auto-off feature, this⁣ scale is ⁣a game-changer ⁣for anyone looking to take control⁤ of their nutrition ⁤goals.

If you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen game and simplify your meal‌ prep, baking, ⁤cooking,⁣ and weight loss journey, we ‌highly recommend checking out ‍the Etekcity Nutrition Scale. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Take​ the first step ‌towards a healthier​ lifestyle and grab⁤ your Etekcity‌ Nutrition Scale today by clicking the link below:

Get your Etekcity Nutrition Scale ⁢now!

Here’s to happy and ‍healthy⁢ cooking! 🥗🍳🍰

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