Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale: Revolutionize Your Eating Habits

Are you tired of guessing portion sizes‌ or struggling to track your daily food intake? Look no further than the Etekcity ⁢Food Kitchen Scale! This digital scale, complete ⁤with grams and ounces measurements, ‌is a game-changer for weight loss, baking, cooking, portion‌ control, and macro or keto diets. Pair it with the Smart⁤ Nutrition App‌ for detailed ⁣stats and 19 nutrition facts tracking. We’ve put this stainless steel scale to the test,​ and we can’t wait to share our experience with you. Say goodbye to guessing and hello ⁢to precise nutrition with the Etekcity ​Food Kitchen Scale!

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The Etekcity​ smart nutrition scale⁢ is a game-changer for‌ anyone looking to maintain ‌a healthy and balanced diet.​ By connecting to the VeSync app, you can easily track, save, and analyze your daily nutrition intake. With access to nearly⁤ 1 million food items on Nutritionix, this scale provides comprehensive nutrition ⁢stats ⁣right at‌ your fingertips.

Crafted with high-quality ⁣304 stainless steel,⁤ this scale⁣ is durable and easy⁣ to clean,‌ making it a sleek addition to any⁢ kitchen. Equipped with 4‍ high-precision sensors, the scale ensures accurate weighing between 3g to 5000g in 1g increments. With ​features⁢ like customizable units, a Tare button, and a compact design, ⁤this ‌scale is a convenient and reliable tool for portion control, baking, cooking, and ​more. Step up your nutrition game with​ the Etekcity smart nutrition‍ scale today. Check it out on Amazon

Key Features and Benefits

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When it comes to reliability and accuracy, the Etekcity food kitchen scale truly shines. With‌ its high-quality material and four high-precision sensors, this scale can ⁣accurately weigh your food items between 3g to 5000g in ⁢1g increments. The food-grade 304 stainless steel weighing platform not only ensures⁤ durability but also ⁤makes cleaning a breeze.⁤ Additionally, the convenient features such as choosing between different⁣ units ‌and the Tare button ⁤for weighing food without the container⁤ further enhance ‍the user experience.

One of the standout features‍ of the Etekcity smart nutrition scale is‍ its large database supported by Nutritionix,⁣ which contains approximately 1 million⁣ food data. This allows⁣ you to easily​ track up to‍ 19 nutrients, monitor trends, and create daily,⁤ weekly,⁣ and monthly nutrition reports. The scale also pairs seamlessly with the⁢ free VeSync app, Apple Health, and Fitbit, making it a reliable‌ health companion for individuals looking to maintain a healthy ​and balanced diet.⁤ If you’re ⁣someone who values accuracy, convenience, and reliability in your kitchen appliances, then the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale is‍ the perfect choice ‌for ⁢you.⁣ Experience the difference for⁤ yourself by⁢ clicking here: Check it​ out now!

In-depth Analysis and Recommendations

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The Etekcity smart nutrition scale is a ⁤game-changer for anyone looking⁢ to track their daily intake and make ⁢healthier eating choices. With the VeSync app, you have access to a ⁣vast database of nearly 1 ‌million food items ‍to easily ⁣track, save, and analyze your nutrition. This sleek stainless steel⁣ scale ​not only looks great in your kitchen but also provides accurate measurements‍ for calories, total carbs,⁣ protein, and 16 other essential nutrients.

We were impressed by the high-quality material of the scale, with ⁤its durable stainless steel weighing platform that is easy to clean. The compact and thin design makes ‍it easy to store in any‌ kitchen drawer or cabinet. Plus, the scale features convenient buttons like the Tare function and units⁣ selection⁣ for easy use. ⁤If you’re looking to take control of your nutrition and make informed decisions about your diet, this Etekcity smart nutrition scale is a must-have tool. Check it out on Amazon ‍for more information​ and to ⁤purchase your own! ‌

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ​Reviews ⁤Analysis

After ​reviewing customer feedback on ⁤the Etekcity​ Food⁣ Kitchen Scale, we have⁣ gathered valuable insights to help you make an informed decision‌ about this product. Here’s a summary of the key points highlighted by our customers:

Pros Cons
Accurate ‌Measurements: Provides measurements in different unit conversions and includes​ a tare button for convenience. Limited Weight Capacity: The scale’s weight capacity may be insufficient ‍for larger quantities or bulkier items, primarily⁢ designed for smaller kitchen tasks.
Stainless Steel ⁣Construction: Durable‍ material that resists corrosion and is easy to⁣ maintain.
Versatility: Suitable for various kitchen ​tasks, enhancing its usefulness in meal preparation.
LCD Display: Features ⁤an easy-to-read display for clear visibility of measurements.
Compact Size: Medium-sized‍ scale is lightweight ⁢and easy ‌to⁢ store, adding ⁢to its convenience.

Overall, the Etekcity Food Kitchen ⁢Scale ⁤has received positive feedback for its precision, user-friendly design, versatility, and compact size. Customers appreciate ‍the sleek stainless steel ‌construction and the convenience ​of the tare function for ⁣zeroing out container weights.

While some users have raised ​concerns about the scale’s weight capacity and the ⁣precision of ounce measurements, the majority of reviews​ praise ​its performance and features.

Whether you’re a‌ seasoned chef, health-conscious individual, or culinary enthusiast, the Etekcity Food​ Kitchen Scale offers a reliable tool ⁢to elevate your cooking and baking experience. Don’t miss⁢ out on the opportunity to revolutionize your eating habits with⁢ this innovative kitchen scale!

Pros​ & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Comprehensive nutrition stats available through the VeSync app
Sleek, slim, and stainless steel design
Displays 12 ​nutrition facts⁣ and analyzes 19 Nutrition Data
Large database with nearly 1 million food​ items
High-quality material with food-grade 304 ‍stainless steel​ weighing platform
Convenient features such ​as choosing different units and Tare button
Accurate ⁣weighing between 3 g⁣ – 5000 g in 1 g increment
Compact and thin design for easy storage
Connectivity to free VeSync app, Apple Health, and Fitbit for tracking ‌nutrients


Barcode scanner currently only available in the US
Limited to 11 ⁢lb weight capacity
Requires 3 AAA batteries for operation
Dimensions may be a bit large for some kitchen spaces


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Q: Is the ‌Etekcity ​Smart Nutrition Scale easy to use?

A: ⁣Yes, the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale is very user-friendly. Simply place your food‌ on the stainless steel weighing platform, select the‍ unit of measurement you prefer, and‍ you’re ready to go!

Q: Can I track my‌ nutrition intake with this scale?

A: Absolutely! The Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale pairs with the free VeSync app to provide you with comprehensive nutrition information for nearly 1 million food items. ⁤You⁣ can easily track your​ intake ⁤of up to 19 different ⁣nutrients and monitor your eating habits.

Q: How ⁣accurate is the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale?

A: The⁢ scale⁣ is equipped with 4 high-precision sensors ⁣that ensure⁤ accurate weighing every time. You can weigh ⁤your foods between 3g – 5000g‌ in 1g increments, ‍making it perfect for portion ​control and meal prep.

Q: Can I customize my ‍own food data on⁤ the scale?

A: Yes, ⁤you can add and customize your own food data as needed, in addition to the extensive database provided by Nutritionix. ⁣This allows you to track specific foods that may not be⁣ in the database already.

Q: Is the scale easy to clean?

A: Yes, the stainless⁢ steel weighing platform ‌is easy ​to clean and maintain. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth after each use to keep it looking ⁣as good as new.

Q: Does ⁤the scale come with batteries included?

A: Yes, the Etekcity Smart Nutrition‌ Scale comes with 3 AAA batteries pre-installed, so you can start using it right out​ of⁤ the box.

Q: Can I connect the scale to other health apps?

A: Yes, you can connect the scale ‍to the‌ free ‍VeSync app, Apple ‌Health, and⁣ Fitbit to ⁢further‍ track your nutrition intake and overall health goals.

Q: What‍ is the weight capacity of ​the scale?

A: The Etekcity Smart⁤ Nutrition Scale has a weight capacity of ⁤11lb (5000g), making it suitable for ‌a wide range of foods and ingredients.

We hope these answers help you understand how the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale can⁣ revolutionize your eating habits. If you have any more ⁣questions, feel free to ask!

Ignite Your Passion

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As we wrap⁤ up our ‍review of the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale, we can’t help but be impressed by its revolutionary features that can truly transform your eating habits. With its sleek design,​ comprehensive nutrition⁣ tracking, and user-friendly app, this scale is a must-have for anyone⁢ looking to ⁢take control of their diet.

Don’t ⁣miss out on this game-changing kitchen tool – click ‌here to get your ‌own Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale⁤ today!

Get your own Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale now!

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