We Tested the MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler: Our Honest Review

Welcome to our review of the‍ MUJI Portable Eyelash⁤ Curler!⁣ We are excited to share our first-hand ⁢experience with this ingenious beauty tool. Made for the ⁤Japan market and ‍packaged in a charming Japanese retail package, this curler is a⁣ perfectly compact addition‌ to your makeup arsenal. Manual(s) may only be available ⁢in Japanese, but fear not, as ⁣we’ll guide you through the ‍features and benefits of this fantastic product. ‍With⁣ its sleek ‍dimensions of​ 1.5 x 0.79 x 2.36 inches and weighing only 0.71 ounces, this portable curler is designed for effortless curling⁤ on-the-go. Equipped with a refill rubber, it truly ensures longevity and value for ‍money. Encased in a convenient slide design, it‌ easily fits into any pouch, making it an ideal travel companion. But it’s not just about the form of this ⁣curler; its function is equally remarkable. Designed to‍ curl your eyelashes⁤ beautifully, it provides an easy grip for precise curling, ‌resulting in breathtaking lashes. Plus, it’s incredibly user-friendly. So,⁤ whether you’re ‌a beauty enthusiast or a makeup⁣ newbie, this curler is a ⁤must-have. In⁣ this‌ review, we’ll delve deeper into its performance, durability, and overall value. So, let’s curl our way through this review and discover⁤ the magic of the⁣ MUJI Portable ⁣Eyelash Curler together.

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Overview of⁣ the ‍MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler

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In our , we found that this product is specifically made for the Japan market and comes in a Japanese retail package. We noticed that the manual is in⁤ Japanese only, so ⁣it may be ⁣a bit challenging for ⁢non-Japanese speakers to understand the instructions. However, even without the manual, we found this curler very intuitive and easy to use.

The MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler is compact and lightweight, measuring 1.5 x 0.79 x 2.36 inches and weighing only 0.71 ounces. This makes it perfect for traveling or keeping in your purse ​for touch-ups throughout the⁢ day. It also⁢ has a slide design that allows it to conveniently store in a pouch.

This curler‍ is⁢ not only convenient, but it also delivers beautiful curled lashes. The design provides an easy grip, ensuring precision curling without accidentally pinching the eyelids. We appreciate ⁢that it ‌includes a refill rubber, so​ you don’t ⁤have to​ worry about finding a replacement anytime soon. Overall, the MUJI Portable Eyelash ‍Curler is a must-have⁤ for anyone looking to enhance their natural lashes effortlessly.

If you’re interested in⁢ trying out the MUJI Portable Eyelash ⁣Curler for yourself, ⁤click here to get‍ it on Amazon and achieve stunning curled lashes effortlessly.

Highlighting ⁣the Unique Features of the MUJI Portable ‍Eyelash Curler

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  • Compact Design: The ⁣MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler features a sleek ⁢and compact design, making it ‍easy to carry in your makeup bag or purse. Its slim dimensions of 1.5 x 0.79 x⁣ 2.36 inches and lightweight of 0.71 ounces ensure that it won’t add any unnecessary bulk to ⁣your daily essentials.

  • Convenient Slide ‌Design: With​ its ​innovative slide design, this curler allows for ‍convenient storage in any pouch or makeup bag. No more worrying‍ about damaging the curler or​ losing it in the ​depths⁢ of your cosmetics collection. Simply slide it closed and tuck it‌ away effortlessly.

  • Precision Curling: The MUJI Portable ‍Eyelash Curler is designed to provide an easy grip and precise curling experience. Its ‌ergonomic shape fits comfortably ‍in your hand, allowing for a ‌steady and controlled‍ grip. Achieve beautifully curled⁢ lashes without any tugging or pulling.

  • Refillable: This eyelash curler includes a refill rubber, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy​ its curling benefits for an extended period. With just one purchase, you’ll have everything you need to achieve stunning lashes time ⁢and ‌time again.

Experience ⁤the convenience and effectiveness of ‍the MUJI Portable Eyelash ⁣Curler for yourself.‍ Say goodbye⁤ to flat, lifeless lashes and hello to beautifully curled eyes. Don’t miss out on this must-have beauty tool – get yours today on our Amazon link.

In-Depth Insights: Performance⁢ and Effectiveness of the MUJI ⁢Portable Eyelash Curler

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When it comes ⁢to the performance and effectiveness of the MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler, we’ve been thoroughly impressed. This product ⁣truly delivers beautiful, curled⁢ lashes that enhance your overall look.⁤

One of the standout features of⁣ this curler is ‍its easy grip design, ⁤which allows for precise curling without any discomfort or slipping. The slide⁢ design also adds to its convenience, as it can be easily stored in a⁤ pouch without taking up‍ much space. Plus, with the inclusion of a refill rubber, you can‍ ensure that your curler remains effective for a long time.

The MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler is‌ incredibly easy to use, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users. The compact size of 1.5 x 0.79 x 2.36 inches and the lightweight nature of⁤ only 0.71 ounces make ⁣it travel-friendly, allowing you to maintain ‍perfectly curled lashes on the go.

Overall, we highly recommend the MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler for‌ its exceptional performance and effectiveness. Say goodbye to flat and lifeless lashes – click here to ⁢get yours now!

Recommendations for Using the MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler

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  1. Start by ​curling your eyelashes​ before applying mascara or any other eye makeup. This will ensure that your lashes are clean and free from any product buildup, allowing for‌ a more effective ⁣curl.

  2. To achieve the best results, hold the curler at the base of your lashes and gently squeeze it shut. Hold for a few seconds and then release. ​Repeat this step for the middle and the tips of your lashes, creating a⁢ natural-looking curl.

  3. For added convenience, the MUJI‌ Portable Eyelash Curler⁢ comes with a slide ⁣design that allows it to store ⁢in a pouch conveniently. This ⁣makes it perfect for travel ⁤or when you’re on the go.

  4. The design of this curler provides⁣ easy grip and precision ‌curling. The compact‍ size ​allows for better control and maneuverability,‍ ensuring that every lash is evenly curled.

  5. Don’t forget to ‍replace the refill rubber regularly to ‌maintain the curler’s effectiveness. Replacing the rubber will ensure⁢ that⁤ you continue to achieve beautifully curled lashes every time.

Overall, the MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler is easy to‌ use and delivers fantastic results. With its‌ compact size and precise design, it’s a must-have for ​any makeup ‌enthusiast. To get your hands on this amazing product, click here and take your lash game to the next level.⁢

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After testing ⁣the MUJI Portable Eyelash‍ Curler, we have gathered ⁤customer‍ reviews to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of this product. Here’s what customers had to say:

Review Pros Cons
My skin can ‍be sensitive, ​and occasionally my above-eye area (above ⁤eyelid) gets irritated, and it’s super sensitive skin. I’ve​ had intermittent reactions to metals before (probably nickel, which is in basically every metal used like stainless steel, etc), so I thought I should try a plastic eyelash curler instead of my usual metal one. It was very difficult to find a plastic one, and while I had one a long time ago in the same clamp ​style of most eyelash curlers, that one didn’t last long before the plastic broke and I went back to metal. I wasn’t sure about this design, but figured I’d give ⁣it a try- it’s now‌ been 10+ months of‍ daily use and it still works‌ as well as in the ⁤beginning!​ I love how small it is, I’m tempted to get a⁣ second one for my ‌gym bag too. – Suitable for sensitive skin
– Durable plastic design
– Small and compact size
– Difficult to find a plastic eyelash curler
This little eyelash curler⁣ is great for small eyes, also works very well on ⁤deep set eyes, also works‍ well on sparse lashes and ⁣lashes that grow in a ‍downward pattern. It improves my appearance with or without mascara. – Suitable for small and deep set eyes
– Works well on sparse lashes
– Enhances lashes without ‌mascara
I have ⁣horribly straight lashes that could really use ⁣a little help. I have always been afraid of the clunky metal curlers I’ve seen,⁣ so I was⁤ nervous when one of my friends let me use ​her eyelash curler (this⁢ one). Oh my‌ word, I can’t say enough good⁤ things about it. It’s ⁤small and lightweight, so it fits in any makeup bag I put it in.​ It’s plastic, so pinching isn’t‌ the end of the world. It curls my lashes without⁤ bending them straight upwards. I’m white and my⁤ lash line is very curved, so I need‌ to curl my lashes‌ in sections to avoid pinching my lid, but the ease of use and effectiveness of the‍ product offsets the extra ​time it takes (only a few seconds). ⁢Absolutely love this curler and would recommend it to anyone! – ⁤Small and lightweight design
– Suitable for all⁤ eye ⁢shapes
– Easy to use‍ without pinching
– Requires curling lashes in sections ‌for⁣ some users
I‍ love this curler! I didn’t realize how ⁢bad my old curler was for my eye shape until I got this one! I’m half Chinese and‌ I have super round eyes and these are⁢ perfect! And it’s ⁤super compact and has ⁣saved so much space in my makeup bag. The only thing is⁣ the little spring sometimes feels like it’s⁤ going to fall off, but it hasn’t yet so I guess it’s fine lol – Suitable for‌ round eyes
– Compact⁣ and space-saving design
– Spring may feel unstable
Arrived really quickly and works well! – Fast delivery
– Effective performance
Works well – ‌Effective performance None
I have rounder, smaller eyes and pretty short lashes. The standard metal eyelash ‌curlers are not curved in ⁢a wave that sits on⁢ my lid comfortably & my corner lashes never get curled. The metal ones are also painful. They often⁢ break some of my eyelashes off, and kink instead of curl.‌ They’re annoying to travel with & always get bent or broken. The clamp part loosens over time & the little rubber pad always falls out & never seems to fit correctly again. I wanted a simpler, smaller ⁣curler that wasn’t metal & was easier ‌to travel with. ‌I wanted one that would be gentler but still effective, and would finally fit my eyes. This one looked like all of the above, so I tried ⁣it. I was afraid the plastic⁣ might feel cheap and not work as well as‍ the metal ones (even ⁤though those don’t necessarily “work”; they’re really just harsh and damaging).⁤ But, I was⁤ afraid this one might be weak and break easily. Fortunately, I ‍was‌ wrong. This ​curler ​ACTUALLY curls my lashes; it doesn’t bend ​or break them. And the curl lasts. It’s so⁤ nice to be ⁣able to put ‍this in a small makeup bag & not​ worry about ​it bending. The plastic isn’t flimsy and is gentle⁣ on the eyelid. Best part is‍ that it actually fits‌ my eye shape & size. I have nothing bad to say about this curler! ⁤It’s⁤ the best eyelash curler I’ve ever had. – Suitable for round and smaller ⁢eyes
– Gentle and⁣ effective curling
– Durable plastic design
– Fits eye shape and size perfectly
Really wanted to like this but it curled my lashes weird.⁢ Compact and great for travel use. – Compact and travel-friendly design – May curl lashes in a strange way for some users
I⁣ have short and stubborn Asian eyelashes and this one works like a charm! Great curler. – Effective on short and ⁤stubborn lashes None
Portable, I now take it everywhere with me. So ⁣easy to use but scared at first because it’s⁢ not like other lash curlers. But now I love it. – Portable and easy to use -​ May be⁣ intimidating⁤ at first
Small, safe, and very efficient. And also cheap!‌ I tried many‌ eyelash curlers, even the most expensive ‍ones, but this one is the best so far. I will never change now. – Small and safe design
– Affordable⁣ price
メイク初心者ですがとても使いやすくまつ毛もめっちゃ上がりました!オススメです! (Translation: I’m a makeup beginner, ⁣but it’s very easy to use and my lashes have risen so much! Highly recommended!) -⁣ User-friendly
– Provides a significant lift to lashes
Cute, portable, and love⁤ the quality. Tested very easy to use. So compact it goes well in our little makeup‌ bag. – Cute and portable design
– Easy to use
– Compact size

Based on these customer reviews, the MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Users​ appreciated its ‍suitability for sensitive skin, small eyes, deep set eyes, and sparse lashes. They found it effective in⁤ curling lashes without⁢ causing damage. The compact and durable plastic design was also well-received, making it a popular choice for‍ travel purposes. Some users noted concerns about the stability of the spring ​or the way it curled their lashes, but overall, the majority ⁤of customers highly ⁢recommend this curler.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • This portable eyelash curler⁢ is ⁢perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. Its‌ compact size (1.5 x 0.79 x ⁤2.36 inches) fits easily into any makeup bag or purse, making it convenient for travel or daily use.
  • The MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler is designed ⁤specifically for the Japan market, ensuring high quality and reliability.
  • The included‌ refill rubber ensures that you can‍ continue using this curler ​for a long time without needing to‌ purchase any replacement‌ parts.
  • With⁢ this product, you can achieve beautifully curled eyelashes that enhance and open up your eyes, ⁢giving you a more awake and refreshed look.
  • The slide design of this eyelash⁣ curler makes it easy to store in its pouch without taking up much space.
  • The curved‍ shape and ergonomic ‍design of the MUJI‌ Portable Eyelash Curler provide easy grip and allow for precise curling, ensuring that⁣ every lash is‌ evenly ⁢curled.
  • This ⁤eyelash curler is ⁢extremely user-friendly, even for‌ beginners. Its simple design and functionality make it easy to use without any complicated instructions or learning curve.


  • The packaging and user‌ manual for this product are only in Japanese, making it difficult for non-Japanese speakers to understand the instructions or product details.
  • Unfortunately, this specific model of⁤ the MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler is no longer available, which may make it ​challenging to find and⁣ purchase.


Q&A section:

Q: Is the MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler‍ suitable for all eye shapes?

A:‍ Yes, the⁣ MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler⁤ is designed to suit all ​eye shapes. Its precision curling design ensures that it​ can effectively curl lashes from the inner‌ to the‌ outer corner‌ of the eye, regardless of your eye shape.

Q: Is this product difficult to use?

A: Not at all!‍ The MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler is incredibly easy ​to use. Its slide design allows for convenient storage in a pouch, and the ‍easy-grip handle ensures a secure⁣ hold while curling your lashes. Whether you’re a beginner ⁣or a⁤ seasoned lash ​enthusiast, this eyelash curler will make the process effortless.

Q: How long⁤ does the curl last?

A: The MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler creates‌ a beautiful curl that lasts throughout the day. However, the longevity⁣ of the curl may vary depending on factors such as individual lash type and the use of additional products like mascara or ‍eyelash primer.

Q: Can​ this⁤ curler⁤ be used⁢ with false eyelashes?

A:‍ While the MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler is primarily designed for natural lashes, it can also be used with⁤ false lashes. However, we recommend⁣ being extra cautious and gentle when curling false lashes to avoid any damage or misplacement.

Q: Is​ the refill rubber ​included in the package?

A: Yes, a refill rubber is included with the MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler. This ensures that you can continue using and enjoying the curler for an extended period without the need for immediate replacement.

Q: Are the instructions included in English?

A: No, the instructions for the MUJI Portable Eyelash ‌Curler are only available in Japanese. However, the curler’s design is⁣ intuitive, and you can easily understand its usage by following the‌ visual aid on the packaging or referring to online​ tutorials.

Q: Can ⁢this product ⁤be used with mascara?

A: Absolutely! The MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler works wonderfully with or without mascara. For⁤ best results, we recommend curling your lashes before applying mascara to achieve a more lifted and defined look.

Q: Is the MUJI Portable ⁣Eyelash Curler travel-friendly?

A: Yes, this eyelash curler is highly travel-friendly. Its compact size of 1.5 x 0.79 x ⁢2.36 ​inches and lightweight construction ​of 0.71 ounces⁣ make it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. ⁤You can easily slip it into your⁤ makeup bag or purse without taking up much ⁣space.

Remember, if you have any‍ further questions​ about ​the⁣ MUJI Portable‌ Eyelash Curler, feel free to leave a‍ comment below and we’ll be happy to help!

Unlock ​Your Potential

In conclusion, after putting the MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler ⁣to the test, we can confidently say that it⁢ exceeded our expectations. Despite the language barrier with the Japanese packaging and manual, we found it easy to use and were impressed ​by the beautiful curl it gave our ‌eyelashes.

What sets this curler apart is‌ its thoughtful design, ‌providing an⁤ easy grip and precise curling. The slide design allows for convenient storage in any pouch, making it ​truly portable. And the inclusion⁣ of‍ a refill rubber ensures that this curler will last you a long time.

If you’re⁤ in the market ⁢for a reliable eyelash curler that delivers stunning results, we highly recommend giving the MUJI Portable‌ Eyelash Curler a ⁤try. Say‌ goodbye to flat ⁤lashes and⁤ hello to fluttery, eye-catching curls.

If you’re interested in purchasing⁤ this product, click⁢ here to check it out ⁢on Amazon and get ready ‌to elevate your lash game: MUJI Portable Eyelash Curler. Don’t⁣ miss out on this must-have beauty tool!

Disclaimer: While we may receive a small commission from ​purchases made through the⁤ provided link, rest assured that this does not influence our honest review of the product.

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