Double Precision: KitchenAid Food Scale Review

Welcome to⁢ our ⁢review of the KitchenAid KQ909 Dual Platform Digital Kitchen and Food Scale! Today, ⁢we’re diving into⁣ the world of precision weighing and kitchen convenience​ with this sleek and efficient kitchen ‍gadget.
Imagine a scale that not only ⁣measures larger quantities up to ⁢11 pounds with incredible accuracy down to 0.1 ounces but also handles smaller amounts like 16 ounces with precision down to 0.001 ounces. Yes,‌ you read that right –⁤ the KQ909 does it‌ all!
One of the standout features of this scale is its⁢ dual-platform design, which allows you to weigh ingredients for different recipes simultaneously. ‍Whether you’re ⁣measuring ⁢flour for ‍a batch of cookies on one platform or precisely portioning out yeast and spices on the other, this scale has you covered.
But wait, there’s more! The backlit LCD display makes it easy‍ to read ⁣weights from both platforms at the same time, saving you from constantly switching back and ⁢forth. And with the Tare feature, you can ⁢zero out the weight of containers or reset the display between​ ingredients, streamlining your cooking process.
Cleaning up after cooking is ​a breeze too, thanks to the stainless steel platforms that wipe ⁢clean with a damp cloth. Plus, its slim design means‍ it won’t take up valuable counter space when not in use.
Overall, the KitchenAid KQ909 Dual Platform Digital Kitchen and‍ Food Scale is a game-changer for anyone who ​loves precision baking ⁢and cooking. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into its features and performance in⁤ our detailed review.

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Step into the realm of precision cooking with a digital scale that redefines accuracy and convenience. This ‌innovative KitchenAid food scale boasts a⁢ dual-platform design, providing versatility for a range of culinary tasks. With one platform catering to​ larger quantities, up to 11 pounds with 0.1 oz increments, and the other tailored for precision weighing​ of smaller amounts, down to 16 ounces in 0.001 oz⁢ increments, this ‍scale ⁤ensures your ingredients are measured with unparalleled precision.

Featuring a sleek black design accented‌ with stainless steel, this scale not only elevates your kitchen aesthetics⁢ but also offers practicality. The two-line backlit LCD readout displays weights from both platforms simultaneously, streamlining your cooking process.‍ Moreover, the Tare feature allows you to‌ reset weights between ingredients or zero out the weight of containers,​ facilitating seamless meal ⁣preparation. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an amateur baker, ⁣this KitchenAid scale is a must-have tool for achieving culinary perfection.

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Features and Highlights

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Our KitchenAid food scale boasts a unique double-platform design, allowing you to weigh larger quantities up to 11 pounds with precise 0.1⁢ oz increments, ideal for measuring flours and other bulk ingredients. Additionally, its smaller ‍platform accommodates weights up to 16 ounces ‍ with⁣ an impressive accuracy⁤ of 0.001 oz, perfect for delicate ingredients like yeast‌ and spices. This dual functionality ensures impeccable accuracy for‌ all your culinary endeavors, particularly for scratch baking.

Unique ‍Feature Two-line backlit⁣ LCD⁣ readout calculates weights for both platforms simultaneously
Tare Functionality Zero ​out weights of containers or reset the display between⁣ ingredients for seamless measurement
Battery Powered by three AAA batteries, included, with an auto shut-off ‌feature after 3 minutes of inactivity
Easy to Clean Durable stainless steel surfaces wipe clean with ease; hand wash only for optimal maintenance

Equipped with ⁣a dual-reading backlit display, this scale allows for effortless monitoring ⁤of both platforms simultaneously. Whether you’re consolidating ingredients into one container using the Tare function or⁣ need to weigh them separately, our KitchenAid scale offers the versatility and⁢ precision you need. Its slim design ensures easy storage in any kitchen, while the stainless steel⁢ platforms guarantee durability and hassle-free cleaning ‍with just a⁤ simple wipe-down.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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Our experience with this dual-platform ‍digital​ kitchen and food scale from KitchenAid has ‌been nothing short of impressive. One standout feature is its ability to weigh both⁤ larger quantities, up to 11 pounds, and smaller amounts, as precise as 16 ounces, with exceptional ⁢accuracy. This versatility​ makes it an ideal companion for a wide range of cooking and baking tasks. The scratch baking enthusiasts among us particularly appreciate how this scale ‍ensures perfect accuracy, especially when dealing with ingredients like yeast and spices that require precise measurements.

The inclusion of a Tare feature on each platform is a game-changer, allowing us to weigh all ingredients into ⁣one container by zeroing out weights in-between additions. This not only streamlines the measuring process but also minimizes the number of dishes to clean afterward. Speaking of⁣ cleaning, the​ stainless steel platforms are easy to maintain, requiring just a wipe down with a ⁣damp⁢ cloth. The slim design further adds to its appeal, as it can be conveniently stored ‍without taking up much space in our kitchen. Overall, we highly​ recommend this KitchenAid ​dual-platform digital scale for its exceptional performance, precision, and ‌ease of use.

Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After‌ carefully analyzing customer reviews of the KitchenAid KQ909 Dual Platform Digital ⁤Kitchen and Food Scale, we’ve compiled a comprehensive overview of users’ ⁣experiences and opinions.

Positive Feedback

Dual-platform design for versatile weighing
Sleek and durable construction⁤ with stainless ‌steel accents
Clear and easy-to-read digital display
Accurate measurement in various⁤ units
Convenient tare function
Display visibility even‌ with large bowls
Simple and intuitive operation

Negative Feedback

Inconsistent measurement reported by some users
Issues with accuracy on the smaller ‌precision scale
Concerns about durability and material quality
Some users reported fluctuating readings

Overall, the KitchenAid KQ909 Dual Platform Digital Kitchen and Food Scale received positive ‌feedback for its versatile design, ‌ease ​of use, ⁤and ‍accuracy. While some users experienced issues with consistency and durability, many praised its functionality and sleek appearance, making it a recommended choice for those seeking precision in their ‌kitchen endeavors.

Pros & ​Cons

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Pros & Cons


Unique Dual Platform Design Allows for weighing both large and small quantities with precision.
Two-Line Backlit LCD Display Shows weights for both​ platforms simultaneously, enhancing usability.
Tare Feature Conveniently zero out weights for containers or reset between ‌ingredients.
High Precision Accurate measurements in increments as small as 0.001 oz for precise recipes.
Easy to Clean ⁤Stainless Steel Platforms Wipeable surfaces ensure⁢ cleanliness and prevent food odors or stains.
Slim Design Compact dimensions make storage hassle-free.


Battery-Powered Requires three AAA batteries for operation, which may need frequent replacement.
Hand Wash Only Not​ dishwasher safe; requires manual cleaning, which could be inconvenient for some ⁤users.
Auto Shut-Off While conserving battery, the​ auto shut-off feature may be too quick for some users, especially during extended cooking sessions.


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Q&A Section:
1. Can this scale accurately measure both large and small quantities?
Yes, absolutely! The KitchenAid KQ909 Dual Platform Digital Kitchen and Food​ Scale is ‌designed with precision in mind. It can measure larger amounts⁢ up to 11 pounds with increments of 0.1​ ounces for ingredients like flours, and smaller amounts of 16 ounces with increments of 0.001 ounces for delicate items like yeast and spices.
2. How does the Tare feature work, and why is it useful?
The Tare feature is ⁣a handy function that allows you to​ weigh all your ingredients into one container. It zeros out the weight of the container, so you’re only measuring the ingredients ⁤you⁤ add‍ thereafter. ​This feature is incredibly useful for recipes that require multiple ingredients to be weighed separately but mixed together later on.
3. Is it ⁤easy to clean?
Absolutely! The stainless steel platforms of this scale are a breeze to clean. Simply‌ wipe them down ⁣with‌ a damp ⁤cloth, and you’re good to go. Just remember, it’s hand wash only – so no⁢ immersing‍ it in ⁢water or ‌tossing it into the dishwasher.
4. How long do​ the batteries last?
The scale is powered by three AAA ‍batteries, which ⁢are included in your purchase. ​With normal usage,‍ you can expect the batteries to last quite a while. Plus, the scale features an ⁣auto⁣ shut-off function that kicks in after 3 minutes of no change in weight ⁤on the platform, helping to conserve battery life.
5. Can both platforms ​be used simultaneously?
Yes, ‌indeed! The ‍dual platform design allows you to use both platforms together or independently, depending on your needs. The two-line backlit LCD​ readout displays weights for both platforms simultaneously, making it convenient for recipes that require multiple ingredients to ‌be weighed ​at once.
6. What are the dimensions and weight of the scale?
The dimensions of the KitchenAid KQ909 Dual Platform Digital Kitchen and Food Scale are 10.63 x 6.89 x ‌1.25 inches, and ‌it weighs just over a pound ⁢(1.04 pounds to be exact). Its slim design makes ⁣it easy to store when not in⁤ use, taking up minimal space in your kitchen.
7. Is the scale durable?
Absolutely! The stainless steel surfaces not only ‍make ⁢for easy cleaning but‌ also ensure‌ durability. They wipe up quickly and won’t​ stain​ or retain food odors, ⁢maintaining their⁣ sleek appearance ​over time.
8. Where is ​the product manufactured?
The⁣ KitchenAid KQ909 Dual Platform Digital Kitchen and Food ⁢Scale is manufactured ‍in China. However, it upholds KitchenAid’s high standards of quality and performance.

Achieve New Heights

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As we wrap up our exploration of the⁣ KitchenAid KQ909 Dual Platform Digital Kitchen and Food Scale, it’s evident ⁤that this culinary tool​ is a game-changer for precision cooking and baking. With its innovative dual-platform design,⁣ it effortlessly handles both large and small measurements, ensuring​ accuracy down to the tiniest detail.
The convenience of the Tare feature allows for seamless ingredient weighing, while the sleek stainless steel surfaces promise easy cleanup and durability.⁢ Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned chef, ‌this scale is sure to become an indispensable companion on your ‍culinary adventures.
So why wait? Elevate your cooking experience with the KitchenAid KQ909 Dual Platform Digital Kitchen and Food Scale today!
Check out the KitchenAid KQ909⁤ on Amazon and unlock a​ world of‍ precision and possibility in your kitchen.

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