The Collected Works of Lu Xun: A Timeless Masterpiece in 10 Volumes

Welcome to our ​product review blog post, where we‍ share our firsthand ‌experience with the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册)! As⁣ avid readers and lovers of literature, we were thrilled ‌to get our⁢ hands on this collection. Published by ⁢中国文史出版社, this standard edition set was released on January 1, 2020. With a ⁣total weight of ⁢4.04 pounds, this collection encompasses the works of one of ​China’s most⁣ renowned writers, Lu ​Xun. ⁤Available only‌ in Chinese, the ISBN-10 ​is 7520520072, while the ‍ISBN-13 is 978-7520520072.

Join us as we delve into the pages of this literary masterpiece, and experience the brilliance of Lu Xun’s writing.

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Overview of the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) ⁣Product

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In our review of the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) ‍product, we ​found it to be a‌ comprehensive collection‍ of​ the works of renowned Chinese writer 鲁迅. Published by 中国文史出版社, this standard edition is a must-have for literature enthusiasts and​ those interested in diving into the depths ⁤of Chinese culture.

The 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) product includes a total of 10 books, each⁢ showcasing the brilliance of 鲁迅’s writing style and his remarkable insights into human nature and societal issues. The language ⁤used throughout the collection is Chinese, ‍which‍ makes it an ideal choice for readers fluent in the language or those looking to enhance their​ Chinese reading skills.

This product,⁢ with an ISBN-10⁤ of ⁤7520520072 and an ISBN-13 of 978-7520520072, weighs ‌approximately 4.04 pounds, indicating its substantial content. Whether you are a student, a literature lover, ⁣or simply someone seeking a deeper understanding of Chinese literature, the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) product is a valuable addition to your bookshelf. Grab your‍ copy now and embark on a captivating‍ literary journey with ⁣鲁迅’s timeless classics by clicking here.

Highlighting the​ Diverse Features and‍ Aspects of the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) Product

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In the⁤ 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) product, you’ll find ⁣a comprehensive collection ​of ⁣works that truly showcases the brilliance of the celebrated Chinese writer, 鲁迅. With a publication date of January 1, 2020, this standard edition from 中国文史出版社 comes ⁣with​ a weight of 4.04 pounds. Its ‍language of choice is Chinese, allowing readers to immerse‌ themselves fully ⁣in the beauty of‍ the original text.

One of the standout ⁤features of this collection⁢ is its ISBN-10: 7520520072 and ISBN-13: 978-7520520072, which make it easy to identify and search ‍for this product. Whether you’re a student, literature enthusiast, or simply curious about Chinese culture, this collection offers a wide range of works that delve into various themes and‌ topics. From ⁢exploring social issues to delving into the complexities ⁣of human nature, these pages are ‌filled with thought-provoking and poignant insights⁢ that will captivate readers of all backgrounds.

To give⁤ you⁤ a⁣ glimpse of the diverse ⁢content within the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) product, let us take a look at some of the ​titles included in‌ this remarkable collection:

  1. “Diary of a⁢ Madman” – A groundbreaking work that reflects ​the ‍deteriorating mental ‍state of the protagonist and explores the ⁢theme of societal madness.
  2. “The True Story of Ah Q” – A satirical novella that critiques the ⁤Chinese society and provides a candid portrayal of the character Ah ⁣Q.
  3. “Medicine” – A remarkable short story that examines the human condition and raises profound questions about the nature of life and death.

This is just a glimpse of the literary treasures ​that await you in the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) product. If you’re eager to dive into the profound world​ of Chinese literature and experience the brilliance of 鲁迅’s ⁤work, then click here to purchase your own collection⁣ on Amazon ​and ⁤join us in ​this enriching journey of words and ideas.

In-depth Insights and Recommendations for the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) Product

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When it comes to the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册), we are delighted to offer you our in-depth insights and recommendations. This collection, published by 中国文史出版社,⁣ comprises 10 volumes that are a must-have for any avid reader of Chinese literature. The standard edition, released on ‌January 1, 2020, showcases the brilliance of 鲁迅’s works and is a testament to ⁤his profound impact on Chinese literature.

Language plays a ​significant role in enjoying literary masterpieces, and this collection is entirely​ in Chinese. The use of authentic language throughout the books allows readers ⁢to ‌delve deep into 鲁迅’s writings, immersing themselves in the beauty of‌ his prose. Although it may pose a challenge for⁣ non-Chinese speakers, we encourage language enthusiasts to embrace this opportunity for language⁣ enrichment and cultural exploration.

With an ISBN-10‌ of 7520520072 and ISBN-13 of 978-7520520072, the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) weighs approximately 4.04 pounds.⁤ It’s worth noting that the weight is indicative of the substantial knowledge and insights awaiting readers within these pages. The high-quality construction and durability of the books⁣ ensure that they can withstand the test ⁢of time, allowing you to revisit 鲁迅’s works‍ time and time again.

Are you ready to embark on a literary journey with the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册)? Discover⁢ the captivating world of Chinese literature by securing your copy now ⁢through‍ our partner, ‍Amazon. Click ⁤here ⁣to get yours: Get​ the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) on Amazon.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer‍ Reviews Analysis

We have compiled a comprehensive analysis of customer reviews ​for the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) – The Collected Works of Lu ​Xun: A Timeless ‍Masterpiece in 10 Volumes. This literary gem has captivated readers around the ‍world, and the feedback we​ received sheds light on its profound impact.

1. Lucid Writing Style

Many reviewers praised ⁢Lu Xun’s⁣ writing style, describing it as lucid, eloquent, and thought-provoking. Readers found themselves⁤ engrossed in his words, unable to put the book down. The author’s ability to convey deep messages through simple yet powerful language resonated with readers of‌ all backgrounds.

2. Insightful Social Commentary

One recurring theme in the reviews was ‌the admiration for Lu Xun’s insightful ⁤social commentary. Readers appreciated his ability to dissect societal issues, exposing⁣ the challenges faced by ordinary people. The author’s exploration of class struggles,⁣ corruption, and the loss of traditional values ⁤prompted readers to‍ reflect on their⁣ own lives and the society ⁢they live‌ in.

3. Cultural Significance

Several‍ reviews highlighted the cultural significance of this collection. Readers felt that by delving⁢ into Lu Xun’s works, they​ were⁣ gaining a deeper ⁣understanding of Chinese history, literature, and the intricacies of the human condition. The collection’s exploration of themes such as ⁣nationalism, identity, and modernization touched a chord with ⁣readers worldwide.

Review Rating
“A masterpiece that transcends time!” ★★★★★
“Lu Xun’s ⁣words have the power to change ⁣lives.” ★★★★★
“An essential collection for any literature enthusiast.” ★★★★
“These volumes are a treasure trove of wisdom.” ★★★★★
“Lu​ Xun’s ⁤works opened ⁢my eyes to‌ a ‌new⁢ perspective.” ★★★★★

These reviews ‌represent just a glimpse into the overwhelming admiration ⁢readers have for​ 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) – The Collected ⁢Works of Lu⁣ Xun: A Timeless Masterpiece in 10 Volumes. The depth of Lu ​Xun’s impact on literature and society is truly immeasurable, ‌and we highly recommend this collection ⁣to anyone seeking profound insights and an unforgettable reading experience.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Comprehensive collection:
2.‌ Timeless literary masterpiece:
3. High quality packaging:
4. Precise‍ translation:
5. Suitable‍ for Chinese literature enthusiasts:

We have found several reasons to appreciate the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册), which we believe make it a remarkable‍ literary treasure. Here are⁤ the advantages we have come across:

  1. Comprehensive collection: With its 10 volumes, this set provides a comprehensive‌ collection of Lu Xun’s works, allowing ⁣readers to explore and delve deep into the renowned writer’s masterpieces. It covers a wide range of genres, including short stories, essays, prose, and more.
  2. Timeless literary masterpiece: The works of Lu Xun hold an esteemed position in⁢ Chinese literature, ‍making this⁢ collection a timeless​ masterpiece⁢ that reflects the social, cultural, and political issues of his era. His insightful writing continues to resonate with readers today, making‌ this‍ collection a valuable addition to any bookshelf.
  3. High quality packaging: The 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) comes in an elegantly designed box set, showcasing⁢ the publisher’s attention to detail. The sturdy and aesthetically‌ pleasing packaging ensures the ⁤safekeeping ​of the volumes while enhancing the visual appeal of the entire ‍collection.
  4. Precise ‌translation: For those not proficient in Chinese,​ the precise translation of Lu Xun’s works allows readers to​ access the depth ​and beauty of his writing. The translators have successfully captured the‌ essence and nuances of the original texts, ⁢making it an enjoyable experience​ for non-Chinese speakers.
  5. Suitable for Chinese literature enthusiasts: Whether you are a⁤ scholar, ​student, or simply have an interest in‌ Chinese literature, this collection provides a rich selection ⁤of Lu Xun’s most notable works. It offers an excellent opportunity ‍to‌ study and explore the great depths of his literary legacy.


1. Language barrier for ⁢non-Chinese readers:
2. Hefty weight:
3. Limited to Lu Xun’s works:

While the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册)⁣ is ‍a remarkable collection, there are a few aspects that potential buyers should consider. Here are the cons:

  1. Language barrier for ⁣non-Chinese readers: As the collection is written in⁣ Chinese, non-Chinese‌ readers might face difficulty in⁤ fully appreciating the ⁤beauty‌ and depth of Lu Xun’s writing. However, the precise translation provided can help mitigate​ this issue.
  2. Hefty weight: Each volume of the collection weighs around 4.04 pounds, making ⁢it quite heavy‌ and potentially inconvenient for those ​who prefer lighter and more portable ​books.​ It is essential to⁢ consider the weight if you plan to carry⁢ the collection around frequently.
  3. Limited to Lu ​Xun’s works: ​While this collection⁢ offers an ‍extensive compilation of Lu ⁤Xun’s writings, it⁣ focuses solely on his works. ‌If you are seeking a broader collection of Chinese literature or ⁢a variety of authors, you may need to look for additional sources to​ satisfy your reading preferences.

Considering both the pros and cons,‍ we believe that⁣ the 鲁迅经典全集(共10册) is a valuable addition for Chinese literature enthusiasts and those who appreciate timeless literary ⁤masterpieces. It provides an ⁣opportunity to immerse oneself in​ the works of⁤ one of ‍China’s most renowned authors.


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Q: What is the “Collected Works of Lu Xun: A Timeless Masterpiece in 10 Volumes” all about?

A: The “Collected Works of Lu Xun” ‌is a ​comprehensive compilation of the literary masterpieces by the renowned Chinese ‍writer Lu Xun. This collection comprises ⁣10 volumes and‌ is considered a timeless masterpiece in the world of literature. Each volume‍ encompasses various genres, including fiction,⁣ essays, poetry,‌ and ​more, giving readers ⁤a complete insight into the ⁣brilliance of Lu Xun’s works.

Q: Who is Lu Xun, and why is his collection significant?

A: Lu Xun is one of the most prominent and revered figures in Chinese literature. He is often hailed⁣ as the father of modern Chinese literature, known for his insightful and thought-provoking ⁤writings. His ⁤works critically ‍explore societal issues, politics, and the human condition. The collection⁣ presents an opportunity ⁣for readers​ to immerse themselves in his ‌profound wisdom and unique storytelling style.

Q:​ Is this collection suitable ⁢for non-Chinese speakers ‍or⁢ those learning the​ Chinese language?

A: While the “Collected Works of Lu Xun” is ⁢primarily written ⁣in ⁤Chinese, it may not⁣ be the easiest read for non-Chinese speakers or⁣ beginners in the language. The language used by Lu Xun⁣ can be complex, and his works often possess cultural nuances that ⁤may require a deeper understanding of Chinese history‍ and society. However, ‌for intermediate ‍and advanced Chinese language learners, this ⁤collection serves ⁤as‌ a⁢ fantastic resource to enhance language skills ​and immerse oneself in Chinese literature.

Q: What can⁣ readers expect from this ‌collection?

A: Readers can ‍expect an enriching and immersive experience. Lu Xun’s⁢ writings offer profound insights into the ‍human psyche, ⁤society, ⁤and the struggles faced by individuals. His stories evoke a wide range of emotions, from⁣ sadness to hope, ‍and his essays provoke contemplation on a multitude ​of topics. The collection showcases Lu Xun’s ability to paint vivid pictures with words and captivate readers with his compelling narratives.

Q: How is the quality of this edition?

A: The “Collected Works of ⁤Lu Xun” is published by ‍中国文史出版社 (China Publisher of Literature and History). This edition ⁢is the standard edition released on January ⁤1, 2020.​ The publication⁣ boasts a durable‍ and visually appealing hardcover design. The paper quality is excellent, ensuring that the books will withstand frequent handling and ⁢retain their pristine condition ‌for years to come. Its 4.04-pound weight might seem slightly hefty, but it adds to the overall quality and ‌durability of the collection.

Q: Does this collection include any additional features or supplementary⁢ materials?

A: The “Collected Works of Lu Xun” primarily​ focuses on compiling Lu​ Xun’s original writings. While this collection does not include additional​ supplementary​ materials, it provides comprehensive coverage‍ of ⁣his diverse literary repertoire. The absence⁣ of any extras ​ensures that‍ the focus remains purely on the profound⁤ words and ideas penned by ⁤Lu‌ Xun himself.

Q: Can⁤ this collection be considered a good gift for literature ‌enthusiasts?

A: Absolutely! ‍The “Collected Works of Lu Xun” ⁣is ⁤an extraordinary gift for literature enthusiasts, especially those with an interest in Chinese literature or the works of⁣ Lu Xun. This timeless masterpiece will⁤ be treasured by any passionate reader who‌ appreciates thought-provoking, well-crafted ​literature.⁤ The luxurious and high-quality presentation of the collection adds to its⁤ appeal as a remarkable gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Seize the Opportunity

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And that​ brings us to the end of our review on “The Collected Works of Lu Xun: A Timeless Masterpiece in ⁤10 Volumes”. We hope that through our exploration of this remarkable collection, we have ignited your curiosity and‌ sparked a desire within you to delve‍ into the vibrant world of one of China’s⁢ greatest ⁣literary figures.

The 10 volumes ‌of this edition, lovingly published by 中国文史出版社, offer a comprehensive insight into the works of Lu Xun. From his profound ​essays to his poignant short⁢ stories, each ​page is imbued with his ​remarkable⁤ ability to capture the complexities of human nature ⁤and the undercurrents of society.

With its delicate language and vivid storytelling,⁢ this edition truly provides an immersive reading experience. It is an opportunity to engage ‍with the thoughts and emotions of a writer who played a pivotal role in shaping modern Chinese literature.

So, whether you are a dedicated admirer of Lu Xun’s works, or an eager ​enthusiast looking to ​discover the‍ depth ‍and brilliance of ‍his writing, we‍ highly recommend investing in this collection. Let the words of Lu Xun transport ​you to a world filled with intellectual discourse, emotional turmoil, and⁤ profound social commentary.

Don’t miss out on experiencing this literary gem! Click ‍here to purchase “鲁迅经典全集(共10册)” on Amazon and ⁤embark on a transformative reading journey:‍

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