Revolutionize Your Nutrition: Etekcity’s Smart Scale

Welcome to our review‍ of the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale, a smart and stylish tool designed to revolutionize ‌your cooking and eating habits. With its ⁤sleek stainless steel design and smart nutrition ​app, this scale offers⁣ more than just weight‍ measurements—it ⁣provides‍ valuable insights into your‌ food choices and helps ⁢you stay on track with your ‍health goals.

One of the standout features of this scale is its integration with the VeSync app, which​ gives⁤ you ‍access to a vast database of⁤ nearly 1 million food items. This means you‍ can ‍easily track, save, and analyze your daily eating ⁢habits with just a few taps on your smartphone.⁢ Whether you’re counting⁣ calories, monitoring your macros, or following a specific diet ​like keto, this scale has you covered.

In addition to​ its smart features, the Etekcity Food​ Kitchen Scale is also a reliable and accurate ​kitchen ⁣companion.⁤ With its high-precision sensors, it can weigh foods between 3g and 5000g in ​1g increments, ensuring you get accurate measurements​ every time. The scale also‍ offers a variety of units to choose ⁢from, including ounces, pounds, grams, and⁢ milliliters, making⁢ it versatile enough for any recipe.

Overall, the Etekcity​ Food Kitchen Scale is a fantastic tool for anyone looking ⁤to take control of their nutrition. Its smart features, sleek design, and accuracy make it a must-have for any kitchen.

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When it comes to keeping track of what we⁤ eat, having the right tools can make all the ⁣difference.⁣ Enter the Etekcity smart nutrition ‌scale, a sleek and ‌innovative kitchen companion that seamlessly integrates with our daily routines. Through its ‌seamless pairing with the VeSync app, we⁤ gain access to a ‌wealth of nutritional information‍ right at our fingertips. With access to nearly 1 million food items from Nutritionix’s extensive database, we can effortlessly monitor, save,⁣ and analyze our ⁣dietary habits like never before.

The Etekcity smart⁢ nutrition scale doesn’t just stop at ​providing basic metrics. With the ability to display 12 essential nutrition facts and analyze ⁣19‍ data points through the VeSync app, it becomes a powerful ally in our quest for⁤ healthier living. Whether⁢ we’re meticulously tracking calories,⁤ carbs, or protein, this scale meets the⁤ needs of various dietary preferences, including‌ those of diabetics, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals seeking a ⁣balanced diet.⁢ With its durable stainless steel ‌design and compact footprint, this scale is not just a kitchen⁤ tool but ⁢a‌ lifestyle companion,‌ revolutionizing the way we approach meal planning and portion control.

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Exploring the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale

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Discovering ​the capabilities of the Etekcity Food ⁢Kitchen Scale has revolutionized our approach to nutrition tracking and meal preparation. With its‌ seamless integration with the free VeSync app, we’ve unlocked a treasure trove ⁣of nutritional insights right at our fingertips. By tapping into Nutritionix’s extensive database boasting nearly 1 million food items, we’re empowered to​ effortlessly monitor, save, and analyze our dietary habits ‌like⁢ never before.

Featuring a sleek and slender⁢ stainless steel design, this smart nutrition scale ​isn’t just‌ a functional addition to​ the kitchen; it’s⁤ a stylish one too. Its⁤ ability to display 12 key nutrition facts directly on the scale, coupled with the analysis of 19 nutrition data points ⁤within the VeSync app, caters to a ⁣diverse range of dietary needs. Whether we’re meticulously managing our calorie intake, monitoring⁢ protein consumption, or tracking total carbs, this ⁣scale⁣ ensures we ‌stay on track with our health and wellness goals. Curious to embark on your own journey towards better nutrition? Check out the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale now!

Feature ​Highlights

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Our Etekcity smart nutrition scale isn’t just your ordinary kitchen scale; it’s a game-changer. With its ‍seamless integration ​with the free VeSync⁤ app, you’ll have access to a wealth of nutritional information ⁢right at your ‌fingertips. Say goodbye ⁣to‍ guesswork and hello to precision with our scale’s ability to display 12⁢ essential nutrition‍ facts, including calories, total carbs, and⁤ protein. But ‌that’s not all—our scale⁤ goes⁢ above and beyond by analyzing​ a total of 19 ‌Nutrition Data points in the VeSync app. Whether you’re a health-conscious individual, a fitness ⁣enthusiast, or ⁣someone managing diabetes, our scale meets the strictest requirements for nutritional ‍intake, helping ⁢you stay on track with your health‌ goals effortlessly.

Crafted with a sleek, slim,‍ and stainless steel design, our Etekcity smart nutrition scale is not only a‌ practical kitchen​ companion⁢ but also a stylish one.⁢ Its high-quality material ⁣ensures‍ durability while⁣ maintaining an easy-to-clean surface. Choose from a variety​ of units, including ounces,⁣ pounds, grams, and milliliters for⁢ both ⁤water ⁢and⁤ milk, ⁣catering to your specific needs with just the touch of ⁢a button. Equipped with four‍ high-precision sensors, our scale guarantees accurate weighing from as little as‌ 3 grams up to 5000 grams, with‍ increments as precise as 1 gram. Plus, its compact and thin profile means it takes up minimal⁣ space, ⁣whether‍ it’s stored in a kitchen drawer, cabinet, or packed in your travel bag for on-the-go nutrition tracking. ⁤Ready to take control‍ of ​your nutrition journey? Click here to get ⁢your hands ⁤on our Etekcity smart ⁢nutrition scale now!

Unveiling the Smart Nutrition App Integration

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Our journey with the Etekcity smart ‍nutrition scale and its seamless integration with the VeSync app has been ⁢nothing short⁤ of transformative. Imagine having​ a comprehensive nutrition guide right at your fingertips! With access to nearly a million food items ⁣from Nutritionix’s ‍extensive‍ database, we can ​effortlessly track, save, and analyze our ‌daily eating⁣ habits. It’s not just‌ about ‌grams and ounces anymore; it’s‍ about understanding ‍the nutritional content of what we consume. This scale has truly revolutionized our approach to meal planning ‌and portion control.

What ‌truly sets this scale apart is ⁢its⁤ ability to display 12 key‍ nutrition facts⁢ directly on the device,⁣ from calories to total ⁣carbs and protein, and⁣ then analyze a whopping 19 nutrition data points within the VeSync app. Whether you’re⁢ managing diabetes, striving ‌for⁤ fitness goals, or simply aiming for a balanced diet, this scale caters to ​a⁢ diverse range of nutritional needs. Moreover, its sleek, slim stainless​ steel⁤ design adds a touch of sophistication to our kitchen⁣ while occupying minimal space. For anyone seeking a reliable companion in ‍their journey towards ⁢healthier eating habits, this smart nutrition scale is an absolute must-have.

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Detailed Insights

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When it comes to managing⁣ our nutrition, having precise​ data at our fingertips is invaluable. The ⁣Etekcity⁤ smart nutrition scale offers a seamless solution by syncing with the VeSync app,​ providing a comprehensive analysis of our daily eating habits. With access to ⁣nearly 1 million food items through the Nutritionix database, we⁤ can effortlessly track, save, and analyze our nutritional intake. This scale revolutionizes meal planning by displaying 12 key ‌nutrition facts directly on its sleek stainless steel surface, ⁢including ⁤calories, total carbs, and protein, and analyzing ⁢19 Nutrition Data points in ​the VeSync‌ app. Whether we’re aiming for ⁢strict ​nutrition intake for specific health goals‌ or simply seeking a balanced diet,‌ this scale meets our needs with reliable and accurate food data.

Beyond its nutritional capabilities, ⁣the ⁣Etekcity smart nutrition scale ⁢boasts‍ practical features that enhance our cooking and portion⁢ control experience. Crafted from high-quality food-grade 304 stainless⁤ steel, ⁤the ​weighing platform combines durability with easy-to-clean design, ensuring convenience in every use. The scale offers versatile ⁤unit options, allowing us to measure in ounces, pounds, grams, and milliliters for both water and ⁣milk, while the Tare button ensures precise measurements of our food without the container’s weight. Equipped with⁣ four ⁤high-precision sensors, the scale accurately weighs foods ranging from 3 grams to⁤ 5000 ‍grams in 1 gram increments. Its compact⁤ and thin ‌design further‍ enhances‍ its usability, making it effortless to store in a kitchen ⁢drawer, cabinet, or ⁣travel bag. With features tailored to streamline our nutritional‌ journey, this⁤ scale serves as our trusted health expert, ⁤empowering us to make informed ‍choices for a healthier lifestyle. Ready to take control of your nutrition? Check ‍out the Etekcity smart nutrition scale here.

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When ⁢it comes to monitoring our nutritional intake, having comprehensive data at our fingertips is⁢ essential. The Etekcity smart nutrition scale, in tandem with the VeSync app, offers a robust tracking⁢ system that revolutionizes how we manage our dietary habits. With access⁣ to nearly 1⁣ million food items through Nutritionix, we​ can effortlessly monitor, save, and analyze our daily eating ⁤patterns. Whether we’re counting‍ calories, tracking protein intake, or managing our carbohydrate⁣ consumption, this scale provides us with the insights ⁣needed to make informed decisions about our nutrition.

Designed with both functionality⁤ and style⁤ in mind, the Etekcity ⁣smart nutrition scale seamlessly integrates into any kitchen space.‍ Its sleek stainless ⁣steel design not⁢ only adds a touch of elegance to our countertops⁤ but ​also ⁢makes it a durable and easy-to-clean companion. With the ability to ⁣display 12 key nutrition facts directly​ on the scale⁤ and‌ analyze 19 nutrition⁣ data through the VeSync app, ⁢this device empowers us to take control of our health goals. From portion control to macro tracking, this scale​ caters‍ to‍ a wide range of dietary needs, making it an ​indispensable tool for⁣ anyone striving for a healthier lifestyle.

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After testing out the Etekcity smart nutrition scale paired with the VeSync app, we’re excited to share our ⁣ with you. This scale truly revolutionizes the way you approach your meals. With its sleek stainless‍ steel design and comprehensive ​nutrition tracking capabilities, it’s become an indispensable​ tool in our kitchen.

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Tracking: ⁢The‍ integration with the VeSync app and ⁢Nutritionix database provides detailed insights into your daily eating​ habits. We love ​how easy it ⁢is to track calories, total carbs,⁣ protein, and other essential nutrients. Plus, with the​ ability to analyze 19 different ‌nutrition data points,⁢ it caters to various dietary needs, whether you’re ⁢managing diabetes, pursuing‌ fitness goals, or simply striving for a balanced diet.
  • High-Quality ‌Material: The food-grade 304⁣ stainless steel platform not only adds durability but also ensures ‍easy cleaning, ⁣which is a huge plus in any busy kitchen. It’s reassuring to know that⁢ the scale is⁣ built to last, maintaining its accuracy and performance ‌over time.

Weight Capacity 11 ⁤lb / 5000​ g
Units oz ⁣/ lb:oz / g / mL (water/milk)
Data Points 19 nutrition ‍data
Increments 1 g

Overall, the Etekcity smart nutrition⁤ scale offers convenience, accuracy, and ​valuable insights into your dietary choices. Whether you’re a health-conscious ⁢individual ‍or simply want to better understand‍ your⁤ food ⁣intake, this scale is⁤ a worthy investment.‌ Ready to take your nutrition tracking to the next level? Check it out on Amazon today!

Optimizing ⁤Portion Control and Macro Management

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When it ⁣comes to maintaining⁢ a balanced‍ diet and achieving fitness goals, **portion control** and **macro management** play pivotal ⁤roles. With the Etekcity smart nutrition scale, ⁤we found an indispensable tool that revolutionizes the ⁣way we approach our meals. Integrating seamlessly with⁢ the free VeSync app, this scale harnesses the power⁤ of Nutritionix’s extensive database, offering a​ comprehensive analysis of nearly 1 million food items.‍ Our journey towards healthier eating habits has ​been elevated, as we can now effortlessly track,​ save, and ​analyze our​ daily⁣ intake.

Designed with both functionality ‌and aesthetics in mind, this scale boasts a sleek and slim stainless steel ⁤build that complements any kitchen decor. Beyond its stylish appearance, it packs a punch with its ability⁢ to display 12 essential ⁤nutrition facts and analyze 19 nutrition⁢ data points through the ‌VeSync app. ⁤From ⁤monitoring‍ calorie intake to ​tracking protein and carb consumption,⁢ every aspect of ⁤our nutritional journey ⁤is meticulously catered⁤ to. The scale’s high-precision sensors ensure accurate weighing⁤ between 3g to 5000g in 1g increments, empowering us to adhere ‌to strict nutrition ⁢goals with confidence. With the⁣ Etekcity smart ⁤nutrition scale, portion control and⁤ macro management have never been more accessible or effective.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing customer feedback on the Etekcity Food Kitchen⁢ Scale, it’s evident that this​ smart scale has made a ‌significant impact on users’ cooking‍ and⁤ baking​ experiences. Let’s delve into the key takeaways from ​their reviews:

Aspect Feedback
Accuracy The consensus among users is that the scale provides precise measurements, ⁤ensuring consistent results in cooking⁢ and baking endeavors.
Design Customers ⁢appreciate the​ sleek and modern design of the scale, which adds elegance⁢ to their kitchen decor. The large, easy-to-read display and user-friendly buttons enhance usability.
Versatility One ⁢of the standout features highlighted by users ‌is the scale’s ​ability to handle a wide range of tasks, from measuring ingredients‌ for various recipes⁢ to portioning⁤ food for dietary needs⁤ like keto.
Tare Function The tare function simplifies the process of combining and measuring multiple ingredients, saving‌ users time and effort during meal preparation.
Compactness Users appreciate the scale’s slim and ‌compact design, ⁣which makes it easy to store in ‌any ⁤kitchen space without taking up ⁤much room.
Battery Efficiency The long battery life of the scale is commended by users for being‍ cost-effective and eco-friendly, using ⁣standard AAA⁣ batteries.

In summary, customers rave about the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale for its precision, versatility, user-friendly design, and efficiency. ⁢Whether users​ are seasoned chefs, health-conscious individuals, or culinary novices, ⁢this smart scale has⁤ proven to be ⁤an invaluable tool in ‌simplifying the⁢ cooking process and ensuring accurate measurements. ‌With its sleek⁢ design and advanced features, ⁤it’s no wonder ⁣why users highly recommend this⁢ scale⁤ to elevate anyone’s kitchen game.

Pros & Cons

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Pros ‍& ⁢Cons


Comprehensive Nutrition Tracking: Easily monitor your intake of up to 19 nutrients for a healthier diet.
Large Database: Supported by ‍Nutritionix with​ about 1 million food data, plus⁤ customizable ‍options.
High-Quality Material: Durable food-grade 304​ stainless steel platform for long-term use and easy cleaning.
Convenient Features: Multiple unit options, tare button for accurate measurements, and adjustable backlight.
Accurate Weighing: Four high-precision sensors ensure precise measurements from 3g to 5000g.
Compact & Thin‌ Design: Takes up minimal space for easy storage in your kitchen or travel bag.
Integration with Health Apps: Syncs with VeSync, Apple Health, and Fitbit for comprehensive health tracking.


Barcode⁤ Scanner Limited to US: Currently, the barcode scanner feature is only available​ in the US.

Overall, the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale offers an impressive array of features for those looking‍ to revolutionize their nutrition tracking. While it excels ​in accuracy, convenience, and integration, the limitation of the barcode scanner may affect some users outside of the US.


### Q&A ⁤Section: Etekcity’s‍ Smart Scale

Q1: How accurate is the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale in measuring small quantities?

A1: The ‌Etekcity smart nutrition scale is equipped with ⁤four high-precision sensors that ensure⁣ accurate ⁤weighing, even for small quantities as low⁢ as⁢ 3 grams. This precision is especially beneficial‌ for portion control and ‍tracking ingredients in recipes.

Q2: Can I customize the food data on the scale to match my⁢ dietary preferences?

A2: Absolutely! The scale is supported by Nutritionix’s extensive database, ⁢which includes nearly 1 ​million food items. Additionally, you have the flexibility‍ to add and customize your own food data based on your specific dietary‍ needs and preferences.

Q3: Does the scale come with a barcode ⁣scanner feature?

A3: Yes,⁤ the Etekcity Food⁤ Kitchen​ Scale does have a barcode scanner ⁤feature.​ However, please note that currently, the ⁤barcode scanner is available only in the⁣ US.

Q4: How does the ⁤VeSync app enhance the functionality of​ this smart scale?

A4:‍ The free ‌VeSync app is ⁣a ‌game-changer when ‌paired with ‍the⁤ Etekcity ​smart nutrition scale. It allows you to track, save, and analyze your daily eating habits by pulling data from Nutritionix’s vast database. You can monitor up to 19⁢ nutrients, create detailed reports, and even integrate with Apple ​Health ‌and‍ Fitbit for comprehensive ⁢health tracking.

Q5: What are the dimensions of​ the⁤ Etekcity smart scale, and is it easy to​ store?

A5: The scale’s ⁣dimensions are 9.2 x 6.3 x 0.6 inches, making it compact and slim. It easily fits ⁢into kitchen‌ drawers, cabinets, or ⁢travel bags without taking up much⁢ space. The stainless‍ steel design not only adds durability but also ensures easy cleaning for convenience.

Q6:⁤ Is ⁢the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale suitable for individuals with specific dietary requirements, such as those following a keto​ or macro-based ⁣diet?

A6: Absolutely! ​Whether you’re ⁢following a​ keto, macro-based,⁤ diabetic-friendly, or simply pursuing‌ a healthy and balanced diet, this ⁣smart scale‍ is your ⁤perfect companion.⁤ With its ability to track and analyze 19 nutrition​ data points, it caters to a wide⁣ range‌ of dietary needs and goals.

Q7: What ​type of batteries ⁣does‌ the scale use, and are they included in the package?

A7: The scale​ operates on 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries, which are conveniently included in the package. This ensures ‍that you can start using ⁢your smart ⁢scale right‌ out of the box without any additional purchases.

Q8: Can I use different units‍ of measurement ⁣with ⁤the⁣ Etekcity smart scale?

A8: Yes, you can choose from ⁤a variety of units including ounces, pounds, grams, and milliliters (for water and milk). This flexibility makes⁢ it easy to weigh ingredients according⁤ to your preferred measurement system.

Q9: How⁤ long​ does the backlight on the ⁢scale stay active, and can I adjust this feature?

A9: The⁢ backlight on the scale remains ⁢active for 30-120 seconds, and you can adjust this duration directly from the ⁢VeSync app⁤ for⁤ added convenience‌ and energy efficiency.

Q10: Is the Etekcity‌ smart nutrition scale easy ​to use for beginners?

A10: Absolutely! The‌ scale comes with a quick start guide that provides‍ clear instructions for setup and usage.⁣ Its intuitive⁤ design, along with the‌ user-friendly VeSync app, ensures that⁣ both beginners and experienced users can make the most out of its⁤ features with ease.

We hope these ⁢answers provide valuable insights into the⁣ functionality and benefits of the Etekcity smart nutrition scale.​ If you⁢ have any further ‍questions, feel free to reach out to us!

Embody Excellence

As we conclude our exploration of the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale, we find ourselves marveling at its potential to revolutionize our⁢ nutritional​ journey. With ​its‍ seamless integration with ⁤the ‌VeSync‍ app, we’re empowered with‌ the ​tools to make informed choices about our diet like never before. The scale’s sleek stainless steel​ design not only adds a touch of elegance to​ our‌ kitchen but also serves ‌as a ⁣constant reminder of our commitment to healthier living.

From precise measurements to comprehensive ⁤nutrition tracking, the Etekcity smart scale offers a myriad of features tailored to meet our diverse needs. Whether ​we’re embarking on a weight loss journey, fine-tuning our‍ portion control, or ⁤adhering ⁢to‌ specific dietary requirements like keto or macros, this scale has us covered.

With its​ high-quality ⁤materials and convenient features, this⁢ scale effortlessly blends functionality with style.⁢ Its compact size ensures that it⁤ seamlessly fits into our kitchen space, ready to assist us in our culinary endeavors at a ⁣moment’s notice.

But‌ perhaps what truly sets this scale apart is its ability to ⁢empower us with knowledge. By tapping into​ the extensive Nutritionix ⁤database and ‌analyzing ⁢up to 19 essential nutrients, we gain invaluable insights into our ‍daily eating ⁢habits. Armed ⁤with this information, we’re better equipped⁤ to make choices that ⁢align with our health and wellness goals.

So why wait? Embrace the future⁣ of nutrition today with the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale. Click here to embark on your journey to healthier⁣ living: Get the Etekcity Smart Scale now!

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