Investment is now closed for experiment 1 // Please submit your e-mail if you are interested in joining the next experiment

The superstitious robot will be operating for one year. Experiment 1 is currently Live and will end on June 1st 2013. As an investor you will receive a contract and a certificate. (Non UK investors will receive this digitally). For experiment one, the robot will be spread betting on the movement of the ftse 100 indice.

note - you will not be liable to lose more than your initial investment. At the end of the experiment, the balance will be distributed back to the investors accordingly. No charges are made by the fund, the only charges that might apply are third party ones, this could be paypal or the platform used by the robot.


The Superstitious Fund Project

by Shing Tat Chung

The Superstitious Fund was created by Shing Tat Chung in February 2012 as a response to the Design Thinking and Research behind superstitions and its effects on the world around us.

As a non profit organisation, the audience is invited in on the journey and experiments of a superstitious robot with as little input as a couple of pounds. The Fund looks at producing a dialogue around issues such as irrationalities and its consequences as well as providing an alternative view on how technology or algorithms can perform and operate. Markets are becoming increasingly automated, in 2007, 60% of market trades were completed by automated bots. Whilst the 'zombie' bot that caused volatile swings in the markets in 2012 also caused its parent company, Knight Capital, to lose $440 million. As a project please be aware of the financial risks and that the experiment is unproven with a risk of total loss.

Shing Tat Chung holds a Masters in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, London having completed his Undergraduate in Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art, London.

The Superstitious Fund was created by Shing Tat Chung and is sponsored by Microsoft Research and GDP Capital.
It was also supported by Jim L Hunt from

Twitter: @uncanny_algo
Location: London, UK


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a superstitious fund

news update

- 09 JULY 12
Featured on, Sueddeutsche Zetung

- 08 JULY 12
Featured in this Quarter's Protein Journal, UK

- 08 JULY 12
Article in Canadian Business Magazine

- 07 AUGUST 12
Radio Interview on The Madeleine Brand Show, 89.3 KPCC South California

- 03 AUGUST 12
Die Welt Newspaper Print

- 02 AUGUST 12
'Zombie' Algorithm causes Knight Capital to lose $440 Million

- 02 AUGUST 12
Financial Times Deustchland Newspaper

- 02 AUGUST 12
BBC News (for non UK) covered by David Wolman

- 30 JULY 12
ABC News Online article

- 30 JULY 12
Radio Interview on BBC WorldServices, Newsday

- 18 JULY 12
Speaker at the Microsoft Design Expo, Seattle, Washington

- 13 JUNE 12
Live CNBC WorldWide Exchange Television Interview

- 08 JULY 12
Speaker and Exhibition at V2: TestLab, Rotterdam

- 04 JUNE 12
The Independent Newspaper Coverage by George Binning

- 01 JUNE 12
WIRED UK Magazine, June issue

- 29 MARCH12
Speaker at the Future of Money, Digital Money Forum






experiment 1. live

investors: 144 / cities: 55
invested: £4828.88 // investment stage closed
minimum investment: 2GBP
duration: 1st July 2012 - 2013
financial instrument: spread betting on the FTSE 100 indice


We always imagine technology to eliminate human errors but what happens when they begin to operate with human characteristics. The Superstitious Robot was created with these human traits, to trade Purley on superstitious beliefs. It makes decisions based on NUMEROLOGY and in accordance to LUNAR PHASES. So for example it has the fear of the number 13 and a full moon. The Algorithm also generates its own lucky and unlucky superstitions. Just as we are hardwired to search for patterns superstitiously to give us the illusion of control, the algorithm, upon completion of a trade searches for ulterior patterns to give rise to new superstitions. It ranks and de-ranks these superstitions throughout the year. These algorithmic produced superstitions are then used as new logic in trading. These accumulation of superstitious beliefs enable it to open 'short' or 'long' positions.



The investment stage for Experiment 1 is now closed. As a one year experiment, the robot will stop operating on the 1st June 2013, and the balance will be returned back to the investors accordingly

-16.18 %


A Superstitious Fund is run by a Superstitious Robot / an autonomous uncanny trading algorithm.

The fund was created and is operated by Shing Tat Chung


The investment stage is now closed. As non-profit, no charges are made. However we accept donations to keep the fund project running.





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Follow us on twitter: This experiment is a speculative, unproven, early stage investment looking to establish a premise with the risk of total loss Copyright to Shing Tat Chung